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Thursday LB Bulletin
Thursday LB Bulletin

District 23 Bridge week 2018
July 2 – 8, 2018
Tuesday, July3

Welcome to Long Beach!
We have a full line-up of games and speakers for you this week – as usual.  Before we get down to brass tacks, though, here are a few Important Announcements:
To get the reduced rate for daily parking you must get your parking ticket validated.  Check at the hospitality desk (or the hotel front desk) for information. $6 for self-park.

Session / Section Winners
    If you finish atop your section (pairs) or win any event, drop by the Hospitality desk  and (1) pick up your award, (2) track down our photographer, Dave White today. We’d all like see your smiling face in tomorrow’s Daily Bulletin.

    If you earn enough points this week to get that Gold Card at our tournament – or any other promotion, for that matter – let Penny (Hospitality Desk) or the Daily Bulletin editor (if you can find him) know so we can suitably congratulate you.

Tournament Directing Staff
Ken Horwedel  – Director-in-Charge
Scott Campbell
Arleen Harvey
Patty Holmes
Peter Knee
Brandon Sheumaker
Gary Zeiger
Today’s Schedule
10:30 AM
AM Side Game – session 1 of 5
Starburst KO – session 2 of 4
299-er Pairs – single session
Mark Schreiber Gold Rush
Pairs – session 1 of 2
Stratiflighted Pairs – session 1 of 2
Betsy Ross KO – session 1 of 4

Guest Lecture – Chris Compton, “One Hand:  Four Leads”

3:00 PM
Afternoon Side Game – session 2 of 6
Starburst KO – session 3 of 4
Mark Schreiber Gold Rush
Pairs – session 2 of 2
Stratiflighted Pairs – session 2 of 2
Betsy Ross KO – session 2 of 4
Stratified Swiss Teams – single session

7:30 PM
Starburst KO – session 4 of 4
PM Side Game – session 1 of 5

Contrary to what the tournament flyer says, there WILL be a Gold Rush Pairs event on Thursday:  10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
Tournament Committee
Mike Marcucci– District 23 President
Kevin Lane – District Director
Stan Holzberg – Tournament Chair
Peter Benjamin – Tournament Manager
Kim Wang – Caddy Master
Penny Barbieri – Hospitality &Newcomers
Diane Sachs – Partnerships
Gerri Carlson – Publicity &299-er Education
Margie Michelin – Pro Speakers
Jeff Grotenhuis –  Novices&
Tom Lill – Daily Bulletin
Dave White – Photography

299-er Quiz
Here’s a little gem for you. It’s matchpoints.  Your opponents are known to be skillfull players, and also adventurous bidders.  With both sides vulnerable, you pick up the following garbage in fourth seat:
♠4    ♥109764    ♦963    ♣10973
LHO deals and opens 1♠.  Partner calls 1NT, which (in your methods) shows 15-18 HCP.  RHO doubles (penalty), and you try 2♦, a transfer.  LHO passes, partner accepts the transfer.  Somewhat unexpectedly, LHO calls 2NT.  Pass, pass, and partner pulls the red card.  RHO passes; over to you.  (Answer on page 4).

Get Your Results
Would you like to have your session results delivered to you right after each session?  It can be done!  Simply go to, click on the LIVE button at the top of the home page, and follow the instructions.  You will get an email after each session you play, with a link to your  results – contract, result, matchpoints for each deal – and your masterpoints if any.  (For team games, of course you don’t get the contracts and results, since these are shuffle-deal-and-play events.)

Wednesday’s Schedule
10:30 AM
AM Side Game – session 2 of 5
299-er Pairs – single session
Bernie Mateer Stratiflighted
Pairs – session 1 of 2
Lois MillerGold Rush
Pairs – session 1 of 2
Betsy Ross KO – session 3 of 4
Firecracker KO – session 1 of 4

Guest Lecture – Leo Bell, “How to Irritate Partner”

3:00 PM
Afternoon Side Game – session 3 of 6
Betsy Ross KO – session 4 of 4
Firecracker KO – session 2 of 4
Bernie Mateer Stratiflighted
Pairs – session 2 of 2
Lois MillerGold Rush
Pairs – session 2 of 2
Stratified Swiss Teams – single session

7:30 PM
Blackbird Turbo Swiss – session 1 of 2
PM Side Game – session 2 of 5


Today’s Honoree
Today’s Gold Rush Pairs game honors Mark Schreiber, son of Bill Schreiber, past president of ALACBU, and stepson of the late Diana Griffel, was approximately 24 points shy of attaining his Life Master status when he passed away in September of 2008 at the age of 27.  As with most young players, Mark’s bidding was a little on the wild side, but he could defend and play a hand as well as many players with 20 years experience.

