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17th Nov 2018 15:19 GMT
Photos from members
17th Nov 2018 15:17 GMT
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17th Nov 2018 11:29 GMT
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17th Nov 2018 11:24 GMT
15th Nov 2018 20:00 GMT
News 2018 archive
15th Nov 2018 16:21 GMT
Returning to 147 Banbury Road on Monday 10th December
Changed schedule for Tuesday 20th November

Those who follow football may know that Oxford City Football Club drew an FA Cup match with Tranmere Rovers last week.  The replay is now scheduled for Tuesday 20th November.  Although the match is not until the evening, the preparations for the match which is to be televised on BT Sport mean that the facilities that we normally use on Tuesdays will not be available all day. 

We are obliged to make the following changes to our scheduled activity:

  • The morning session is cancelled. No suitable alternative arrangements could be found at such short notice
  • The afternoon “practice hands” sessions will not be held; the topic will be deferred until the following week
  • The evening Bridge for All Year 1 class with Sandra Nicholson and the Bridge for All Year 2 class with Ann Lee will not be held. The term for these classes will be extended by one week and thus term for the Tuesday evening classes will now end on Tuesday 18th December


Great news on the building

Mark the day - Monday 10th December

We now have a plan for moving back home. You can see the latest photographs of progress at 147 Banbury Road elsewhere on the website.

The outline of the plan is as follows:

  • Friday evening 7th December - final bridge session at OCFC
  • Saturday morning 8th December - Saturday tutorial at OCFC
  • Saturday/Sunday 8th/9th December - moving activity by a team of members
  • Monday morning 10th December at 10.00am - first bridge session back at 147 Banbury Road

Everyone is now working very hard to ensure that we achieve this transition as smoothly as possible but members must be aware that we are moving into a completely new facility and it may be that things will not be perfect – that will follow!  Please try to help those who are setting everything up for you to ensure your comfort and enjoyment.

Children in Need 12th - 16th Nov 2018

This year we will play the Children in Need SIM Pairs on two days - Tuesday morning (13th) and Wednesday evening (14th). There will be a raffle all week. Slices of donated cake will be sold at the Tuesday morning and Friday morning sessions.

Please give generously!

Building update - 14 November
Building update - 14 November


Playroom decorated with signature fuschia coloured wall.

Kitchen installation can be seen in background

Fundraising - very nearly there - 9th November

The fundraising will finish in just over two weeks time. It's your last chance to show your support for the club.

A very generous benefactor has offered  £1 for each £1 donated by members until the end of November provided we complete the state of the art sound and audio system costing £34K.

Donate £50 add £50 plus gift aid equals £125!

What a bargain. We should make full use of this amazing offer.

Your donation of any size is really welcome.

You can donate directly by making an electronic payment to the charity's bank account - the same one as you pay your member subscription to. If in doubt, contact the Treasurer or the Chairman.

Click here for additional details on the fundraising programme.

Thank you for whatever donation you are able to give.  Your commitment to your Club is much appreciated.

Pat Lewis, Chairman

Location details for Oxford City FC

Click an image for further details of our temporary location.

Club activity resumes back at 147 Banbury Road from 10th December 2018.


For further detailed information about getting to Oxford City Football Club click here  or  download a two page flier that you can print.

Morning Pairs
At Oxford City FC
Director: PL
Scorer: DC
At Oxford City FC
Director: MI
Scorer: LF
Morning Learn and Play
At Oxford City FC
Director: SC
Scorer: JP
Host: Richard B
Evening Gentle Duplicate
At Oxford City FC
Director: CW
Scorer: RF
Host: Veronica W
Afternoon Gentle Duplicate
At Oxford City FC
Director: MP
Scorer: PC
Host: Mike
Children in Need Sim Pairs
At Oxford City FC
Director: RS
Scorer: LF
Host: Irina W
Children in Need Sim Pairs
At Oxford City FC
Director: RS
Scorer: CW
Host: Peter Hamilton
Morning Pairs
At Oxford City FC
Director: DC
Scorer: PL
Evening Learn and Play
At Oxford City FC
Director: MW
Scorer: JA
Host: Julie A
Evening Pairs
At Oxford City FC
Director: PR
Scorer: MS
Host: Ann L
Mon 19th Nov 2018
Morning Pairs
At Oxford City FC 10.00
Director: Ruth
Scorer: Diane
Mon 19th Nov 2018
Evening Learn and Play
At Oxford City FC 19.15
Director: Martin
Scorer: Anne L
Host: Viv Stevensen
Tue 20th Nov 2018
Morning Pairs
Tue 20th Nov 2018
Practice hands: SWOT practice hands
Wed 21st Nov 2018
Afternoon Gentle Duplicate
At Oxford City FC 14.00
Director: Ruth
Scorer: Viccy
Host: Tessa
Wed 21st Nov 2018
Evening Pairs
At Oxford City FC 19.15
Director: Peter L
Scorer: Kathy T
Host: Richard S
Thu 22nd Nov 2018
Morning Learn and Play
At Oxford City FC 10.00
Director: Sandra
Scorer: Colin
Host: Christina
Thu 22nd Nov 2018
Evening Gentle Duplicate
At Oxford City FC 19.15
Director: Viccy
Scorer: Richard
Host: Peter Headicar
Fri 23rd Nov 2018
Morning Pairs
At Oxford City FC 10.00
Director: Peter S
Scorer: Pat