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Welcome to the Zenon Bridge Club located in Larnaca, Cyprus.  You will find us at the Gorgona Restaurant, Tasou Mitsipoulou 145, Makenzy Beach,  Larnaca.   We are members of the Cyprus Bridge Federation and the Cyprus Sports Association, allowing our members to compete in all national competitions.  Zenon Club's players come together on Monday at 5.30pm and Tuesday afternoons at 2:30pm for duplicate bridge; Zenon welcome all level of players to join us whether living here or on holiday.  Just contact one of our organisers and try to let us know in advance. 

We also hold summer weekend bridge retreats in the mountains, bridge cruises in the Mediterranean, and an annual Christmas party for members and guests.  We are committed to promoting bridge by offering bridge lessons on Tuesday evening after duplicate, and encourage middle and high schools to offer their students a chance to learn bridge as an extracurricular activity, sponsored by the Zenon Bridge Club.

For people interested in learning how to play, lessons for absolute beginners to intermediate level are conducted on Tuesdays at 6pm. 

Please check the website for additional information. Need any advice? We are happy to help.



It's only a game
It's only a game

Just came across this from when Zenon used to be known as Lambs. Written before my time so any more information regarding the origin would be most welcome for our archives. Kathryn

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Welcome to ZENON Bridge Club
Times they are a changing ....

Dear Members

Unfortunately for our club the Ballroom have secured a government contract for use of their facilities, meaning that we have to move elsewhere.   Elsewhere being The Gorgona Restaurant on Makenzie Beach.  The playing fee will be 2euros for members, and 5euros for non-members.  Kindly note that it will be obligatory that all players purchase a drink.  We are not paying rent for use of the restaurant, they will have heating, a/c and staffing costs so please keep that in mind.  This move takes affect from the 23rd October.


Young or old playing Bridge benefits all ….  through bridge, we keep socially engaged and cognitively challenged.

Playing Bridge Has Benefits Regardless Of Age



John Brennan

Did you know ??


Yes, Snoopy is a bridge player too. Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz, a long-time player, occasionally penned comic strips in which Snoopy, Woodstock (and Woodstock's buddies) play bridge. Alan Truscott once wrote an article about Snoopy's bridge game for the New York Times.



We love Larnaca
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Bridge evening class
Bridge evening class


The Ministry of Education is again offering bridge lessons for the coming academic year starting probably the first Tuesday of November at 6pm. 

We will most probably be running them again at the Gorgona Restaurant, Tasou Mitsipoulou 145, Makenzy Beach, Larnaca - Errikos will keep you informed;  just let him know you have enroled on 99446896 or

The advice from the ministry is to enroll for the lessons as soon as possible. 

Tell your friends to come and learn bridge.

Link is : 

Monday Duplicate Bridge

Monday Evening Duplicate Bridge.  The sessions will be held in the Gorgona Restaurant, Tasou Mitsipoulou 145, Makenzy Beach, and they start at 17.30 promptly. The organiser will be Errikos on 99446896 and you can let him know if you plan to play or need a  partner at least two hours before.

Tuesday Duplicate Bridge

 Please contact Errikos Leonidou on 99446896 for information on playing and how to join. 

                     ♠   ♣   Let us know at least 2 hours before the session.    ♠   ♣           

 Always check the website to check the session is running.    Usual time is Tuesday 14.30   

Need a Partner ?  Put a message on WhatsApp Zenon "Find a Partner" or give us a call 


Chicago Bridge.  This is a fun session, everyone welcome.  Particularly good for beginners and socialising.  With the sea as your backdrop, what more could you ask for?

Contact  Jean:  Tel.  96 330 140


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Tue 23rd April 2024
Mon 29th April 2024