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This year saw the emergence of new champions in the annual Sparkes Cup.

Winners were Marelle Irvine and Particia Vetter who got home by less than 2% from Robin & Walter Suttor.

Winners came through  a 6½ table Howell movement and won in what was in reality a very closely contested event.

Congratulations girls



This years Club Champions  Val Heferen and Jay Moore.



Green Plate




Barbara & Kay Wall

North South

Libby Cox & Gail Mann

East West

This years conslation cup winners




Club history


1990 Erica Orth & Nancy Thompson

1991 Jay Moore & Molly Poole

1992 Margaret Geddes & Val Heferen

1993 Patricia & John Sparkes

1994 Margaret Geddes & Val Heferen

1995 Nancy Barnier & Frank Parker

1996 Margaret Geddes & Val Heferen

1997 Margaret Geddes & Val Heferen

1998 Temara & Guy Kemp

1999 Cathy Cox & Val Heferen

2000 Sandy Capper & Cathy Cox

2001 Jo Williams & Jill Grieve

2002 Sandy Capper & Cathy Cox

2003 Jay Moore & Molly Poole

2004 Val Heferen & Margaret Large

2005 Judy Keightley & Nancy Thompson

2006 Val Heferen & Margaret Large

2007 Val Heferen & Guy Kemp

2008 Sandy Capper & Barbara Green

2009 Sandy Capper & Maureen Wright

2010 Barbara Green & Brian McCarney

2011 Maureen Wright & Sandy Capper

2012 Margaret Large & Val Heferen

2013 Lorraine Gooley & Annie Cox

2014 Barbara Green & Brian McCarney

2015 Chris Cox & Di Bates

2016 Judy Bowman & Marella Irvine

2017 Val Heferen & Jay Moore


1984 Colin & Vivian Lindeman

1985 Patricia & John Sparkes

1986 Nancy Thompson & Erica Orth

1987 Edna Kellett & Helen Peters

1988 1989 Not played

1990 John Veloso & Ethel Mann

1991 John Veloso & Ethel Mann

1992 Temara & Guy Kemp

1993 Jay Moore & Molly Poole

1995 Liz Loneragan & Di Bates

1996 Margaret Geddes & Cathy Cox

1997 Nancy Thompson & Frank Parker

1998 Nancy Thompson & Frank Parker

1999 Cathy Cox & Margaret Geddes

2000 Molly Poole & Greta Kroll

2001 Jo Williams & Jill Grieve

2002 Molly Poole & Greta Kroll

2003 Molly Poole & Greta Kroll

2004 Yvonne Kelly & Sandy Capper

2005 Peg Leonard & Helen Bryant

2006 Yvonne Kelly & Val Heferen

2007 Ted McCulloch & Geoff Dove

2008 Yvonne Kelly & Greta Kroll

2009 Sandy Capper & Maureen Wright

2010 Peg Leonard & Jill Bicknell

2011 Judith McCaffery & Margaret Anne Cant

2012 Jay Moore & Val Heferen

2013 Margaret Large & Lesley Robertson

2014 Jay Moore & Veronica Sullivan

2015 Brian McCarney & Barbara Green

2016 Maureen Wright & Sandy Capper

2017 Maureen Wright & Sandy Capper

2018 Marelle Irvine & Patricia Vetter



2011 N/S Margaret A Cant & Judith McCaffery

         E/W Jill Bicknell & Sylvia Enklaar

2012 N/S Bruni Krzysik & Nancy Caughey

         E/W Judith Keightley & Tina Smith

2013 N/S June Lockhart & Geoff Dove

         E/W Jan Heber & Veronica Sullivan

2014  N/S Margaret A Cant & Judith McCaffery

          E/W Virginia Heath & Margaurite Tuit

2015 N/S Deirdre Franklin & John Hall

          E/W Jan Heber & Duncan Higgs

2016 N/S Lesley Robertson & Margaret Large

         E/W Frank Trent & Ted Hayman

2017 N/S Barbara & Kay Wall

         E/W Gail Mann & Libby Cox






While the Club has conducted championships for many years the committee saw a need for a perpetual trophy and in the early 1990's a group including Nancy Thompson, Greville Burrell and June Bleechmore approached the Club's bankers (The National Bank) for support.

The Bank agreed to this request and gave the sum of $100 with the proviso that any cost beyond that amount must be borne by the Club.

The trophy is competed for annually following a qualifying session from which the leading 5 pairs from North/South and East/West compete in a Howell movement final thus providing one winning pair. The trophy is normally presented at the end of the year celebrations.






Early 2000's Barbara Green saw the need for a trophy for those who did not qualify for the Club Championships final and who competed in a consolation event. Because this is normally run as a Mitchell movement resulting in winners for both north/south and east/west two trophies were donated.

To qualify for this trophy pairs must have competed in the Club Championship qualifying round and, having failed to qualify for the final, compete in a consolation session. While this session is normally open to all players not involved in the Championships the winners must come from pairs who did compete in the qualifying session.


This trophy was donated by John and Patricia Sparkes who were stalwarts of the Club over many years. They both held executive positions, both were Directors and John was also the Masterpoint Secretary.

At the time the Club was growing and playing on Monday afternoon as well as Wednesday evenings. The Wednesday players included many who worked during the day and this was their only chance to win a major Club event. Because table numbers were small the event was specified to be conducted as a Howell movement thus resulting in one winning pair. The rules for the conduct of this event are quite specific in the it must be a Howell movement with only one winning pair.