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Memorial Services

Our Unit lost a very special member when Marjean Larson passed away on February 5th after a courageous battle against cancer. Marjean’s contributions to the game she loved were immeasurable.  A memorial service will be held on Tuesday, March 26th, at 10:00 am at The Garden Fellowship, 79733 Country Club Dr., Bermuda Dunes.

Welcome New Members

Ron De Marino
Richard Knapp

Rank Changes

Silver Life Master

Sandy Deeds

Life Master

Randy Bissett
Carolyn Malmquist
Tom McCormick
Julie Nestibo

NABC Master

Avi Schneller

Regional Master

Wayne Carney
Mitchell Laks

Sectional Master

Ann Fishman
Toni Gross
Suzie Layne Carr
Ben Stull

Club Master

Dick Armstrong
David Combs
Norman Isaacs
Penny Smallwood

Junior Master

Rick Brezer
Bridget Dugan
Cindy Hollinger
Atlanta Laube
Henry Vawter
Richard Warke
Alan Winfield


Nice Job, Everyone!

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Access the online Forum Magazine by clicking on the page link at the upper left of our homepage. See the latest D-22 news, Tournament information and results, Unit newsletters, helpful bridge tips and more!

Unit 533 Annual Awards

Unit 533's Annual Awards Program and Unit Game takes place every April. To see photos and a list of all 2017 Winners, click on  Awards and Races  at the upper left of this page.

Welcome to ACBL Unit 533
About our Website
About our Website


Our website has all the information you need about the duplicate bridge community in the Coachella Valley, from Palm Springs to Indio.  Please use the page links on the left side of our home page to navigate the website.

FIND YOUR GAME - Locations and Times

Clubs in the Coachella Valley offer a wide range of games for beginning to seasoned bridge players. For a complete guide to Duplicate Bridge Games, with locations and times, please use the  Game Schedule  link on the far left side of this page.

*  *  *  MAY ALL YOUR SLAMS BE GRAND  *  *  *

Unit-Wide Game in Clubs - March 22nd

Congratulations to Our March 22nd
Unit-Wide Game Winners!

137 pairs competed at 5 clubs
across the Valley.

(Revised Final Results)
1st Overall - Jane Greer & Brad Oliver (Marrakesh)
70.31% - 10.77 MPs

2nd - Tony Glynne & Jim Elliott (PSCC)
69.38% - 8.08 MPs

3rd - Nancy Price & Willy Suriano (MHDBC)
68.52% - 6.06 MPs

4th - Mitzi Diamond & Russ Orkin (PSCC)
66.83% - 4.54 MPs

5th - Anne & Tom Lund (SCPD)
64.58% - 3.41

6th - Carolyn Townley-Smith & Gail Arnott (DCBC)
63.62% - 2.56 MPs

7th - Susan Servais & Lynne Castoldi (MHDBC)
63.54% - 1.92 MPs

8th - Carol Van Court & Bill Berke (SCPD)
62.76% - 1.68 MPs

9th - Jack Sweitzer & Joyce Hawkins (Marrakesh)
62.43% - 2.01 MPs

10th - Jana McCormick & Jane Witous (DCBC)
62.38% - 1.53 MPs

And Congrats to Jane and Brad on their 70.31% game!

Click here for Complete Results

Note: Sections D & E - MHDBC at Joslyn; Section F - PSCC at Mizell; Section H - DCBC at Temple Sinai; Section K - Sun City Palm Desert; Section L - Marrakesh

Your 2019 Bridge Bucket List!
Your 2019 Bridge Bucket List!



*  *  *  *  *

San Diego

Pacific Southwest Regional

April 15th thru 21st

Town & Country Resort and Convention Center
San Diego, California

Click here for the Flyer

*   *   *   *   *


North American Bridge Championships

Memphis, Tennessee

March 21st thru 31st

For Information on Tournament Schedules, Hotels, Attractions and Entertainment,
Click here.


* * * * * * * * *

Los Angeles Summer Regional
Long Beach

At the Hilton Long Beach

July 1st thru 7th

Click here for the Flyer

   *   *   *   *


Summer 2019

July 18th thru 28th

Las Vegas, Nevada

Click here for more!

