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Welcome to Lancaster PA Bridge Clubs
Welcome to the Lancaster PA Bridge Clubs website.  
Welcome to the Lancaster PA Bridge Clubs website.  


Our goal in Lancaster is to offer you a place to come and play BRIDGE where

you can forget the world's problems. We practice ZERO TOLERANCE.   We

promote GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP.   We promote FUN.   We welcome lavish

gifts to the directors.(still waiting)

Come out and play with us.  We are ... Lancaster Bridge!


Jean and Jill win big in the A Section!!!

Liz and Greg have a big game to celebrate Greg's B-day!!!

Monday, April 23, starts a whole week of CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS!   Yes, ALL WEEK!

Extra POINTS every day.  NO EXTRA MONEY!!


Soooo much is going on!  Soooo much FUN!!

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!        

Please pray for world-wide sanity.

We deserve to live in PEACE.


Stay informed.  Have FUN with us.          

Deb and John's email:

Deb's cell:


John's cell:


Andie's email:

Andie's cell: 717-801-7597

Maple Grove Community Center

1420 Columbia Ave

Lancaster PA 17603






Thoughts of a Bridge Player!!
Thoughts of a Bridge Player!!

Ignore this message: Front entrance to Maple Grove will be closed starting on Monday, 2/26/18.  It will be closed for at least a week this time.  Enter Maple Grove from Elm Ave.  Narrow road.  Be careful.  No parking beyond the stairs.  Park in back best you can.  This is out of our control.  Bridge replacement will be a hassle this spring.  Be patient.  It will get better.  It will not affect your bridge scores.

Replace with:  They will start working on the bridge sooner or later.  Be prepared to be surprised.

Thanks for your support!!



Did you know 43.6 percent of all slam contracts fail.
62.7 percent of all bridge players are women.
97.8 percent of all bridge statistics, including these, are made up

Please Note Please Note

We had a partnership misunderstanding.  My partner assumed that I knew what I was doing.

25th April 2018
Club Championship
717-801-7597 12:15
Director: Andie Sheaffer
26th April 2018
Club Championship
717-696-9239 12:15
Director: Deb and John Klinger
27th April 2018
Club Championship
717-696-9239 11:00
Director: Deb and John Klinger
Club Championship
Director: John Klinger
Club Championship
Director: Andie Sheaffer
Friday Morning Pairs
Director: John Klinger