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Practice play in conjunction with Hull Bridge Club

Please note that the practice play sessions will continue on most* Thursdays starting at 7.30 p.m. as well as usually* on 1st & 3rd Sundays of each month, starting at 2 p.m.

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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Beginners Course



8th    Introduction & Opening 1NT
15th    Opening 1NT & 2NT
22nd    Declarer play in NT
29th  Leading against a NT contract 


5th    Ways of winning tricks 
12th  Trumps
19th   Opening one of a suit & responses part 1
26th   Opening one of a suit & responses part 2   


3rd   Opening one of a suit & responses part 3    
10th   Stayman 



7th   What do I know?
14th  Limit bids 
21st  Opening one of a suit - which suit to choose
28th  Reverse bidding 


4th    Simple overcalls   
11th   2-level openers 
18th   Making enquiries
25th  Pre-emptive bidding  


4th   Jump overcalls 
11th  An Introduction to Take out doubles 

   Dates & topics may be subject to alteration



Consolidation Course



10th   Opening & responding to 1NT/2NT opener
17th   Opening at the one-level
24th   Continuing the bidding when partner opens at the 1-level, part 1
31st   Continuing the bidding when partner opens at the 1-level, part 2 


7th  Pre-empts
14th  Opening with a strong 2-bid
21st   Looking for slams
28th  Simple overcalls

5th    Jump overcalls & Take out doubles     
12th  What everyone else does after a take out double, part 1 - Doubler's partner  


9th    What everyone else does after a take out double, part 2 - Opener's partner 
16th  Signals     
23rd  Leading & Defence   
30th  Defeating trump contracts 


6th   Which suit to open? 
13th  Where do tricks for declarer come from?    
20th  Bidding to show shape & points  
27th  Doubling & overcalling a 1NT opener  


6th     An Introduction to Jacoby transfers
13th   More about Stayman
20th   Revision of leading & defence

 (dates & topics may be subject to alteration)

Intermediate Course

   Introduction /  Doubling 1NT & Halmick 
   Negative doubles 
   Transfers over 1NT & 2NT openers
   Much more about Stayman 
    5-card Stayman over 2NT openers
  Jump overcalls - what sort?
   2-level openers - weak or strong? Part 1
   2-level openers - weak or strong? Part 2
  4th suit forcing
   Playing your honour or not   
  Countering an overcall
   Defending in 2nd seat
  Defending in 3rd seat
  Overcalls, sacrifices & phantoms  Bending the Rules
  Splinter bids
  Responses to Take Out Doubles (end of course)

(dates & topics may be subject to alteration)