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If you are seeking a partner(s) for pairs or teams either post a message on the 'Bookings/Find a Partner?' page or contact Sandy Blunt (see Contact Us)

On Wednesday afternoon and evening  a host system is in operation, so you can turn up without a partner and get a game.


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Why learn to play bridge?
  • It promotes an active mind with no age limit – improving both logical thinking and memory.
  • It is social – you meet like minded people.
  • It is a fun pastime that is not expensive.
Why learn at Eastbourne Bridge Club?
  • You are taught by knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers, who are EBUTA (English Bridge Union Teachers Association ) registered.
  • We have a structured learning plan that uses the methods and resources of the EBU.
  • You learn by playing in a friendly, pleasant environment
  • The lessons involve a brief talk on the topic of the day followed by practice using pre-dealt boards.
Dates of Lessons


The course aims to take you to a basic standard of bridge in just 10 lessons. Short self-study exercises will be provided for use at home to aid the learning in lessons. The teaching is mainly practically based with card-based exercises, interspersed with short expositions.

£120 for 10 lessons to include a book with cover price of £30. Full time students pay £75 including the book. Refund after lesson 1 if not satisfied

10 lessons starting on Thursday evening 7.30 – 10.00. Starting 10th January and ending on the 14th March. Follow up practice sessions from 21st March at 7.30 – 9.30.  

Lead tutor: Stuart Barker - see contact us page or 01323733928




This 2 term course covers the basics of the modern game of Bridge. Suitable for beginners or anyone wishing to update their game.

Autumn Term 2018




14, 21 and 28 September

Basic Explanations, MiniBridge inc. scoring, Declarer’s decisions, introduction to defence, introduction to declarer play and ‘Magic Numbers’ 8 and 25

5 October

Introduction to bidding,  Balanced and Unbalanced Hands,  1 No Trump opening and balanced hand responses. 25 points for Game.

12 October

Unbalanced Hand responses to 1 No Trump opening (weak and strong) and Opener’s rebid

19 October

Revision of 1 No Trump – co-operative discovery

26 October

Declarer Play in No Trumps and Defence against No Trumps

2 November

Opening 1 of a suit, responses in the same suit and Opener’s rebid

9 November

Opening 1 of a suit, responses in a new suit or No Trumps; Responder’s rule for bidding a new suit at the 2-level

16 November

Opening 1 of a suit contd., inc light openings. Opener’s rebid with an Unbalanced Hand – The ‘Barrier’

23 November

Opener’s rebid with a Balanced Hand and Revision on opening one of a suit.

30 November

Declarer Play in suit contracts and Defence against suit contracts.

7 December

Revision Lesson

If you are interested in joining the September 2018 class please contact David Lampert via the Contact Us page or .



TEACHING SESSIONS - INTERMEDIATE CLASSES (Level 2). Jeanne Boydell & Carolynn Maylen


The first term with Jeanne Boydell starts on Friday 7th September and ends on Friday 14th December.

Sept 7th     All No Trumps, bids 12-26 points, Limit bids

Sept 14th  Stayman convention, weak and strong

Sept 21st   Transfer bids over 1 NT and 2NT

Sept 28th   Opening leads in suits and No Trumps

Oct  5th     Defence play

Oct 12th    Opening bids, Rule of 20, Responses and scoring

Oct 19th   Weak 2 Bids

Oct 26th    Discards, finessing and signalling

Nov 2nd    Overcalls part 1

Nov 9th     Overcalls part 2

Nov 16th   Pre-emptive opening bids at 3 and 4 level

Nov 23rd   Slam bidding

Nov 30th   Declarer play in no trumps

Dec  7th    Declarer play in suit contracts

Dec  14th  Convention card and requests

For information please contact Jeanne Boydell on 01323 721825 or via the Contact Us page or .



The first term with Carolynn Maylen starts on Wednesday 19th September and ends on Wednesday 21st November.


For more details please contact Carolynn Maylen on 07719863760 or via the Contact Us page or




  Contact Roger Poulter (01323 482298) or 07816 836861 or 


Year 3 Lessons  2018 Autumn Term

The subjects to be covered this year are as follows :-

September 6th

No Trump bidding . Use of Stayman. Transfer bids after NT openers or rebids.

September 13th

Bidding as opener. How to show your shape. Rule of 20.

September 20th

Two ,three and four level openers. Weak 2’s

September 27th  & October 4th

Slam bidding. Use of Splinter bids. Introduction to Roman Key card Blackwood. Cue bids.

October 11th

Use of take out doubles. Responding to take out doubles. When to redouble.

October 18th

Opening leads. What is safe and what is not. Leads against NT’s and suit contracts.

October 25th

Hand Evaluation and losing trick count. The power of shape in a hand.

November 1st

Responding to bids . Use of 4th suit forcing. Rule of 14 for responding at 2 level.

November 8th

Signals and discards. How to help your partner. Suit preference signals.

Each lesson I will talk about the topic of the day with illustrations followed by play of hands which will contain some play of the hand pointers as well as illustrating the topic of the day.

The cost of the 10 lessons each term is £60 or £7 per individual lesson. We can make some adjustment to the following term if you have to miss a lot of lessons due to holidays etc.

Contact me for further information. 



Start Wednesday 28th March for the next 10 Wednesdays finishing on Wednesday 30th May, 10.00 - 12.00. Only for those who have taken lessons this year. Cost £3 per session.



Fridays at 2.00 pm please contact John Garrini (01323 734797).

Thursday at 2.00 pm please contact Chimi Notenboom (01323 731073).





The link below goes to the EBU site where you can download  a free program

A free minibridge program is available at