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Charity for 2019-20 Season

Having raised the sum of £1280.68 we received the following note of Thanks from Vicky Flynn at HERTS YOUNG HOMELESS

"Apologies for my delayed reply, my finance officer was off towards the end of last week and was just waiting on some confirmation that your donation arrived. Very pleased to say that it now has!
Thank you so much! In normal circumstances, I would send a thank you card but as you know we are in strange times and working from home means I don’t have access to our cards.
Instead, I would just like to reiterate how grateful we are for your support. Your contribution will help us to make a fantastic impact in the lives of the young people we work with."

To learn more about this charity see the attached link :

Congratulations to all those achieving new master point promotions. Click here.. to see the July list.

HBA Committee Meeting

Key points from the Committee Meeting of January 27th are available here..

Do you want to learn/improve your bridge - click here.

Club Directors - click here for useful information on training courses and updated flowcharts.

Youth - new handbook and safeguarding policies also applicable for vulnerable adults,

EBED are here to help you. 

This website provides details of all bridge clubs that are affiliated to the County Assoc and the EBU
Annual General Meeting - Sunday 20th September at 12 noon

This year’s AGM will be held by video link over the internet. The format of the meeting will be rather different from a normal AGM due to the extenuating circumstances. Officers will publish reports on the HBA website and will take questions about these reports rather than present them at the meeting. Members should submit written questions about reports by email prior to the meeting to The HBA Secretary,

For the formal AGM Notice, Officers' Reports and supplementary documents, click here..

If you need some help to find out more about using Zoom video-conferencing, click here..

Nomination for Officers and Committee members & Motions for Debate
Please submit these by email to The HBA Secretary by 23rd August 2020. Nominations should include full contact details of proposer and seconder as well as the person proposed. Motions for debate should be proposed and seconded. 
Gary Conrad has decided to retire after 3 years as chairman. Gary has proposed Paul Littlewood to replace him as chairman. Gary intends to continue to serve on the committee as do the rest of the committee.

Constitution Change
There is a proposal for a change to the constitution. This amendment is to add two paragraphs to Section 2 of the Schedule. These paragraphs make clear the HBA’s role in any disciplinary matters occurring in its member clubs. The added paragraphs are shown in red on page 5 of the draft document.

Online Bridge
Online Bridge

Many Hertfordshire clubs have become Virtual Clubs and are offering on line bridge to their members. HBA has also become a Virtual Club and has launched some new bridge opportunities for which members have been notified by email.  These are listed below and are available to all Herts members.

Marjorie Lukyn

This event is the annual HBA charity competition. As not all clubs will be able to hold their usual club heat this year and to try and maximise their contribution to charity, the HBA has decided to make four of our Sunday monthly Open Pairs events heats for the Marjorie Lukyn. The relevant dates are July 12th, September 13th, November 8th and January 10th.

The contribution to charity from club heats is £2 per player and to maintain this amount, the entry fee for the Herts Open Pairs on Sunday 12th July will be 6 BB$. BBO are amending their financial model and the entry fee for the other three events is under review as a result. 

Players can compete in as many heats as they like, with the top 50% from each heat eligible to enter the final in March next year.

Forthcoming HBA Events

Due to Coronavirus, HBA Face-to-Face events are being suspended until further notice and all sessions noted below will be online on BBO.

Open Pairs 
These are 18 board Pairs competitions held on the second Sunday of every month at 15.00.  Entry will be on the day via BBO in the usual way with a cost of 3BB$. A partner will be needed.

7 High Pairs 
On the fourth Sunday of every month, starting at 15.00 HBA will host a 15 board Pairs competition for players whose NGS is no higher than 7. Playing 15 boards will allow for a slightly slower pace of play.  NB  It is necessary to pre-register for these competitions by sending an e mail to You only need to do this once and then you are eligible for all the HBA NGS7 events.

Senior Pairs -Tuesday 8th September at 10:30

A 36 board competition with a 30 minute lunch break in the middle. Click here.. for details and entry forms.

AGM - Sunday 20th September at 12:00

For more information, click here..

Open Pairs following the AGM - Sunday 20th September 

All table monies will be donated to charity.

Mixed Pairs - Friday October 30th at 7:00pm

A 24 board session with a 15 minute break at the half way stage.  Click here.. for details and entry forms.

Club Champions Cup - Friday November 13th at 7:00pm

A 24 board session with a 15 minute break at the half way stage.  Click here.. for details and entry forms.

Other Forthcoming Herts Events

Many Herts clubs are now running open sessions, available to all HBA members. These include Teaching, Gentle Duplicates aimed at newcomers & improvers and normal duplicate events.  Click here.. for the details.

Further Afield

Bedfordshire is organising an online Swiss Pairs event on BBO to bring in some income for the EBU and support their 2020/21 charity. This is a Green Pointed Swiss Pairs at 11am on Saturday 5 September 2020.  For details  click here.

Surrey is staging Green Pointed Swiss Pairs and Teams events over the weekend of 26 - 27 September  and a Blue Pointed pairs event with qualifying on 31 October and the final on November 1st.

For links to other counties' websites - click here

NGS7 Duplicate Pairs

Contratulations to John Gwilt & Fiona Nathwani (NS) and Keith Redhead & Rayna Vincent (EW), winners of the first HBA NGS7 Duplicate Pairs session to be held on BBO. For results, click here...

Open Pairs on BBO

Contratulations to Simon Mostyn & Peter Clark (NS) and Russell Spiro & Denice Golend (EW), winners of the first HBA Open Pairs session to be held on BBO in a strong field of 9 tables.  For results, click here...

Eastern Counties League

Another great year for the county teams!  For the nth year in a row our C squad won their division and for 3rd year in row, likewise our B squad. Our A squad finished 4th.  Excellent results from all concerned.

Marjorie Lukyn

This is HBA's annual charity competition. The final took place last Friday and many congratulations to the winners Bob Turnham and Gerald Freedman. The amount of the donation made to HBA's nominated charity for this year, Herts Young Homeless, will be announced once finalised.

Humble Cup Final

After an amazingly close match, this year's Humble Cup Final was tied after 42 boards! In a 4 board play-off, the Davies team just pipped Rawlins to take the trophy. Hearty congratulations to Jackie Davies, Mike Fawcett,  Ian Kemp,  Denis King, Jim Niblett and Roger Forster, the 2020 Humble Cup Winners.

Ranked Masters
Ranked Masters

Many congratulations to the Leverstock Green team who won the Ranked Masters Teams on Feb 2nd, from L to R: Bob Howard, Jane Seaton,Simon Cook, John Hattersley