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Current Courses

Here is the set of courses, seminars and events that are currently available.

Seminar Series 2018

This series of seminars is aimed at club players who want to improve. The level at which each seminar is focussed varies.

Levels vary: Intermediate to Advanced

For the topics for each seminar click here.

Consolidate your Slam bidding

A five week course on Wednesday mornings 10.00 am – 12.00 pm starting on 28th February.  Click on the ‘Details’ signpost for further information. 

Level: Intermediate
Tutors: Kathy Talbot

Bridge for All - Year 1 Term 3 Summer 2018

Three separate courses run on Tuesday evenings, Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons.

This is the third 10 week term of a 30 week course for beginners based on the English Bridge Union’s ‘Bridge for All’ programme, using the Acol bidding system. It is a carefully structured course that starts out by assuming no previous knowledge of cards.    It is also suitable for anyone who has played a little Bridge with friends and wants to learn more.  

Level: Beginners
Tutors: Ann Lee, Steph Bliss, Shirley Rawlings

Bridge for All - Year 2 Term 3 Summer 2018

Three separate courses run on Monday afternoon, Thursday afternoons and Thursday evenings.

This course is open to those who have completed Year 1 of the Bridge for All course and to those with the equivalent knowledge of Bridge.  This course is designated as Next Step.

Please contact for further details if you are not one of our existing students.  

Level: Beginners
Tutors: Ann Lee, Sandra Nicholson, Shirley Rawlings