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An openig 'lead out of turn' should never happen.  You are actually required by ACBL Law to place the Opening Lead  face down on the table.  Leading out of turn shows that you are NOT paying attention.  Nay,  Nay.  You partner will not be happy.  Follow the LAW:  Opening leads go face down on the table.  Pay ATTENTION!  You will score better.

Welcome to Lancaster PA Bridge Clubs
Welcome to the Lancaster PA Bridge Clubs website.  
Welcome to the Lancaster PA Bridge Clubs website.  

Our goal in Lancaster is to offer you a place to come and play BRIDGE where

you can forget the world's problems. We practice ZERO TOLERANCE.   We

promote GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP.   We promote FUN.  

On Friday, in Section A there was a correction on Board 27.  Overalls have changed.

Congratulations Charlie >>>>>  3500 Masterpoints!

Be thankful for those who have served.  Have a great Memorial Day.  BE SAFE

It's too hot!  It's too cold!  I will be setting the heating/air conditioning unit at 72 degrees.  It is YOUR responsibility to dress to YOUR  comfort level.  I CAN NOT PLEASE EVERY ONE.  

There is no game on May 27, 2019Let's take time to remember all who served in the military and those who made the ultimate sacrifice, so we can enjoy the American-way of life.

On  Mondays, Richard Braunstein will be teaching half-hour lessons at Maple Grove at 11:15.  Tell your friends.

Barry Gorski is teaching  half-hour lessons on Wednesdays at 11:15. 

I am still offering lessons at 11:15 on Thursdays and 10:15 on Fridays.  Please join me for some fun before the game.  John K

Nowhere else can you get this kind of instruction each week for FREE.  We will improve your game.  Please join us.  


 CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Completed by end of a June.

Deb and John's email:

Deb's cell: 717-696-9239

John's cell: 717-517-4424

Maple Grove Community Center1420 Columbia AveLancaster PA 17603


Thoughts of a Bridge Player!! (Copy)
Thoughts of a Bridge Player!! (Copy)

ALERT!    ALERT!   ALERT!   Front entrance is closed.

Enter Maple Grove from Elm Ave, behind Giant store..  Narrow road.  Be careful.  Park in back best you can.  Leave the front spaces for our friends who have difficulty walking.  Anyone out there whose knees or hips don't hurt?

This is out of our control.  Road construction will be a hassle this winter.  Be patient.  It will get better.  This will not affect your bridge scores.

Watch out for the other person behind the wheel.

Thanks for your support!!



I was going to wear my camouflage shirt today ,but I couldn't find it.



Please Note Please Note

                          I'm great at multi-tasking.  I can waste time, be unproductive, and procrastinate all at once.

27th May 2019
No Game. Happy Memorial Day!
717-696-9239 12:15
29th May 2019
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
717-696-9239 12:15
30th May 2019
Thursday Afternoon Pairs
717-696-9239 12:15
Friday Morning Pairs
Thursday Afternoon Pairs
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