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Charity Events
Fund raiser for Santa Clarits Senior Center

The Antelope Valley - Santa Clarita Unit is planning a sectional for Dec 29th and 30th. The purpose of this sectional is to raise money for the new senior center in Santa Clarita (where the bridge club meets). This is not a charity sectional, ACBL has very specific rules for such events. Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center is the co-sponsor of the sectional and shares in the profits.

This sectional will feature some very unusual games. Saturday will be two sessions of 'Swiss Pairs'. This is a pair game with a swiss movement. Rounds are scored in IMPs. Each new round pairs players with other pairs who have a comparable record. The Sunday game is Swiss Teams. But because we can not use the venue until 1:00 pm. The game will start at that time. It will be run as six rounds of six boards each, with no break.This still qualifies as a two session event. The last round will be a Dannish draw (playbacks allowed). Boards will be duplicated and hand records will available at the end of the session. Electronic scoring will be used in all events.

Unfortunately the room can not hold more than 32 tables. A reservation system will be setup and reservations taken starting Christmas Day. Entry fees will be lower for pairs and teams that make a reservation.