Bridge Lessons

If you are interested in having some bridge lessons please speak to Derek.


Books are available on loan to club members. Visit Library.

Why Wall Street Loves Bridge

A Bridge to Brainpower?

Need a Dealing Machine?

Here is first hand advice from EBU...wink

Tales from Aylesbury Vale

Let's Play Bridge
with Marx Brothers
Visit  a Bridge Village
in India.

"We all make mistakes when playing!"

Welcome to Chislehurst Bridge Club

Autumn colours in Sheffield Park Gardens

Chislehurst Bridge Club is run by Derek Patterson.

  • We hold duplicate bridge sessions every Tuesday and Thursday evening (please arrive by 7.20, play starting at 7.25 and  finishing at 10.30.).
  • Venue: Village Hall, Church Lane, Chislehurst, BR7 5PE. Click here for a map.
  • We use electronic scoring devices - BridgePals (android based).
  • We offer fully random hands dealt using Dealer4 dealing machine. Printed hand records are available at the end of session. Full results are available on this website shortly after the end of the session.
  • Visitors are welcome, there is usually a host available.

Whether you are newcomer to the game or a more advanced player, you will enjoy the game in a friendly atmosphere.

Need a Partner?

If you need a partner, look on the Calendar or Message Board to see any outstanding requests. Alternatively place a partner request via website: login to Member Area, choose "Find a Partner", then tick the "Partner Required" button. The booking will appear on the Calendar page and Message Board. You can also tick whether your email and/or phone number should show when people view the booking.

OR - leave a message on the message board in the member area. The message will show on 'Message Board' on the menu.

Alternatively to ask for an email to be circulated to members.

If you don't know how to login to the member area, ask Derek or Mirna.

Announce or Alert?

We have all got used to 'announcing' the range of partners opening bid of 1NT. You might be less sure about 2NT: Opening bid of 2NT is announced  "20 to 22" or appropriate range. Stayman (4 card) and transfers are announced the same way as after 1NT. 5-card stayman is alerted.  All this is summarised in the EBU Announcing and Alerting table.

Results Analysis

You can see detailed results analysis on any Bridgewebs website that displays hand records. You can find out how well you did against double dummy or see cross-imps in teams events. Click on 'Play it again' under a hand diagram and then on 'Results Analysis'. For help click here. On this website in particular, you can also access results analysis via the 'Analysis' button above the ranking list.

Personal Analysis Graphs

We have now moved to a new release of Bridgewebs which has player performance graphs on the Personal Analysis page.  

Gold Cup 2016/2017

Congratulations to
Derek and his team Willie Whittaker, Andrew Black, Gunnar Hallberg, Phil King and Andrew McIntosh who have won Gold Cup 2016/2017. Splendid victory. Well deserved. Wow!

Postcard from River Danube

On the River Danube cruise with our BridgePal friends Reg and Judy from Oxted.

Postcard from the Isle of Skye

Greetings from the Seawreck cottage, Isleornsay, Isle of Skye
                                      from Pat and Marco

Postcard from River Danube

Hello from River Danube, on the way to Vienna.
John and Mirna x

Cross IMP Pairs

From Thursday 30 March we will be running Cross-IMP pairs on the last Thursday of the month. What is it all about and why do we do it? - See the article on Cross IMP Pairs under FAQ.

Teams Results and Cross-imps

To see cross-imps in a teams event click on the 'Analysis' above the ranking list. You will see a pairs ranking list showing cross-imps for each pair. Alternatively click on 'Play it again' under a hand diagram then  'Results Analysis - All Pairs'.

The House of BridgePals

Postcard from 1998

(delayed in post)

"Enthusiastic Novices"
Please send us your holiday postcards.smiley

Thu 26th October 2017
Teams and Ximp Pairs