Swiss Team Game

Thursday nights at 7:15 p.m. 

Call for a reservation or to make up a team. Come and enjoy.


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Intro. to Bridge Problems
Introduction to Weekly Bridge Problems



For the last 8 years Brian Richardson has sent out a Weekly Bridge Question (and Answer) to approximately 450 bridge players around the world. The Questions are intended for Advancing Players although an occasional question has also been challenging to experts! The Questions have been emailed out on the Saturday night (Pacific Standard Time) with the Answers being sent out on Monday night (PST). Effective Tuesday June 23rd  Brian will no longer be emailing out the Questions and Answers. He will still be producing them but they will located on the Website of the Beverly Hills Bridge Club, where Brian plays, teaches and directs. The URL for that Website is beverlyhillsbridge.com. Please CLICK on that address now and save it in your FAVORITES. Once you have opened up that Website, there is a tab with the title WEEKLY BRIDGE PROBLEMS on the left near the top. Click on this tab and there you will see the Bridge Problem.


Do that on Saturday  or Sunday nights (PST). To access the Answer return to the Website on Monday nights (PST) and again open up the WEEKLY BRIDGE PROBLEMS, then click on the ANSWER tab.


To make a comment on the Question or to provide an Answer (not required) please contact Brian direct at brideljd@gmail.com


We hope you continue to enjoy our efforts to challenge you to improve your bridge skill.