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Club Venue

Wesley Methodist Church

Wesley Slope

Frome BA11 1HA

Looking for a partner

If you are looking for a partner contact either

John Perry 01373 467508 or

Jenny Hazelgrove 01373 465498

Welcome to Frome Bridge Club
Frome Club Christmas Party
  • Also prize winners
  • Surveying the table
  • The winning pair

Members of Frome Bridge Club enjoyed a delightful Christmas Party on Monday 10th December.

An American Supper with superb food was followed by a full evening of bridge for the 40 people who attended.

The winning pair was Marianne Lewin with Norman Bishop.

Other prize winners were Christine Arnold with Brian Tanner.

Our thanks go to Yvonne Kirby and her team for organizing such a splendid evening.

Result for Monday 3rd December

Breaking News

With a great deal of help from Stan Christie the results for Monday 3rd December have been recovered.

They are now complete and accurate.

The results will be recorded for the December % Pairs.

The results will be sent to the EBU.


Frome Bridge Club
Frome Bridge Club

Welcome to the Frome Bridge Club web site. The club is affiliated to the EBU and aims to provide friendy but competitive duplicate bridge for members and visitors.

Boards are electronically duplimated and Bridgemate scoring is used meaning that results are available as soon as the last board is completed.

Frome is a pleasant Somerset market town and is situated 12 miles South of Bath.

The club meets every Monday at 7.00pm in Wesley Methodist Church at Wesley Slope, Frome.

In addition, we provide lessons followed by assisted play on Thursday mornings from 9.30 to noon.

For further details contact:  John Perry on 01373 467508.

What are Master Points and the Ranking System?

Master Points(MP) and the Ranking system

After each Monday session the results for the evening are uploaded to the EBU.

The EBU allocates MPs to each player in the top ranks for that evening

depending on the number of tables in play.

For example, on Monday 3rd Sept. there were 8 tables so MPs were awarded

to the top three pairs for both N/S and E/W.

The ranks start with:

Local Master              100 MPs

Club Master                 200 MPs 

Area Master                500 MPs

District Master           1000 MPs

County Master           2500 MPs

Master                        5000 MPs
and then upward

Best Behaviour at Bridge

 As declarer, if you can clearly see that all the remaining tricks are yours, claim them rather than play on. You must specify clearly your line of play, including a statement about drawing any remaining trumps.   

Frome in the Somerset County League

The third round of matches in the

Somerset County League took place on

Friday the 23rd November.

Both your teams recorded excellent victories.

Ray, Frank, David and Vince were matched against a team from Wilton. After two matches these two teams were first and second in the "D" Division. Frome repeated the score from their first match of the season with a superb 19-1 victory over Wilton.

This confirms Frome as the top team in the "D" Division.

The team in the "A" Division played very well in the first half against our opponents from Yeovil Bridge Club. There were no major swings but we accumulated imps by good defence and declarer play. At the interval we were 25 imps up. Cut and thrust in the second half saw the spoils more evenly divided. At the end, Frome finished the winners with 21imps. This represented a victory by 14 - 6.

The next round is in December.

EBU Master Points Promotions May/June 2018

Congratulations to the following for their recent master point promotions:

 Margaret Donkin on her promotion to Club Master.

Yvonne Kirby on her promotion to Club Master.

Paul Fine on his promotion to County Master.

Jon Stean on his promotion to Local Master.

John Perry on his promotion to Premier National Master.


Recent Winners of Duplicate Sessions

Monday 3rd December

  Elaine Rutland & Paul Fine

Thursday 6th December

N/S Sue Dunn & Jon Stean

E/W Rachael Joyce & Clive Smith 

Congratulations to all pairs.

13th December 2018
Thursday Club Assisted Play
Scorer: John Perry/Marianne Lewin
17th December 2018
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Marianne Lewin/John Perry
Scorer: John Perry/Veronica Kilroy
20th December 2018
Thursday Club Assisted Play
Scorer: John Perry/Marianne Lewin
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Marianne Lewin/John Perry
Scorer: John Perry
Thursday Club Assisted Play
Scorer: John Perry
Percentage Pairs
Director: Marianne Lewin/John Perry
Scorer: John Perry