“If you want to come forth on the 5th, don’t drink a  fifth on the 4th.”
The Continuing Adventures of PatoMike and Sharp Fang
at the Pasadena-San Gabriel Sectional
with Janet Ju and George Wang
by Mike Savage
South was looking for blood if North (third seat) had a full opener but neither found a double of 3♣.
Scoring:  IMPs
Dealer:  South
Vulnerability: North-South
♠ A Q 9 x x
♥ x
♦ A xx
♣ 9 8 x x    
West                East
♠ K x                ♠ J x
♥ 10 x x            ♥ A J 8 x x
♦ J 10 x            ♦ K Q x x
♣ A J 10 x x            ♣ x x
♠ x x x x
♥ K Q 9x
♦ x x x
♣ K Q

The bidding at our table:
N    E    S    W
            pass    pass
1♠    pass     2♣*    pass
2♠    dbl    rdbl    3♣
all pass

Lead:  low heart
The bidding at the other table:
N    E    S    W
        all pass!
West could have done a trick better, but as the play went, N/S did not miss the opportunity to defeat 3♣ three tricks for plus 300. Should either have found a double? BTW, North’s 2♠ rebid showed a hand that he wouldn’t open in 1st or 2nd chair. For me North had an opener in any seat. Having opened 1♠ in 3rd seat, after the 2♣ Drury bid, IMHO it’s worth bidding 2♦, saying I have a full but minimum opener.
Best defense holds N/S to 9 tricks in spades and maybe North’s 2♠ bid convinced East that the time was ripe for balancing, to their regret. Against 3♣ North led a heart, declarer won the ace and led a trump, South played the queen and declarer won his ace. Wanting to lead another trump towards his J109x, declarer led a diamond, North ducked and dummy’s king won. Now another club was led, South winning his king. South now cashed a heart, North pitching a diamond and then started tapping West with spades. This held declarer to one heart, one diamond and four clubs for down three and a 7 IMP gain for us.
Schedule of Speakers
    We have another winning line-up of speakers for you, to help you improve your game.  (Not that your game needs improvement, but there’s always partner!)
2:15:  Chris Compton, “One Hand:  Four Leads”
2:15:  Leo Bell, “How to Irritate Partner”
2:15:  Marjorie Michelin, “Match Point Play”
2:15:  Master Solvers Panel – Mitch Dunitz, Moderator, with an all-star panel:
Ellen Anten
Ifti Baqai      
Leo Bell
Mark Itabashi
John Jones
Answer to 299-er Quiz
This hand is a test of partnership trust.  Do you trust your partner?  Let’s see, what’s going on?  LHO opened the bidding, and so should be credited with at least a shapely 11-count.  Partner has 15-18, and vulnerable should have closer to 18 than 15.  RHO doubled for business, proclaiming that his side holds the balance of power, so he must hold at least 9 HCP.  
So partner knows you are pretty much broke.  Yet he still made a business double.  (It cannot be for takeout; he already knows your suit!)  So partner figures he can beat 2NT with little or no help from you.
I hope you trusted partner not to be an idiot, and you passed.  If you pulled to 3♥, partner is in for a very rough ride.  His hand:
♠ KJ1097     ♥J8    ♦AKQ      ♣AQ4.
In hearts he will probably take 6 or 7 tricks, max.  Even if the sky falls in, on defense he rates to take two spades (his double calls for a spade lead, of course), three diamonds, and a club, six tricks, +200.  And that’s the worst-case scenario.  His ♣Q may be useful, and who knows?  The ♠Q could be in dummy, or the ♠8 might drop, giving him THREE spade tricks.  Declarer in 2NT starts with ♠A and ♥AKQ, four tricks.  It’s likely partner will be endplayed to lead up to the ♣Q, five tricks.  Depending on the lie of the opponents’ cards and the play, that may be IT:  +800 to you on a part-score deal.
Trust, trust, trust ...

When an irregularity occurs at the table, calmly summon a Director.  Do not attempt to “fix” things by yourself.  You are most likely to worsen the situation (for your side!) if you try to rectify the error without the Director’s help.

Today’s Speaker
      Chris Compton,
         “One Hand:  Four Leads”


National and world Grand Life Master.  Chris plays bridge professionally, runs his bridgeclub, teaches extensively, and represents the USA often in International Competition.

Bridge Quote-for-the-Day
If safety were the sole consideration in bidding then clearly one would hardly ever bid at all. – S. J. Simon

Bridge Odds-‘n-Ends

Did you know ...
… Ely Culberston, the Big Name in bridge in the 1930s and 1940s (until supplanted by Charles Goren) deliberately used terms with a high degree of sexual innuendo for his bidding and playing techniques.  Nowadays, we think little of such phrases as “approach forcing” and “she was squeezed and unable to protect her honor,” but that’s where they came from.  Great salesman, was old Ely.
In a deck of cards, the four 7’s are unique in that they are the only spot cards that are asymmetrical – the odd spot, the seventh, is not centered on the face of the card.

We regret that due to a communication snafu between the Directors and the Editor, the results from Monday afternoon will not be available until tomorrow’s Daily Bulletin.

