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Do you want to display your art  at the club?

Please contact Ann Magaha as she will rotate member's art work.

note that DeLand Bridge Club is not responsible for damage or loss.


Sign Up for the October-April Mentoring Program. 



 Play at least five  Thursdays in September and October with two or more partners for additional points.






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October Information

October Newsletter

Birthdays:  6-Martha Desmond; 9-Kathy Harn; 17-David Desmond, Connie Howe, Cozy May; 23-Beth Britton, Ivey McGrew; 24-Lynn Sorensen; 26-Barbara Dunn, Suzy O’Connor; 27-Karen Muns; 30-Pat Gregory, Lilo Miller; 31- Jerry Meronek.  We’ll celebrate all October birthdays on the 4th.


October is Club Appreciation Month, and we will be having a special pair game for every scheduled session, as well as a special team game. 5% of the team awards is in gold points.  Check the schedule for these special events.


Our first mentor/mentee game is scheduled for Thursday, October 9, at 9:30 a.m.  Come at 9 for brunch.  The game will end at 11:30. Mentors will play free; the usual game fee is $5 for their partners.  This game will award masterpoints.  The next session will be November 13. October 16 we will have our monthly free mentoring session.


Plan to play in the ACBL-wide Instant Matchpoint Game on Thursday, October 16. Charges for this unique game are $8 for members and $10 for non-members.  There will be not only hand records but an analysis of each hand at the end of the game.


Easybridge continues all through October on Wednesday mornings at 9:30.  These sessions are free to anyone who wants to attend.  Topics include hand evaluation, opening the bidding in major and minor suits and NT, overcalls and take-out doubles. If you know anyone who wants to get back into bridge or even to get started for the first time, Easybridge is a great place to start learning 21st century methods.


Lynn Berg will offer a Doubles Workshop on October 14 and 21:  all kinds of doubles—takeout, penalty, stolen bid, negative, responsive, led directing, support.  There will be lots of practice hands.  Charge is $20 per class or $35 for two.


October 31st we will have an Eight is Enough team game, celebrate Halloween and also celebrate Jerry Meronek’s 93rd birthday.  Come in costume and play free(costume is more than just a mask or a wig, please).


Ed Hall is Chairman of the Nominating Committee.  He must find candidates to take the places of three Board members who have contributed a great deal during their three year terms:  Paul Moniz, Harold Proctor and Annette Smith.  If you are asked to run, please say yes!  The Board is an important element of the success of our club.


Be considerate when you park.  All spaces need to be accessible as our games grow.

Florida's Friendliest Bridge Club

Our building is designed for bridge, and is dedicated to the game with sessions every afternoon except for Sundays.  We offer refreshments and social breaks in every game. We recently installed a new Handicap Accessible Bathroom, and invite all to check out our remodel.

Board meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month and members wishing to make comments/suggestions to the board may do so at the beginning of the meeting.  

Need a partner for a club game? Please call the club the day before if possible at 386-734-7170.

Join us for a great game of bridge in a friendly atmosphere.


The Club participates in TheCommonGame which provides expert analysis of hands and allows your score to be compared across many participating clubs.  Click on the logo to visit

See your results, hand records, final contracts and expert analysis of the hands at TheCommonGame's Club Archive.

Free Lessons
Monday 1 p.m. before 0-199 game and 0-1000 game.
Wednesday 12:30 p.m. before 0-299 game
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♠  We have kept the membership dues at $20 for several years even though our fixed costs have increased.   The Board  approved a $5 increase in our  membership dues to cover these expenses.  


♠ Friday October 31  COME JOIN US


    8 is enough team game Sign up with  your own team or we can assist

Club appreciation more points awarded

  Halloween costume party  

♠   ♣ Jerry's birthday celebration.   



Oct 29, 2014
0-299 Game
Director: Lynn Berg
Oct 28, 2014
Open game club appreciation
Director: Cozy May
Oct 27, 2014
0-199 Game
Director: Lynn Berg
Oct 25, 2014
Open Game club appreciation
Director: Lynn Berg
Oct 24, 2014
0-199 gam
Director: Lynn Berg
Oct 24, 2014
Open Game
Director: Barbara Dunn
Oct 23, 2014
Open Game Series points
Director: Virginia Winters
Thu Oct 30, 2014
Open Team Game
1 PM
Fri Oct 31, 2014
Team 8 is enough club appreciation
Fri Oct 31, 2014
0-199 gam
9 AM
Sat Nov 1, 2014
Open Game
1 PM
Mon Nov 3, 2014
0-199 Game
1:30 PM
Tue Nov 4, 2014
Open Game
1 PM
Wed Nov 5, 2014
0-299 Game
1 PM
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