Spade Heart  Diamond Club

Annual Elections have begun and will continue until 5:00 PM, January 31st

If you will not be available at the club to vote in person at any time during the two week election period,

you may dowload an absentee ballot by clicking the link below:


DO NOT USE THIS BALLOT FOR VOTING AT THE CLUB IN PERSON.  Please be sure to follow the instructions are on the ballot.

Political Discussions

Our club has the benefit of having a large membership comprised of people from many different backgrounds with many different beliefs and opinions.   There's always something interesting to talk about, however, political discussions do have a way of deteriorating into contentious situations, therefore, we ask that all members comply with the long standing club policy of NO POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS ON THE CLUB PREMISES.  Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Our Newest Sectional Tournament


Friday, Saturday, Sunday - February 8, 9 & 10, 2019

Click to Download Tournament Flyer

Click to Email Partnership Chair - Jeff Claus

Game entry fee is $12.00 per person for pairs events & $100.00 per team for Swiss Teams.

(For the comfort of our members and guests, we are a "No Fragrance" Club)

Complimentary Breakfast, Coffee, Tea, Lemonade, and Snacks served throughout the day

Schedule Strata & Other Information
Friday, February 8 Masterpoints Averaged for all games
10:00 AM: Open Pairs & 499er Pairs (499er strats at Director's discretion)
  2:15 PM: Open Pairs & 499er Pairs Open
Saturday, February 9 A: 3000+, B: 1500-3000, C: 0-1500
10:00 AM: Open Pairs & 499er Pairs 499er
  2:15 PM: Open Pairs & 499er Pairs      A: 300-500, B: 100-300, C: 0-100
Sunday, february 10 Lunch available on site Friday & Saturday, $5
10:00 AM: Stratified Open Swiss & 499er Swiss Lunch included Sunday

Club Managers' Weekly Message

Members of the Palm Coast Duplicate Bridge Club:

Annual Elections
Annual board elections are in progress and will continue until Thursday, January 31st at 5:00 PM.  YOU MUST BE A PAID MEMBER TO PARTICIPATE.  If you have not renewed your membership yet, you have until the 25th of January to renew at the discounted rate of $20.00.  After that, annual membership dues are $25.00  The candidates for the two open board positions are posted at the club along with short bios.  If you expect to be away from the club during the ENTIRE election period, you may download an absentee ballot on our website as soon as the election period begins.  Absentee ballots must be mailed to the club and RECEIVED prior to the end of the election period.  Please do not use the absentee ballot if you will be present at the club during any time during the election period.
Swiss Teams
We have scheduled Swiss Teams for Thursday, January 31st.  There will be TWO SEPARATE SECTIONS, one Open Section and one 499er Section.  You will only be competing with your peer group.  Come as a pair, and we'll draw for teams.  Each North/South on every team will be stationary, We will have two directors running the game to ensure smooth operation and to help with any questions.  This is a great way to practice for the Sectional Tournament which if February 8, 9, and 10.  Please come with your favorite partner to join in on this very popular game format.  We would like to see our regular game attendance for this game.  Once you gain a little experience with Swiss Teams, you'll be hooked.
Our Next Sectional Tournament
Our next Sectional Tournament is fast approaching, on February 8, 9, and 10, 2019.  Sectional Tournaments are the life blood of many clubs, including our club.  A well-run tournament with good food and good attendance is critical to the club's continued operation.  You can help in many ways, but one of the best things you can do is to plan to attend as many sessions as you are able, including the Swiss Teams event on Sunday in either the Open or separate 499er Section.

For those who have concerns about the Swiss Teams 499er section being canceled, we have been assured by the Tournament Director that we will run a separate section with as few as 3 tables.  Of course, we would like to have many more tables than that, so to our 499er players, please come and compete against your peers in this popular game format.

There is general Tournament information on the website and we are asking for volunteers for setup, food donations, and to serve as stand by partners.  You'll find signup sheets at the club or you may contact Sylvia, our Tournament Chair, or Jeff Claus, our Partnership Chair, if you would like to volunteer.  Their contact information is on the home page of the website. We also appreciate monetary donations in whatever amount you are comfortable giving.