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Aft Open
(Duncan BC)
1:00 PM
Director: Jamie Alperin
Morn 299er
(Duncan BC)
8:45 AM
Director: Jamie Alperin
Saturday Sanctioned Game
Montecito Club House 10 AM
Director: Ron Gauny
Aft Open
(Duncan BC)
1:00 PM
Director: Mick Riccio
Open Game
(Bridge With David)
Cathedral City 1:00pm
Director: David Goetz
Morn 299er
(Duncan BC)
9:00 AM
Director: Marie Covey
Open & 0-20
Joslyn 12:30
Director: David Goetz
Aft Open
(Duncan BC)
1:00 PM
Director: Sean Lui
Sun Apr 7, 2019
Annual Awards Program and Unit Game
The Annual Awards Program is at Duncan Bridge Center, beginning at 12:00 noon, and features the presentation of Unit 533's Annual Awards. The Program includes a full lunch, followed by a Unit Game. The Unit pays the extra sanction fees for this game as part of our "Give Back to Members" program.
Fri Apr 26, 2019
Weekday Unit Game in Clubs
The Unit pays the extra sanction fees for this game as part of our "Give Back to Members" program.
Sat May 4, 2019
Weekend Unit Game in Clubs
The Unit pays the extra sanction fees for this game as part of our "Give Back to Members" program.
Mon May 20, 2019
Weekday Unit Game in Clubs
The Unit pays the extra sanction fees for this game as part of our "Give Back to Members" program.

In 2019, Unit 533 is sponsoring 23 Unit Games, including 17 Unit Games in Clubs, 3 Unit-Wide Games in Clubs and 3 Unit Games at the Annual Unit events.  Play at your favorite club in our Unit Games in Clubs and Unit-Wide Games in Clubs throughout the year! For the Schedule of all upcoming Unit Games, Click Here.

Sunday Swiss at DBC on March 31st

Jamie Alperin's Sunday Swiss Teams Game on March 31st at Duncan Bridge Center will be a GNT Qualifier (Grand National Teams), with Open and 0-750 sections. Sign up at Duncan or email Jamie at Big points will be awarded. Teams that qualify may compete in the District 22 GNT Finals in San Juan Capistrano.

Beginner and I/N Games in the Valley

Duncan Bridge Center in Palm Desert has 0-20 games (with supervised play) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9:00 am, 49er games on Monday and Thursday at 9:00 am, a 149er game on Saturday at 1:00 pm, 299er games on Monday through Saturday at 9:00 am, and 0-750 games on Monday through Saturday at 1:00 pm.
MHDBC at Joslyn offers 499er games on Monday and Thursday at 12:30 pm, and a 0-20 game on Friday at 12:30 pm. 
Desert Cities Bridge Club at Temple Sinai in Palm Desert offers 499er games Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:00 pm.

All beginning and advancing players are invited to participate in these friendly games. Meet new friends and improve your bridge skills!

Classes, Seminars and Workshops

Bridge With The Monroes, Classes, Events: Click Here

Duncan Bridge Center, Class/Event Schedule: Click Here

Mick's DynaMick Bridge, Classes, Seminars: Click Here

MHDBC at the Joslyn Center, Classes, Events: Click Here

70% Honor Roll
73.21% Jim Weeks & Abe Pineles DBC Mar 9
73.15% Shirley Fitterman & Bob Robinson PSCC Mar 8
71.44% Tony Glynne & Jim Elliott PSCC Mar 8
70.67% Bruce Ferguson & Robert Carroll DBC Feb 21
75.00% Alice Perlmutter & Marge Meyer DCBC Feb 20
73.11% Chip Graves & Suzan Olsen DCBC Feb 19
71.03% Isadore & Rosalie Sharp PSCC Feb 8
70.27% Marjorie Sinel & Joe Hopkins DBC Feb 7
71.26% Alan Stanley & Patrick Moran MHDBC Feb 5
70.37% John Hanley & Bob Victor PSCC Feb 1
71.31% Nancy Thompsen & Judy Searle DBC Jan 27
72.02% Martha Shatley & John Kerrigan DBC Jan 22
72.16% Sue Moore & Bill Treble MICK'S Jan 19
70.71% Shirley Fitterman & Bob Robinson PSCC Jan 18
71.42% Ted Runstein & Jim Walker MHDBC Jan 17
72.74% Sue Moore & Bill Treble DCBC Jan 14
71.82% Sally Corey & Carol Hanson MHDBC Jan 11
71.29% Frank Murphy Jr & Sue Tripp MHDBC Jan 7
77.00% Marty Martin & Roy Krapes SHBC Jan 5
70.41% Pat Moran & Alan Stanley PSCC Dec 14
70.38% Tom & Anne Lund MHDBC Dec 11
70.17% Frances Gates & Michael Hansen DBC Dec 9
77.50% Rich Rodeman & Roy Krapes SHBC Dec 4
71.70% Rick Flucke & Lynne Castoldi MHDBC Nov 29
80.59% Shirley Carroll & Jeanne Welch MICK'S Nov 27
72.69% Ronald Woodard & Joe Norkoski MHDBC Nov 12
71.43% Chotsie Bland & Roger Douglas MBC Nov 9
71.83% Craig Wilson & Pamela Cole MHDBC Nov 6
  As reported by Club Directors