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Bridge Lessons
These recommence on Thursday 14th September 2017, although there will be a free 'taster' session on Thursday 7th September 2017 for those who would like an idea of what they're likely to be letting themselves in for! 
There are two courses which run simultaneously on Thursday evenings (7:15pm start). The course for complete beginners is for those students who have little or no knowledge of Bridge. The Improvers' Course follows on and from this and introduces the game of Duplicate Bridge. Each course consists of 24 lessons. Fees are £3.50 per lesson. (£3.00 for Club Members) For more information please call Brenda Goodacre on 01724 843106 (before 6pm) or email  
The Competitions Section lists the John Brears Trophy and all the Annual Masterpoint Competitions. All of these are updated automatically as the results come in.
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Welcome to Scunthorpe Bridge Club
Margaret Muir's Special Day

Welcome to Scunthorpe Bridge Club.

This is the home page for the Scunthorpe  Bridge Club and provides information on all aspects of the club, including results for previous weeks and details of forthcoming events.

Come and enjoy bridge in a relaxing atmosphere.

General Information

The Scunthorpe Bridge Club was established (originally as the Scunthorpe and District Bridge Association) in 1977 when all of the bridge playing factions in Scunthorpe got together as a single club.

It was decided to buy 2 Teale Street, (previously a wholesale newsagents) in the centre of Scunthorpe and convert it into a bridge club. This Club opened in 1979.

As a result of the local council's recent town improvement scheme the Teale Street premises were the subject of a negotiated sale to North Lincs. Council, as a result of which part of a disused factory was purchased and converted over an 18 month period, into our fine new premises at 55a Sunningdale Road on the South Park Estate, Bottesford, in the south of the town.

The new Club, which can accommodate over 30 tables, was officially opened in September 2009  thirty-two years after the Association's foundation. Currently we have over 170 members and duplicate is played on at least 3 nights every week as well as the odd afternoon.

Attendances at duplicate sessions vary between 7 and 16 tables and are generally very constant, with Mondays being the most popular session.

Table fees are very modest at £2.00 per session and the annual subscription is £10.00. The Club is managed by a very dedicated and enthusiastic committee, who all give their time freely. Luckily this Committee is a good mixture of experienced bridge players and those relatively new to the game and so any problems encountered by players wishing to start playing duplicate bridge can always be addressed.

Classes for all standards are taught on a Thursday night at 7.15 and are well attended by up to 50 students. The classes start in September and run throughout the winter months, with additional practice sessions during the summer. The fees are £3.00 per lesson (members) or £3.50 per  lesson (non-members). There is an Open Evening in September when people can come and get a taste of the game at no cost. New students are very welcome as well as people wanting to attend the Improvers' classes.

We are always on the lookout for new members and anyone wishing to join the Club should contact one of the Officers of the Club (see Committee Webpage). Playing nights are Monday, Wednesday and Friday with play starting at 6.55pm and generally finishing at 10.15pm. Sessions are scored electronically with results available immediately after play, together with hand records (we have our own Duplimate Dealing Machine).

Some Graduation Class Trophy Winners 2016
Some Graduation Class Trophy Winners 2016

Winners of the 2016 Improvers' Class were presented their trophies by the President, Stuart Knox, on 1st September 2016

Left to Right Stuart Knox (President); Andy Tasker (First Year Runner-up); Pam Readhead (Graduation Group Runner-up); Rita Watson (Graduation Group Winner); Brian Camm (First Year Winner)
Sunningdale Road Opening Night August 2009
  • Opening Night a
  • Opening Night b

Teaching is the life blood of any bridge club. Our Thursday evening sessions are divided into three groups.

Beginners, starting from scratch.

Improvers, a second year continuation course.

Graduation Group, who enjoy some extra practice to ease them into the normal duplicate sessions.



Beginners' Class
  • Beginners a 2010
  • Beginners b 2010
  • Beginners c 2010
Ted Goodacre with his Beginners.
Improvers' Class
  • Improvers a 2010
  • Improvers b 2010
Brenda Goodacre teaching the Improvers
Graduation Group
Graduation Group
Practice in Progress
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Click for the latest results