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Upcoming  Tournaments

Philadelphia Bridge Unit Chester Plummer Tournament

August 25 at 11 am - 2-Session Swiss

Greenbriar Club Apartment - 3901 Conshohocken Ave

Philadelphia PA 19131

Email for Pre-Registration before August 24


Unit 141 Sectional

September 21-23

New Location! Germantown Cricket Club

411 West Manheim Street

Philadelphia, PA 19144


October 29 - November 4, 2018  LANCASTER REGIONAL

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Welcome to North Penn Duplicate Bridge Club
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Welcome to North Penn Bridge Club, a member-owned club located in North Wales, PA.  We host sanctioned games five days a week.  Check our Calendar for details.  You can contact us at (215) 699-4932 or email us at


Christmas in July

Thanks for your generous gifts to CHOC - the Coordinated Homelss Outreach Center in Norristown.  Your gifts were greatly appreciated.   

Congratulations to King of Prussia Regional Winners

Larry & Jackie Umphlet     2B     Mon Aft Charity Pairs

Tom Suman & Ginny Tinner     2A    Mon Gold Rush Pairs

Pat Tway    1A      Tues Morn 199ers

Judi & Barry Shinberg     1A       Tues Morn Side Pairs

Don Baker        1B        Tues Gold Rush Pairs

Judi & Barry Shinberg     1B       Tues Aft Side Pairs

Ed Alcoff & April Uhlenburg     2B     Tues B/C Pairs

Lynda Thaler      2A      Tues Aft 199ers

Dave Tukey      1A     Wed Morn 199ers

Sheila Wood & Nancy Chestek    2/3C   Wed Morn 199ers

Dave Morgan    1B     Wed B/C Pairs

Ed Alcoff & Vince Coll    1C     Wed B/C Pairs

Joyce Levin, Sue Bailey, Marianne Beezer & Nancy Parke     2nd   Tues-Wed Bracket 4 KO

Elaine Clair, Real Fradette, John Dickenson & Mitch Snyder    1A     Th A/X Swiss

Tom Kriz & Dave Kresge      2A       Thurs A/X Swiss

Betty Abrams & Betsy Cutler     1/2B       Thurs Gold Rush Swiss

Dick Kamensky, Barbara Grossman, Lois & Alan Meyers     2C      Thurs Gold Rush Swiss

Susan Morse, Susan Anthony, Lisa Mita & Alison Shoemaker      1st    Wed-Th Bracket 2 KO

Deborah August          2nd            Wed-Thurs Bracket 3 KO

Brad Barry & David Amsterdam      2B         Thurs Open Pairs

Charles & Lynn Whipple           1A        Thurs Aft 199ers

Judi & Barry Shinberg             2C            Thurs Aft Side Pairs

Sandy Tilney & Arthur Seidner       1A             Fri Morn Side Pairs

Janis Kritzer & Barbara Ann McLaren   2B          Fri B/C Pairs

David Chinn & Bill Petkun        1A           Fri Gold Rush Pairs

Joan Regenbogen               2A           Fri Gold Rush Pairs

Judi & Barry Shinberg        1A         Fri Aft Side Pairs

Dave Dodgson, Dave Dresher, Tom & Ken Salter      1st      Fri-Sat Bracket 2 KO

Estelle & Al Ronderos        2X          Sat A/X Pairs

Steve Gewirtzman & Ed Alcoff       1X         Sun A/X Swiss

Scott Guiser       1C              Sun Gold Rush Swiss

Tina Sgro             2C          Sun Gold Rush Swiss

If you had a first or second that I missed, please tell   Mitch

Check for Closures
Check for Closures