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Winners: Andy Cassin & Jeremy Trezise

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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

St Leonard's Weekend - 6-8 Oct 2017

En route to the year's venue - The Royal Victoria Hotel at St Leonard's on Sea - memories of an earlier trip to Hastings via The Front at St Leonard's came to mind: a long and far from distinguished strip of dusty looking buildings.  Why had our super scouts, Chris and Richard, chosen such a venue? and how difficult would it be to find a parking place?  Such doubts were, of course, completely unfounded.
St Leonard's seafront in the sun looked magnificent and the hotel was truly splendid, both outside and in, with its high ceilings and beautiful wood carved staircase.  The young Princess Victoria stayed here, so all in all we were in good company!  Talk amongst our Group was of large comfortable rooms and suites and a beautiful dining room.  But enough about the hotel because as we all know, it is the people that make our Bridge weekends and what a friendly lot we are! - some taking their Bridge more seriously than others and never a cross word - well apart from our goodselves of course!
Friday has traditionally been a relaxed Quiz Night with friendly rivalry within the teams.  Our Quizmaster on the night was Liz Booth, who got us scratching our heads for inspiration over some of the anagrams and dingbats.  It was fun but we did hear the odd comment that men were better at general knowledge than dingbats etc.  No comment!  The winning team was "5 go mad in Sussex".
Saturday presented itself as a blustery, grey day but the weather did not deter many of us striding out to explore the mysteries of St Leonard's and Hastings, or just taking the air.  Most agreed that the area was interesting with plenty of renovation taking place at this quiet time.
For those of you who have not yet sampled one of the Allingham Weekends, this hotel was bit special.  Nothing but praise for the excellent food and the friendliness of the staff.  Thanks Chris.  Lots of us would love to return with Allingham soon.
Mary & Roger
Fri pm N/S Gail & Tony E/W Rebecca & Terry
Sat am N/S Gwen & Eddie E/W Liz & Margaret
Sat pm N/S Gain & Tony E/W Muriel & Ron
Sun am teams: Ann & Dawn and Gerri & Audrey

St Leonard's Weekend - 6-8 Oct 2017
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Skittles 2017

On a pleasant October evening 23 jolly folk bowled down Limpsfield's leafy lanes to enjoy another sociable night of Skittles at the Royal British Legion Club.  After everyone had arrived Kathy organised the teams, appropriately named Diamonds, Hearts and Spades, then the tournament was soon under way.  There were three rounds and competition was fierce.  With three balls to knock down 9 pins, surely it should have been easy enough to topple the target, but somehow too many balls seemed to find a path through the gaps!  Round one was a straight forward test of skill and accuracy.  In round two it helped to be ambidextrous as the "bowl with the other hand" rule was imposed.  The third round involved bowling with both hands.  For some, two hands proved better than one, whilst a few found that it proved a challenge for their stability.  But all handcaps were overcome with ingenuity and a little help from a friend, and what was lacking in ability was made up for in enthusiasm.
Half way through the evening there was a break for food, and with the famous chips on the menu again, it did not disappoint.
With the scores totted up prizes were awarded.  Hearts was the winning team with 120 points.  The "Best Man" was Richard Shepherd, with 19 points and "Frist Lady" was Gina Fernall, with 18 points.
All in all, it was a very enjoyable evening.  Many thanks to Kathy for organising this early Autumn treat for the Allingham.
Hazel Crowson

Skittles 2017
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25th Anniversary Dinner

Our 25th Anniversary Dinner was held on the 30 June 2017 at the Reigate Manor Hotel.  We had been informed that the dinner was to be held to celebrate our 25th Anniversary some time ago.  We chose what we wanted to eat from the menu provided so all we had to do was turn up.  
Everyone arrived looking lovely in their party best and were greeted by champagne/orange juice, which was served in the entrance sitting area.  We all had to hand in our tickets to go in the tombola drum for the draw for the 'winning ticket' at the end of the evening.
On the table just inside the entrance to the Ballroom cards were placed, in alphabetical order, on which our names and menu choices were printed.  This was very helpful as I for one could not remember what I had chosen!  On each table was a 'gift' anniversary pen and a magnificent flower arrangement with a candle in the middle, which were created by Val Simpson.
The evening went really well.  It started with an introduction from Gerri Schofield and was then followed by the food and wine, which was very good.  
After the main course there were talks by Kathy Winter and Jim Millmore, both of which were very interesting and amusing.  We were then given two quizzes.  One was baby photos of committee members and helpers, organised by Chris Denham, and we had to identify who they were.  The other, organised by Liz Booth, was questions based on what happened in 1992 - the year Allingham Bridge Club was formed.  
Finally, we were served with plates of anniversary cake which was made by Karen Ivins' daughter.  The cake was impressive, as well as delicious, and featured, appropriately playing cards.
Whilst enjoying coffee and mints the results of the quizzes were announced by Hazel Crowson, resulting in an amusing dash to supply the answer to a tie-breaker, and prizes awarded.  The draw for the 'winning' ticket was then made by Anne Jackson, a founder member, and the prize given to Gail Sperring.
Finally, the winners of the Allingham Cup were announced by Ann Calverley and the cup presented to Jeremy Trezise and Andy Cassin - congratulations!
All in all it was a wonderful evening, beautifully organised, and I'm sure we would like to express our thanks to all who were involved in arranging the event.  A great success.
Audrey Baker

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Allingham Golf Day - 2 June 2017
Allingham Golf Day - 2 June 2017

The sun shone as 8 Allingham golfers (Lars and his seven ladies!) met at Tilgate Forest to enjoy a delicious bacon bap before heading off to the golf course.  Good weather was enjoyed for the front 9 but the weather turned on the back 9 and the golf suffered on a few holes!  The best score on the front 9 was Gerri and the back 9 was Mary W and Freda who tied.  As is tradition we all tucked in to ham, egg and chips and after the prizes were awarded headed off having enjoyed a great day.  Many thanks to Mary W for organising.

