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The Competitions area has been restored to the menu. BridgeWebs is unable to handle corrected game score reports, and so the Competitions lists are not perfectly accurate. However, they will enable you to see approximately where you stand in the mp races. The authoritative list is the one that is posted on the bulletin board at the club.

Jacksonville School of Bridge
3353 Washburn Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 33250
Phone: 904-223-3837

Email us using the Contact Us form in the Information section.

Welcome to the Jacksonville School of Bridge
Upcoming Events
  Tacos and Teams Cancelled Tue July 17  
Weekly Saturday games start June 2 at 12:30  

Pro Am Game on Thursday, September 27 (note new date)

Jacksonville Remlinger Sectional October 5-7  
Fall Bridge Lessons

See the Lessons page for the fall 2018 schedule of bridge lessons, starting the week of August 27

Game Schedule

Monday Open Game   

10:30 AM Alta Tanner, 904-758-2060

Partnerships Ann Buchholz, 904-386-5194


Tuesday Open Game   

10:30 AM  Linda O'Dell, 904-708-4105 

Partnerships Jeanne Harlan, 904-363-6239

Tuesday 299 Game  

10:30 AM  Linda O'Dell, 904-708-4105

Partnerships Dane Margol,, 904-993-9724 (email preferred)

 Lesson 9:30 AM

Tuesday Evening Chat Bridge (Description on Lessons page)

6:30 - 9:00 PM (except Tacos & Teams nights)

Richard Streeter, 904-535-3195,

Tuesday "Nine is Nifty" Tacos and Teams

6:30 PM  Anne Landry, 904-220-4810 

Partnerships John Reeve, 904-249-0073

Swiss teams, 3rd Tuesday of the month

Advance signup highly encouraged, $2 donation requested for food


Wednesday Open Game

12:00 noon, Anne Landry, 904-220-4810 

Partnerships Caroline Hinman, 904-645-9970 (h)

Wednesday 0-99 Game (starts May 2)

12:00 noon, Anne Landry, 904-220-4810


Thursday Open Game   

10:30 AM  Lisa Higginbotham, 904-434-5190 

 Partnerships Michele Raeuber, 904-731-3844 

Thursday 299 Game   

10:30 AM  Lisa Higginbotham, 904-434-5190

 Partnerships Dane Margol,, 904-993-9724 (email preferred) 

 Lesson 9:30 AM 


Friday Open Game

12:00 noon Anne Landry, 904-220-4810

Partnerships Jeri Hogan, 904-716-1309

Friday 299 Game

12:00 noon Anne Landry, 904-220-4810

Partnerships Dane Margol,, 904-993-9724 (email preferred)


Saturday Open Game (starts June 2)

12:30 Keith White,

Saturday Chat Bridge (Description on Lessons page)

9:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Nancy Stein, 904-998-0899  Jeanne Harlan, 904-363-6239     


Reasonably priced lunch available Tuesday and Thursday for purchase

Charles Goren's Philosophy

"You should play bridge for fun. The instant you find yourself playing the game for any other reason, you should pack it up and go on to something else."

-- Charles H. Goren 1901 - 1991

Founded in 1993, the Jacksonville School of Bridge attracts a congenial mix of players of all experience levels.
Come join us for a friendly and challenging game of bridge at a full service club!

♣   ♠ 

♣ Standing weekly and monthly games
Machine pre-duplicated boards, hand records, and remote scoring
Charity games, STAC games, and worldwide events
♠ ACBL sanctioned tournaments
♣ Lectures on bridge topics at all levels
Partnerships arranged

July 17, 2018
299ers Game
10:30 AM
Director: Linda O'Dell
July 17, 2018
Mini Lesson
9:30 AM
July 17, 2018
NO Chat Bridge
July 17, 2018
Tacos and Teams
6:30 PM
Director: Anne Landry
July 18, 2018
Club Championship
12:00 noon
Director: Anne Landry
Tuesday Morning Pairs
Director: Linda O'Dell
Monday Morning Pairs
Director: Alta Tanner
Saturday Open Game
Director: Keith White
Friday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Alta Tanner
Charity Game
Director: Lisa Carter