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Welcome to Lancaster PA Bridge Clubs
Welcome to the Lancaster PA Bridge Clubs website.  
Welcome to the Lancaster PA Bridge Clubs website.  

Our goal in Lancaster is to offer you a place to come and play BRIDGE where

you can forget the world's problems. We practice ZERO TOLERANCE.   We

promote GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP.   We promote FUN.    


Come out and play with us.  We are ... Lancaster Bridge!


July is a hot month for bridge.  July 16th through July 20th are NAP Qualifying Games.  

This means big points for all winners.  Plus an opportunity to win a trip to the Spring NABC in Memphis.

On July 25th, our local team of four go for a national title in Atlanta.  Good luck John, Keith, Tim and Matt.  Have a great time.

The Atlanta Summer NABC starts on the 25th and goes to August 5.  You should make plans.  Fairly cheap flights from Harrisbug.

Watch August's schedule for a full week of silver points.

Soooo much is going on!  Soooo much FUN!!

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!        

Please pray for world-wide sanity.

We deserve to live in PEACE.


Stay informed.  Have FUN with us.          

Deb and John's email:

Deb's cell:


John's cell:


Andie's email:

Andie's cell: 717-801-7597

Maple Grove Community Center

1420 Columbia Ave

Lancaster PA 17603






Thoughts of a Bridge Player!!
Thoughts of a Bridge Player!!

Enter Maple Grove from Elm Ave.  Narrow road.  Be careful.  No parking beyond the stairs.  Park in back best you can.  This is out of our control.  Road construction will be a hassle this summer.  Be patient.  It will get better.  It will not affect your bridge scores.


Thanks for your support!!



The ACBL-wide Instant Matchpoint Game held July 9th was great!

Kay B. & John R. and Karen D. & Karen Z. each won a whole GOLD point in addition to their red!

(And 'A' players Silversteins and Meyer and Harris did too!)

If you would like the expert commentary on each board emailed to you, let Andie know!

Please Note Please Note

An elderly woman was sipping a glass of wine, while sitting on a patio with her husband, and she says, " I love you so much.  I don't know how I could ever live without you." .... Her husband asks, " Is that you, or the wine talking?" ... She replies, " It's me... talking to the wine."

16th July 2018
NAOP Qualifier
717-801-7597 12:15
17th July 2018
NAOP Qualifier
717-696-9239 6:30 PM
18th July 2018
NAOP Qualifier
717-801-7597 12:15
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