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Home Page
    © 2016 Don Nagy
Welcome to Duplicate Lite & the Surrey Duplicate Bridge Club
The East Delta Hall
The East Delta Hall
   10379 Ladner Trunk Road 
   Delta, BC    

Upcoming Events

Supervised Play - Wednesday mornings 10:00 - noon.

You learn by doing. The supervised play series gives you a chance to do this. Each session will start with a 10-15 minute mini lesson on the topic of the day. Participants will then play 8-10 hands based on this theme. After each hand is played, you can review a small sheet of paper in the board that describes how the hand should have been bid, should have been played, opening lead ... whatever is relevant to the topic of the day. The supervisor will mingle among the players to provide advice, answer questions and give more detailed explanations. The cost is $10 per session. You do not need a partner. The schedule is as follows:

July 11 - Bidding a major suit: Partner opens in a major suit: How should the bidding continue?

July 18 - Bidding a minor suit: Partner opens in a minor suit: How should the bidding continue?

July 25 - Bidding No Trump: Partner opens in NT:  How should the bidding continue? (Stayman & transfers)

August 1 - 2 Over 1 Game Forcing.

August 8 - 1 NT Forcing for one round (the second part of the 2 over 1 Game Forcing system).

August 15 - Review of 2 over 1 Game Forcing and 1 NT Forcing.

August 22 - Play of the hand in a suit contract.

August 29 - More play of the hand in a suit contract.

September  5 - Play of the hand in a no trump contract.

September 12 - More play of the hand in a no trump contract.

September 19 - Pre-empts at the 3 level & higher (long suit and a weak hand).

September 26 - Weak 2's (pre-empts at the 2 level). How partner should respond. How you should continue.


More Supervised Play - Wednesday Afternoon 2-4 pm.

More supervised play sessions have been scheduled for October & November. The format remains the same. Only the time has changed. Starting October 3, the game time changes to 10:15 am to match the game time on Mondays & Thursdays. The lesson time slot moves to 2 pm.

October 10 - Overcalls : The opponents open the bidding. Should I overcall (make a bid for our side)? What should my partner do after I overcall? How high should we bid?

October 17 - Takeout Doubles: Partner, please bid something, I have support for the unbid suits.

October 24 - Negative Doubles: Partner opens the bidding. The next opponent overcalls. My double shows the other two suits and asks partner to bid something.

November 14 - Cappelletti & Blooman: How to compete after the opponents open 1NT.

November 21 - Opening 2C: Opening big hands with 2 Clubs and slam bidding.

November 28 - Duplicate procedures: Alerts, announcements, laws, ethics, etc. (Lesson only, no play.)


299er Game - Every Second Thursday

We are continuing with our 299er section on alternating Thursdays. We have approximately half of our players choosing to play in this section. We want to remind everyone that only players with 299 or fewer masterpoints are eligible to play in this section. If you have more than this, please play in the Open section. Anyone can play in the Open section, regardless of materpoints.

Game Information
Wednesday Game
   Managers & Directors:
   Ed L'Heureux   604-542-6116
   Jane Youngberg
   Wednesday afternoon 12:30 pm to 4 pm               
   Open Section and 0-100 Newcomer Game
Thursday Game
   Directors & Club founders :
   John  Demeulemeester
   Jane Youngberg
   Thursday morning 9:45 to 1:15
   Open section​ & 299er section (alternate Thursdays). See Calendar for details.
   Cost: $8.00 Includes, coffee, & snacks, we are non profit
   A Friendly and Welcoming Environment, Hand records & Bridgemates
   Please wear your Name tag or Badge
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Thursday Morning Pairs
Director: John Demeulemees
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Ed L'Heureux
Results Errors

Contact Ed L'Heureux

Thursday Game Schedule
   Aug 16  - 299 & Open
   Aug 23  - Open Section
   Aug 30  - 299 & Open
   Sep   6  - Open Section

East Delta Hall Car Pool

   Contact Frank Vick for a ride

   (604-535-5870)  Car pooling from

    several areas is being arranged.

Order Your Club Name Badge
   Club badges are available in
   magnetic and pin fastener.
   Magnetic are not recommended
   for those with a pacemaker. 
   Either type is $8.00 prepaid
   Contact Lauren Cockroft