As a reminder, we would like to continue to offer good quality snacks during our game breaks.  This does, though, represent a significant expense.  To help offset the cost, and enable us to meet our other obligations, we encourage our players to make a donation whenever possible to the snack fund.  You'll find a donation jar at the beginning of the snack line.  The suggested donation is $5.00 per week for those attending regularly who consume the snacks, but in the end, we ask that you donate whatever you are comfortable giving.
Class Topics and Information

We have canceled the Wednesday afternoon class and supervised play until further notice due to low attendance.
  • Monday morning at 10:00 AM:  Beginning bridge with Patrick. Opening one notrump or one of a suit.  Book used: Introduction to Bridge 1 by Audrey Grant.
  • Monday afternoon at 12:15 PM:  Class & supervised play for new players with Gerry.
  • Thursday morning at 10:00 AM:  Class & supervised play for new players with 1 year playing experience with Jinty Chappell.  Book used:  Competitive Bidding II by Audrey Grant.
  • Friday morning at 10:00 AM:  Class & supervised play. Bidding, play and defense for intermediate players with Tom Fletcher.  

This Week's Game Schedule
Monday: Open  Pairs at 1:00 PM
Tuesday:  Open & 299er Pairs at 1:00 PM
Wednesday:  Open Pairs at 1:00 PM
Thursday:  Open & 499er Pairs at 1:00 PM
Friday: Open Pairs at 1:00 PM
Saturday: Open Pairs at 10:00 AM


This Week's Class Schedule
Monday: 12:15 PM.  Pregame class and supervised play at 1:00 PM with Gerry Calabrese
Tuesday: Pre-game class with Tom Fletcher.
Wednesday: CANCELED
Thursday:  10:00 AM.  Beginner B, Level 2 with Jinty Chappell
Thursday:  Pre-game class with Tom Fletcher
Friday: 10:00 AM.  Intermediate Bridge Class with Tom Fletcher


See you at the club; have a great week. 

Patrick & Jonathon

open & 99er pairs
open pairs
open pairs
open & 499er pairs
open & 99er pairs
open & 299er pairs
open & 99er pairs
Tue Jan 22, 2019
open & 299er pairs
1 pm
Wed Jan 23, 2019
open & 99er pairs
1 pm
Thu Jan 24, 2019
open & 499er pairs
1 pm
Fri Jan 25, 2019
open pairs
1 pm
Sat Jan 26, 2019
open pairs
10 am
Mon Jan 28, 2019
open & 99er pairs
1 pm
Tue Jan 29, 2019
open & 299er pairs
1 pm
Class activities

Class schedules:

  • Monday morning at 10 am, Bridge "I" basics for beginning players; covers notrump, major and minor suit opening bids and their respective responses. Introduces some conventions like stayman and transfers. Also, the basics of declarer play and defense are covered. Presenter Kathie Margolin/Patrick Heading, starts Oct 1.
  • Thursday morning at am Bridge "II" for more advanced beginning players; covers competitive bidding, preemptive opening bids, overcalls, takeout and negetive doubles and the law of total tricks. Presenter Jinty Chappell, class is ongoing throughout the year.
  • Friday morning at 10 am Bridge "III" for intermediate players covering additional conventions, more advanced defense and play of the hand with problem hands review to clarify bidding, play and defense. Presenter Tom Fletcvher, class is ongoing throughout the year.

Supervised play schedules

  • Monday afternoon class(12:15) and supervised play (1 pm)  for newer players with Gerry Calabrese, ongoing throughout the year.
  • Wednesday afternoon class (12:15) and supervised play (1 pm) for newer players with Kathie Margolin, cancelled until Janary 

Pregame classes

  • Tuesdays at 12:15
  • Thursdays at 12:15 

One month of free classes are offered to the first time student; chose any or all events and they are free to help encourage your first attempt to "play bridge" at the Palm Coast DBC.

"Two over one" bidding system is presented in all classes.