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Upcoming  Tournaments

Philadelphia Bridge Unit Chester Plummer Tournament

August 25 at 11 am - 2-Session Swiss

Greenbriar Club Apartment - 3901 Conshohocken Ave

Philadelphia PA 19131

Email for Pre-Registration before August 24


Unit 141 Sectional

September 21-23

New Location! Germantown Cricket Club

411 West Manheim Street

Philadelphia, PA 19144


October 29 - November 4, 2018  LANCASTER REGIONAL

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The Common Game

The Common Game is a service offered through local clubs which provides bridge players the opportunity to compare their results with players at other clubs, playing the same hands, across the country. 

Participation in the Common Game does not affect a player's score or masterpoint award at the local club. The ACBL masterpoint awards continue to be scored and reported as always.
The Common Game offers its own awards so a player has a chance to earn both ACBL masterpoints and Common Game points. Common Game awards are based on matchpointed results from all participating clubs.
What does the Common Game offer players?

    Players can compare their results with players across the country

    Post mortem analysis of many of the interesting hands played

    Individual play analysis (if your club uses Bridgemates or Bridge Pads)

    Prizes awarded monthly, quarterly and annually for both performance and attendanceFor video tutorials and more information: