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…are face‑to‑face once more, now that the new premises are ready and COVID restrictions have been lifted. Live Goldhawk games have restarted on Tuesdays, running 11.00am–3.00pm.

Registered Charity Number 1158813

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Match results and current standings on the EBU website

The fifth edition of our successful YCBC Women’s Swiss Teams event will return to face‑to‑face play and take place at the club over the weekend 27 & 28 November. As in previous years, we hope to have many international teams attend, but would love for plenty of YC players to take part too. If you would like to play but don’t have a partner or teammates or are only available on one of the two days, let me know (email paula2012leslie@gmail.com) and we will try to find a team for you. You may register a team for the event via the website. The entry fee is £300 per team (but free for junior teams) and includes lunch on both days and a drinks reception at the end of play on the Sunday.



Item posted 6 October 2021, updated 26 November 2021,author Paula Leslie

While Division One still has matches to play, Division Two, with fewer teams, kept to schedule, finishing on Tuesday. Congratulation to the two top teams who have gained promotion to Division One for next season in the Spring.

In first place finishing on 77.89 VPs (an average of 12.98 per match) was team 32BG (Mike Bull, Richard Creamer, Mark Davies, Konrad Mau, Mark Nichols, David Reuben) getting a prize of £300.

And edging into second place on 75.33 VPs (an average of 12.56 per match) was team Saucepan (Alex Crystol, Susanna Gross, Ewa Kater, Sara Moran, Claire Robinson, Szczepan Smoczyński) getting £100. [See more…]

Item posted 25 November 2021

YCKO 2022

The Young Chelsea Knockout (YCKO) is the club’s annual teams event that runs on “double elimination” lines—every team has to lose two matches before it is knocked out. Teams may consist of up to six players, all of whom must be YC members.

For 2022, the event will be played as a face‑to‑face competition with matches held at the club. Table money per match will be £12.50 per player, all of whom must be paid‑up club members before taking part in a match. (Anyone who needs to may subscribe via the payments page.) No other entry fee will be charged. Prize money will be £800 for the winning team, £300 for the runners‑up.

The winning team will hold the YCKO Trophy for the following year and will be eligible for a play‑off match against the team winning LMBA London Championship Teams‑of‑four to decide which team will represent London in the 2023 Lederer invitation tournament.

Please enter by 5 December on the registration page of the website. or by emailing the club manager at manager@ycbc.co.uk. [See more…]


Page last updated 22 November 2021

We missed out on a Christmas Party last year, but now we're back with a vengance and ready to rumble.

The doors will be flung open on Saturday 4 December  at 4.00pm and there will be a Christmas Duplicate Pairs at 4.15.

A Festive Buffet Supper is promised for 7.30, and at 8.30 there will be a quiz, described as “light‑hearted” in the publicity. There will be general knowledge and music rounds, the latter provided by the almost legendary Dr Bob and the Brentford Sound Machine. The winners of the October quiz will be in attendance, so time, perhaps, to knock them off their pedestal.

For those still standing, a Speedball will be arranged after the quiz.

All this for the bargain price of £25 per head, which includes not one, but two free drinks vouchers.

Please register via the  website.



Item posted 20 November 2021

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 12 November 2021 are available for viewing.


Item posted 18 November 2021

Congratulations to the YC members listed below who attained a promotion in EBU rank during October!

  • Chris Brewin
Premier National Master
  • Graham Sadie
2 Star Grand Master
  • Ewa Kater
Premier Master
  • Moeen Mahmood
Area Master
  • Laurentiu Ploscaru
Local Master

Item posted 17 November 2021

London MindSports Centre has acquired its second bridge client to run alongside YCBC. Ned Paul is moving his Tuesday evening New Chiswick Bridge Club duplicate to the MindSports Centre with effect from Tuesday 16 November 2021. Game time will be 7.15pm. [See more…]

Item posted 9 November 2021


It’s now a month since we started our Tuesday daytime sessions for the Goldhawks, and so far, numbers are pretty small. For the time being, we have abandoned the duplicate pairs idea and instead we have been running a supervised play session. This is led by one of our top players, Margaret Nygren, and is proving a great success. The atmosphere is completely relaxed with lots of chatter—mostly about bridge. [See more…]

Item updated 9 November 2021, author Rosie White

Debbie and Gad—winners of the LMBA Mixed Pairs 2021
Debbie and Gad—winners of the LMBA Mixed Pairs 2021

Congratulations to YC members Debbie Sandford and Gad Chadha on their win on Sunday. This Mixed Pairs was the first LMBA event to be held face to face at the club’s new premises. Full results are on the LMBA website.


