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Need a partner, short term or long, member or visitor...?

Then use one of the available
Find a Partner options in the main menu or from within the Member Area (login required).

We have a brief guide to using the BridgeMates for electronic scoring. Click on the link below or see under Documents / Bridgemate User Guide

Opening Duties Rota

Week before duty – remain till end of evening to assist with clearing up and locking up. (If not available then arrange to collect the keys).

Week of duty – open club, set out tables and other equipment, make coffee, assist with clearing up at end of evening.

Please refer to Margot’s document in the kitchen for full details of what is needed re these duties.

Welcome to Royston (Herts) Bridge Club
ROYSTON BRIDGE CLUB - Competitive yet Friendly
ROYSTON BRIDGE CLUB - Competitive yet Friendly

Our sparkles like a , has a big and ♠♠♠ of bonhomie, boosted by beverage, biscuits, and banter before bridge begins.

Sessions held every Thursday at 7.30pm in the Market Hill Rooms, Fish Hill, Royston.

The club has electronic scoring and computer-dealt hands so results and deals are available straight away.

Visitors are always welcome but need to come with a partner. If you are new to the area, use Find a Partner (Public) and the club will make every effort to provide a suitable partner for you.

For further details, see Information and Calendar.

◄ Do you want to learn to play bridge, or improve your play? See Learning Bridge.

We also feature a few interesting hands played at the club recently, see Hand of the Month.

Percentage display at the Bridgemate
Percentage display at the Bridgemate

At a recent committee meeting, the various Bridgemate options were reviewed and discussed, in particular the percentage display, the suppression of which seemed to be unpopular with some members.

It has been decided to reinstate the percentage display for a short trial period, so the Bridgemate will once again display the familiar message NS: 25%   EW: 75% (or whatever) after each board has been scored.

The scorer at the table (typically North) should of course allow everyone at the table a chance to see these figures (or announce them clearly) before continuing with the next board or round.

This trail period will last for up to four weeks (depending on initial feedback), starting with Thursday's Pairs event on 16th August.

Other Bridgemate options, in particular the suppression of the traveller display to discourage time-consuming "post mortems" at the table, will remain unchanged. Any queries or concerns, just ask.

This is Royston Bridge Club's official website, Dave Simmons is the current web administrator.

Please have a browse through the website. Some pages are only available to Members. To access these pages click on the link to Members Only on the top right of the Home page to login.

Any comments or suggestions for improving the website are welcome. Just email me at or via Contact Us.

23rd August 2018
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Will Parsons
Scorer: Steve Ogilvie
30th August 2018
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Saroj Ellis
Scorer: Dave Simmons
6th September 2018
Butler Pairs 4
Director: Peter Grice
Scorer: John Crosher
Third Thursday 4
Director: Malcolm Dean
Scorer: Ron Raine
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Jules Davidoff
Scorer: Colin Barnes
Butler Pairs 3
Director: Will Parsons
Scorer: Dave Simmons