Team Competition Event Details
  AGM Swiss Teams

Played at Woolavington after the AGM which starts at 1pm.

Partnerships will draw for team mates from two pools of players - the ‘Lions’ and the ‘Tigers’. The ‘Lions’ will be the pool of pairs with the highest NGS rankings in the field. Their ‘Tigers’ team mates will be from the pool of pairs with the lowest NGS rankings in the field. During each round the teams’ pair from the Lions pool will play against each other, and consequently the teams’ pairs from the Tigers’ pool will also play against each other.

There will be prizes for first place and for the best ascending team in the second half.

  County Swiss Teams

Played at Woolavington


  Mixed Teams of Four

Played at Woolavington

Teams must include at least one man and one woman.

  Paul Jones

Played at Woolavington

Captains partner each team member in rotation.  

  County League for Clubs

Date: Specified Fridays at Woolavington Village Hall

24 board matches are played in four divisions and scored by imps converted to VPs.

Clubs may enter as many teams as they wish. A player can only represent one club during the season.

To try and avoid match dates having to be rearranged due to unavailability, it is suggested that each team has a pool of up to eight core players on which to call. A player in the team’s core group cannot play in one of the club’s other teams However a club can form a non core group of players who can be available to play for any of the club’s teams, if and only if a team is unable to fulfil a fixture with players from its core group. A player from a club’s non core group can play up to three times for a single club team during the season.


  Club Teams of Eight for the Bill & Nora Williams Trophy


Played at Woolavington

Clubs may enter any number of teams of eight bona fide club members who need not be SCBA members but must be members of the EBU.

  Championship Teams of Four

Green points are awarded at all stages for this our principal knockout team’s event.

It should be noted that no more than two specified members of the team can have primary allegiance to another County at the time of entry and then throughout the entire period the team is participating in the event.  A player may not be a member of more than one team.

The event is a knockout competition and entries must be made by the closing date announced on the SCBA website. Payment should be made to Richard Feetenby (30-98-45   03080007) at the time of entry.

Matches will be played privately by arrangement. To avoid long delays in playing matches the captains must agree two dates (both to be before the round’s final play by date). In the event that the first date cannot be met then the second date becomes mandatory. If there are still problems, Frank Coltman must be contacted. He has the ultimate right to dismiss one or both teams if he  reasonably believes that insufficient effort has been made to ensure a match is completed by the round’s play by date.

Knockout matches are played in 8 board stanzas. In the early rounds the match will be over 32 boards, in the semi-final over 40 boards and in the final over 48.boards.

In the event of a tie, extra boards equivalent to one eighth of the scheduled match are played and the procedure repeated until a victor is decided.

Seating Rights. The captain winning the toss may take the first choice or pass the right to his opponent. 1st choice: select one stanza with seating rights (i.e. how to place own pair after the opponents have seated). The choice then alternates, each captain selecting two stanzas (but not the last two at one turn).