Item posted 20 September 2021

The reopening party took place on Sunday 29 August at the new premises in Dalling Road. (Builders and YC helpers had worked tirelessly to get the ground floor ready for the event; the first floor will be available soon as well.) The main hall was full to capacity, with almost as many tables, about 18, as we could squeeze in. Normally the room will be laid out with around 12 tables, providing plenty of space for everyone.

Club sign
Club sign

The front doors stood open and the YC sign was temporarily propped up by planters in case any visitor failed to recognise the building. [See more…]


Item posted 1 September 2021, updated 23 August 2021


Twenty‑five teams have entered this year’s competition. After seeding the teams by NGS, the draw (updated regularly with match results) for the first five rounds has completed. A random draw avoiding rematches was made for Round Six with results:

  • Muppets v Phoenix
winner: Muppets
  • Leslie v Harris
winner: Leslie
  • Orca v De Botton
winner: Orca

Team Muppets is undefeated and has a bye through to the final. The result for Round Seven, the semifinal and a rematch, is:

  • Orca v Leslie
winner: Leslie

Please would teams Muppets and Leslie arrange and play the final. The club is available if the teams wish to play face to face. [See more…].



Item updated 2 November 2021

Most club members will be aware that the YCBC has been operating on limited financial resources for some time. [See more…]


Item posted 25 March 2020

Division One matches start Wednesday 1 September; Division Two matches start Tuesday 31 August; both continue at two-week intervals except for a one-week interval between the last two matches in Division One.
Face‑to‑face over the weekend 27 & 28 November 2021.
At the club on 4 December 2021.
Please register your team by 5 December 2021.
The Round Seven match, the semifinal, is complete; the play‑by date for the final is 12 December 2021.
Face‑to‑face on 2 January 2022.

Tuesday 11.00am face-to-face sessions begin on 12 October.

Items that are no longer topical may be found in the archive.

In play at the Young Chelsea


We offer frequent duplicate bridge games for members and visitors, and regular bridge lessons for beginners and improvers.

We are affiliated to the English Bridge Union (EBU). There are awards of EBU Master Points for all play sessions, and your results in most sessions count towards the EBU’s National Grading Scheme (NGS). But playing in our monthly hybrid duplicate sessions will not affect your NGS.

We are a registered charity (no. 1158813), which means that your membership subscription can be treated as a Gift Aid donation. That benefits the club (and you indirectly as a member) as the Young Chelsea Bridge Club Ltd can reclaim tax on your subscription. A guide explains Gift Aid in greater depth.

Typical menu
Typical menu

We have a licensed bar and a kitchen.

Omelettes, salads and sandwiches are available.


Don’t be misled by the name. Although the Young Chelsea is particularly welcoming to young players, we have many older members, some of whom have belonged since the club began in 1968. There is no upper age limit—you are never the wrong age to play at the Young Chelsea (or YC as it is popularly known). Our original home was in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea; now we can be found in Hammersmith.


Friday Evening Cross‑IMP Duplicate
Director: Gitte
YC Super League Div1 R7
Director: tba
Scorer: Gitte Hecht-Johansen
YC Super League Div2 R7
Director: Gitte Hecht
Scorer: Gitte Hecht-Johansen
Monday Evening Duplicate
Director: Jonathan Lillycrop
Friday Evening Cross‑IMP Duplicate
Director: Mike Eden
Supervised Play
29th Nov 2021
Monday Evening Duplicate
MindSports Centre 7.00pm
30th Nov 2021
New Chiswick Duplicate
MindSports Centre 7.15pm
Host: New Chiswick
30th Nov 2021
Goldhawks Pairs
MindSports Centre
1st Dec 2021
Supervised Play
3rd Dec 2021
Friday Evening Cross‑IMP Hybrid Duplicate
MindSports Centre & BBO 7.30pm
4th Dec 2021
Christmas Party
MindSports Centre
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