                                 MON EVE CHARITY PAIRS ONLY SESSION

                          NORTH-SOUTH      SECTION M    EAST-WEST        
        A    B    C                                       A    B    C  
  3.65  1            Charles Fonarow,               3.65  1            Carole Liss, San
                     Los Angeles CA;                                   Rafael CA;
                     Walter Schafer         65.85%                     Valentin               66.36%
  2.56  2            Brian Gilbert,                 2.56  2            Sherman Gao -
                     Irvine CA; Allan                                  Weidong Pei, Brea CA   61.22%
                     Deserpa, Tempe AZ      64.10%  1.83  3            Marjorie
  1.83  3            Stephen Sturm,                                    Michelin, Laguna
                     Fullerton CA;                                     Woods CA; Marcus       59.62%
                     Subba Ravipudi,        57.97%  1.28  4            Mark Itabashi,
  1.28  4            Ellis Feigenbaum                                  Murrieta CA;
                     - Matthew                                         Peter Gelfand,         55.33%
                     Mallory, Laguna        55.61%  1.97  5    1       Milton Kalikman,
  0.73  5            David Abelow, La                                  Azusa CA; Clinton
                     Jolla CA; Phyllis                                 Lew, Claremont CA      55.29%
                     Yates, San Diego CA    52.40%  1.38  6    2       Edward Piken,
  0.61  6            Bob Etter, Elk                                    Palos Verdes Pn
                     Grove CA; Jack                                    CA; Michael            52.23%
                     Waller, Dana Point CA  51.60%  1.31       3    1  Jonathan Harvey -
  2.08       1    1  Charles Rauch,                                    Arleen Harvey,
                     Monterey CA;                                      Riverside CA           50.48%
                     Jeannette Stern,       48.44%  0.92            2  Jim Liu, Saratoga
  1.46       2       Arlene Greengard                                  CA; Jack Kaminer,
                     - Stanley                                         Huntington Bch CA      47.69%
                     Greengard,             47.92%
  1.04       3    2  Charles Laine -
                     Richard Buhl,
                     Long Beach CA          47.82%
  0.73       4       Renee Hoffman,
                     Seal Beach CA;
                     Betty Witteried,       46.47%

                                       MON EVE CHARITY PAIRS
 15.0 Tables
          A     B     C   
  7.29    1               Carole Liss, San Rafael CA; Valentin Kovachev, Las Vegas NV          66.36%
  5.47    2               Charles Fonarow, Los Angeles CA; Walter Schafer Jr, Fountain
                          Valley CA                                                            65.85%
  4.10    3               Brian Gilbert, Irvine CA; Allan Deserpa, Tempe AZ                    64.10%
  3.08    4               Sherman Gao - Weidong Pei, Brea CA                                   61.22%
  2.31    5               Marjorie Michelin, Laguna Woods CA; Marcus Evans, Orange CA          59.62%
  1.83    6               Stephen Sturm, Fullerton CA; Subba Ravipudi, Downey CA               57.97%
  1.30    7               Ellis Feigenbaum - Matthew Mallory, Laguna Woods CA                  55.61%
  4.16          1         Milton Kalikman, Azusa CA; Clinton Lew, Claremont CA                 55.29%
  3.12          2         Edward Piken, Palos Verdes Pn CA; Michael Piken, Torrance CA         52.23%
  2.80          3     1   Jonathan Harvey - Arleen Harvey, Riverside CA                        50.48%
  2.10          4     2   Charles Rauch, Monterey CA; Jeannette Stern, Carmel By Sea CA        48.44%
  1.46          5         Arlene Greengard - Stanley Greengard, Torrance CA                    47.92%
  1.58                3   Charles Laine - Richard Buhl, Long Beach CA                          47.82%
  1.18                4   Jim Liu, Saratoga CA; Jack Kaminer, Huntington Bch CA                47.69%

                                            MON-TUE KO-1
   9 Tables
                   vs                    vs
Cookie Potter, Sunset Beach CA    Vinita Gupta, Woodside CA    Om Chokriwala, Sherman Oaks CA
Kevin Dwyer, Melbourne FL        Billy Miller, Las Vegas NV    Alex Fowlie, San Marcos CA
Shan Huang, Melbourne FL        Leo Bell, Carlsbad CA        Robert Perlsweig, Wdland Hills CA
Kevin Bathurst, Palm Bch Gdns FL    Weishu Wu, Irvine CA        Peter Benjamin, Culver City CA
Cecilia Rimstedt, Kungsbacka Sweden

                   vs                    vs
Mitch Dunitz, Sherman Oaks CA        Eric Leong, Oakland CA        Arti Bhargava, Mill Valley CA
Iftikhar Baqai, Irvine CA        Stephen Kennedy, Oakland CA    William Bailey, Mill Valley CA
Steven Love, Laguna Niguel CA        Chris Compton, Dallas TX    John Ramos, Los Angeles CA
Michael Mikyska, Los Angeles CA    Brian Glubok, New York NY    Aaron Jones, San Francisco CA

Note:  these are two 3-way matches.  Team members are listed vertically.