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Winter Holiday to Spain - 2-9 March 2017
Winter Holiday to Spain - 2-9 March 2017

On a cold March morning 45 intrepid travellers met at Gatwick for our annual winter trip to the sun.  Our destination this year being Hotel Fuerte El Rompido near the town of Huelva in Spain.  After an uneventful flight with BA we landed at Faro airport in Portugal, where there is a massive construction and extension programme in process.  We boarded our coaches that took us over the border and into Spain.  During the journey we were amazed at the sight of acres of polytunnels in which, our transfer guide explained, the strawberries that end up in our supermarkets are grown.  We also saw a new venture by a large German company that has bought up large tracts of land and are growing cranberries.  On arrival at the hotel we were told to leave our luggage and make our way to the dining room and our bags would be delivered to our rooms.  We were interested to find that this was the first day they had been open for the season.  The hotel was impressive, the rooms were comfortable with a view of the garden or the river.  The facilities were good with an indoor heated pool, spa, gym and of course the outdoor pools which were a little cool to use but the sunbeds were put to good use!!  The staff were all cheerful, willing and spoke good English.  The food was excellent and varied but some of the hot dishes could have been hotter.  The bridge room was large, comfortable and well lit albeit a little cold at the beginning of the holiday.
The first three days were overcast with some rain in the morning but cleared up most afternoons.  The weather for the rest of the week was glorious with temperatures around 26 degrees.  The local bus services was used by the more adventurous with visits to Heulva and Cartaya.  Being situated in a nature reserve there were walking trails which many members took advantage of.  Excursions were numerous and varied and included trips to Punta Umbria and Huelva (which is famous for its connection to Christopher Columbus) and a trip to the Portuguese village of Ayamonte on the Guadiana River with a ferry trip back across the border to the Spanish village of Vila Real de San Antonio.  A day trip to Seville was popular as was a bird watching trip led by very knowledgeable guides.  Those who stayed behind indulged in card and board games, which were great fun and enjoyed by all.
The bridge was organised by Ann, ably assisted by a group of enthusiastic directors.  There were a few ups and downs during the week but this all added to the fun!  There was prize-giving ceremony on Weds lunchtime with a variety of members collecting prizes.  Unfortunately the Allingham Holiday Cup winner could not be announced as the final night had to be played Weds evening and could not be scored until our return to the UK.  (This has now been scored and our champion is Ann).
Thanks were expressed to Roger for his organisation of the holiday, and to all the other people who had helped to make the holiday the success it was.  We are all looking forward to next year.
Eve Moxham
Holiday winners:
Thurs: N/S Lars & Marian E/W Margaret & Liz
Fri: N/S Ann & Rosemary E/W Kris & Krystyna
Sat: N/S Chris & Liz E/W Sheila & Ann
Sun: N/S Lars & Marian E/W Margaret & Liz
Mon: N/S David & Helen E/W Eileen & Ron
Tues: could not be scored
Weds: N/S Audrey & Ina E/W Gerri & Ann
Holiday Cup winner: Ann

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Worthing Weekend 27-29 Jan 2017

Our arrival has become almost like a home-coming in miniature, as we have stayed at the Chatsworth many times and always enjoyed a great welcome.  Do we have an Allingham archivist who can remind us of the number of times we have checked in before, full of anticipation and goodwill?
Fri 27 Jan was exactly in that mode, relaxed and sociable, most journeys seemingly uneventful.  Here it should be mentioned that the reception staff were quietly efficient and completed the process rapidly and courteously.  There is a programme of refurbishment and renovation ongoing, but it did not impinge on the daily life of the hotel.
Even the weather (though not yet spring-like!) was an inprovement on the previous few days.  From time to time during the weekend we did see a little sunshine, and for the romantics amongst us, golden sunsets.
Two recent innovations to our usual programme were popular, the games evening on Friday, at which some members discovered they had hidden talents for games they did not normally play (congratulations!) and the Saturday lunch.  In particular, the members like the circular tables in the Chatsworth, which foster our talent for socialising.
We were particularly fortunate in the service this year, all the staff spoke good English and were very willing and courteous.  The hotel was always very warm and comfortable, so much so that on three separate occasions, Sleepy Sussex delayed a member for a few minutes (once it was the writer!) but our well-known care for each other sent a kind soul to rouse the missing one, and a hearty round of applause on the return.  Even with all these amusements, the Bridge was excellent, and the weekend just flew.  Hearty thanks to Audrey and all who worked so hard to ensure the weekend's success.  Here's to the next one.
Muriel Leggett

Fri pm: N/S Gwen & Eddie E/W Roger & Angela
Sat am: N/S Chris D & Richard E/W Hazel & Jane
Sat pm: N/S Ron & Norma E/W Liz & Margaret
Sun teams: Phil & Jane and Gina & Audrey

Worthing Weekend 27-29 Jan 2017
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Xmas Social 2016
Xmas Social 2016

Greeted with a glass of mulled wine our bridge players were certainly not quiet!!  They were called to order after the Xmas jumper competition, which was won by Rosemary and Roger, to sit down and play bridge.  A little quieter now but some interesting contracts were called, maybe helped after a glass or two of wine?   Mince pies were served with coffee which crowned an excellent evening to start Xmas.  Thanks to all who organised.

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