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Welcome to Lancaster PA Bridge Clubs
Welcome to the Lancaster PA Bridge Clubs website.  
Welcome to the Lancaster PA Bridge Clubs website.  

Our goal in Lancaster is to offer you a place to come and play BRIDGE where

you can forget the world's problems. We practice ZERO TOLERANCE.   We

promote GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP.   We promote FUN.    

Today a player comented favorably on some of the new decks of cards.  I thanked her and spread my cards.  I noticed that on my new hand, someone smeared chocolate on two of my cards!  What timing!  From these situations serial killers are born.   All I could do was lick off the chocolate and wipe the cards on my shorts.   Continued playing.  Seriously, PLEASE PROTECT OUR BRIDGE PROPERTY.   Eat, drink and be merry ... neatly

It is an ACBL regulation that each player has a completed convention card at the table.  Some pairs in Section C, do not have one.  It is your obligation to show (explain) bids to the opponents.   There are no secrets in bridge.  For some, the convention card is too much of a challenge.  It is a crowded work of art.   Too many choices for the less experienced players.

To try to make it easier for these players, I have purchased the ACBL Yellow convention card.  Way fewer (less) choices.  Check them out.  Try to establish agreements from this card.  Start with a few.  It will help your game.  Ask me to help you.  I love to talk bridge.

In the last month, there have been 5 director calls in Lancaster where players have pulled hands from the wrong deck.  So three players are playing blue cards.  One player is using red.  Nay Nay.  This will not work.  The last time, two players had red hands from deck 26.  The other two had red cards from 28.  That took work.  No, what is happening is that players are trying to play too FAST.  Don't rush but at the same time DON'T WASTE time.  Prior to August, I had only see this happen twice in my life.  Are people other than Ron Mundy trying to shock us?     I love this game and the people who play this game.

Bridge on Labor Day

NO GAME ON SEPTEMBER 13, 2108.  That's a Thursday.  Township is using building for something.

We'll miss Dorie and Bruce.  They were special people:  bridge players 

Stay informed.  Have FUN with us.  For four hours each day we can try to forget the world.  ♥        

(Any typo, bad spelling and/or poor punctuation has been placed on the page to test you.  Give yourself 1 point each time you find one.  Keep track.  We will announce winners on 2/21/21.  Please keep proof of discovery.)

Deb and John's email:

Deb's cell:


John's cell:


Andie's email:

Andie's cell: 717-801-7597

Maple Grove Community Center

1420 Columbia Ave

Lancaster PA 17603






Thoughts of a Bridge Player!!
Thoughts of a Bridge Player!!

Enter Maple Grove from Elm Ave.  Narrow road.  Be careful.  No parking beyond the stairs.  Park in back best you can.  This is out of our control.  Road construction will be a hassle this summer.  Be patient.  It will get better.  It will not affect your bridge scores.


Thanks for your support!!






Please Note Please Note

If you don't know where you are going, any ol' road will take you there.

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