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2018 National Inter-County League Finals:

A Division Winners:


B Division Winners:


C Division Winners:



Welcome to Ian Mitchell's Bridge Page
National Inter-County League Finals 2018
  • 2018 Division A Devon
  • 2018 Division B Oxfordshire
  • 2018 Division C Hertfordshire

Congratulations to Devon for victory in the 'A' Division.

Oxfordshire won the B Division, and Hertfordshire won the C Division title for a third consecutive season.

Pictured above:

Devon 'A' (from L to R):
Richard Lingham, Stefan Lindfors, Harry Anoyrkatis, Gillian Fawcett,
Ann Slee, Warner Solomon, Joe Fawcett, Alex Maddocks.

(sorry, not one of my better photos.  The other I took was worse!)

Oxfordshire 'B' (from L to R):
Dinah Lintott, Adrian Lambe, Nigel Wilkes, Alastair Gidman,
Lorna Swadling, Ron Quainton, Gillian Lonsdale, Andrew Lintott.

Hertfordshire 'C' (not in order):
Michael Kaltz, Peter Lewy, Alan Hudson, Mike Levy,
Andy Fenn, David Arrighi, Derek Peers, Julian Peers.

Results available by links on right hand side, or via "Results" on the left.
If you look hard enough, you can find XIMP rankings (reflecting the change of section for E/W pairs).
Travellers & personal scorecards can only be shown via the individual session results.
I think now that travellers & hand records relate to the correct sessions!

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Other upcoming events that may be of interest:


24th June National Inter-County League Finals
21st - 22nd July ODGP Weekend (Herts / Essex)
? 4th - 5th August EWBA Swiss Weekend
8th - 9th September Bedford Congress
15th - 16th September Essex / Herts Congress
22nd - 23rd September ODGP Weekend (Surrey)
30th September Metropolitan Cup
6th - 7th October Felixstowe Congress
30th Nov - 2nd Dec Porthcawl Congress


  Midland Counties Congress
  EWBA GP Swiss Teams
  Bath ODGP Weekend
  Norfolk Congress
  Cheltenham Congress
  National Swiss Teams Congress
  ODGP Weekend (Avon)
  Oxfordshire Congress
  ODGP Weekend (Berks & Bucks)

These are events for which I will be directing, or to which I might have some other loose connection.

See the EBU & WBU calendars for many other events!

NICLF A Final Overall
Scorer: Ian
NICLF B Final Overall
Scorer: Ian
NICLF C Final Overall
Scorer: Ian