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2018 Metropolitan Cup:

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Welcome to Ian Mitchell's Bridge Page
Metropolitan Cup 2018

Overall Results can be accessed via links on the Right Hand Side.

Pairwise Cross-IMP rankings are available via these results, clicking on X-IMPs near the top.
NB Personal Scorecards are only available for each individual session, not from the overall ranking.
Session-only rankings will also show the breakdown of VPs against each opposing team.

Upcoming Events

Other upcoming events that may be of interest:

30th November - 2nd December   Porthcawl Congress



  Midland Counties Congress
  EWBA GP Swiss Teams
  Bath ODGP Weekend
  Norfolk Congress
  Cheltenham Congress
  National Swiss Teams Congress
  ODGP Weekend (Avon)
  Oxfordshire Congress
  ODGP Weekend (Berks & Bucks)

These are events for which I will be directing, or to which I might have some other loose connection.

See the EBU & WBU calendars for many other events!

Championship Teams QR - Blue
Director: Ian / Phil / David
Scorer: Mitch
Championship Teams QR - Red
Scorer: Ian
Championship Teams QR - Yellow
Scorer: Ian