Please would you register your pair for any Monday evening duplicate in which you plan to play during January.

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Come and play bridge at the YCBC — visitors welcome — for more information call 07713 322420     
What’s happening this week

Young Chelsea Bridge Club

(Week starting 23 January 2023)

The club is closed between Christmas and the New Year



Monday Evening Duplicate — Everyone welcome, registration advised, half‑price January



Goldhawks Duplicate — Everyone welcome



New Chiswick Duplicate — Everyone welcome



Beginners Course — Contact club



Online Supervised Play — Beginners/Improvers



YC Super League Division Two — Pre‑entry required



YC Super League Division One — Pre‑entry required



Next Step Course — Contact club



Beginners Course — Contact club



Beginners Course — Contact club



YC Thursday Daytime Duplicate — Everyone welcome



Supervised Duplicate — Beginners/Improvers



Improvers Course — Contact club



YC AGM — All members welcome



YC Friday Evening Duplicate — Everyone welcome



YC Christmas Party — Everyone welcome



EBU Premier League Div Two



YC Women’s Teams — Pre‑entry required



Next Step Course — Contact club



LMBA Ian Gardiner Teams of Four championship qualifier — Contact LMBA

Starts on 25 January.
Sunday 29 January.
Starts on 22 February.
Play‑by date for Round One is 5 March.


Daytime Duplicates

From Thursday 12 January onwards, Daytime Duplicates will be held every Thursday afternoon at 1.00pm. These will feature:

Daytime Duplicates are now held every Thursday afternoon at 1.00pm. These feature:

  • good standard but friendly face‑to‑face duplicate pairs game
  • Table money of only £8 a head for club members (and guests on their first visit)
  • An early finish—around 4.00pm—to beat the rush hour
  • Excellent playing conditions—warm in winter, air‑conditioned in summer!
  • A qualified tournament director in charge
  • Licensed bar/café open throughout for hot and cold drinks and snacks
  • The opportunity to come early and enjoy lunch before the game in our bar/café, which will be open from 12 noon each Thursday. We will be serving sandwiches and toasties, omelettes and seasonal specialities, all freshly prepared and delicious!

The first of these games, on Thursday 12 January, will be free of charge and open to all, and there will be a welcome drink and canapés available from 12 noon. On this occasion there is no need to come with a partner—individuals will be paired up appropriately.

Item updated 13 January 2023.

Spring Classes 2023

A new season of courses is about to begin at the club. Courses are scheduled to start as follows:


Tuesday evenings, 7.30–9.30pm, starting 17 January


Thursday afternoons, 1.00–3.00pm, starting 19 January

Next Step

Wednesday evenings, 7.30–9.30pm, starting 18 January


Sunday mornings, 11.00am–1.00pm, starting 29 January


Thursday evenings, 7.30–9.30pm, starting 19 January

See details on the Classes page. Places are still available on all the courses—please contact manager@ycbc.co.uk to book places.

Item last updated 15 January 2023

Young Chelsea Knockout 2023

YCKO 2023

Sixteen teams have entered this year’s competition. After seeding the teams by NGS, the draw (updated regularly with match results) has been made. The competition is now under way and teams should contact their opponents to arrange a match date. Once the teams have a date agreed they should book the match in with the club at bookings@ycbc.co.uk. The play‑by date for the Round One is 5 March.

Once your match has been played, please notify the result to the the club at manager@ycbc.co.uk, stating the names of the players in both teams as well as the outcome. Team captains will be notified of their opponents for their next match as soon as the team to be played is known.


Page last updated 19 January 2023

Young Chelsea Knockout 2022 Final—Report

Young Chelsea Knockout 2022 winners team Binkie—David Burn, Joe Fawcett, Ian Payn, Heather Dhondy, Brian Callaghan and Richard Granville
Young Chelsea Knockout 2022 winners team Binkie—David Burn, Joe Fawcett, Ian Payn, Heather Dhondy, Brian Callaghan and Richard Granville

The final of the Young Chelsea Knockout 2022 took place, only mildly delayed, on Monday 16 January 2023. The teams contesting were Orca, who played four‑handed (Richard Plackett, Espen Erichsen, Glyn Liggins and Andrew Dyson) and the undefeated Binkie with all six members present,

The match was close, with fewer than 20 IMPs separating the teams throughout. After 48 deals team Binkie prevailed by just 4 IMPs (95-91). Commiserations to team Orca who could easily have won if the cards had favoured them slightly more (as runners-up they got £300). Congratulations to David Burn, Joe Fawcett, Ian Payn, Heather Dhondy, Brian Callaghan and Richard Granville who hold the trophy for a year and pick up the £800 first prize


Item posted 16 January 2023

Monday Evening Duplicates in 2023—Please Register

For Monday evening games in 2023, please would you register that you will be coming before the end of the previous day—i.e. by midnight each Sunday. (A registration form has been set up for each game on the Event Entry page.) You may still turn up and play without registering, but if at least four pairs have not registered by the deadline, that Monday’s game will be cancelled.

Durung January there is a half‑price sale for the game. And at the end of January, the future of this game will be reviewed.

Item posted 5 January 2023.

Goldhawks Christmas Party 2022—Report

Chris Duckworth presents the Goldhawks Trophy to 2022 winner, Joy Latif
Chris Duckworth presents the Goldhawks Trophy to 2022 winner, Joy Latif

The Goldhawks celebrated Christmas with members bringing a cornucopia of home‑cooked treats for lunch during their Tuesday meeting on 12 December.

Meanwhile, Chris Duckworth directed the bridge, running the event as a sixteen‑player individual movement for a change. Congratulation to the winner, by a narraw margin, Joy Latif on 38.67 IMPs who keeps the Goldhawks Trophy for a year. Commiseration to second‑placed Diana Hardie on 37.67 and third‑placed Mala Bamford on 35.33.


Item posted 12 December 2022

LMBA Palmer Bayer Pairs 2022—Report

LMBA Palmer Bayer 2022 winners Shelley Shieff and Chantal Girardin
LMBA Palmer Bayer 2022 winners Shelley Shieff and Chantal Girardin

The club hosted the LMBA’s Palmer Bayer pairs, a “no fear” event with methods restricted to simple systems, on Sunday 4 December. Eight tables played 27 deals at a relaxed pace in the main hall. Afterwards the prizegiving took place in the bar, with complimentary drinks for the competitors and a hand discussion led by Brian Callaghan.

Congratulations to Young Chelsea members Shelly Shieff and Chantal Girardin who won by a clear margin. [See more…]


Item posted 5 December 2022

Young Chelsea AGM 2022 Minutes

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 28 October 2022 are available for viewing.


Item posted 31 October 2022

Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal—Report

Young Chelsea Appeal 2022—Ukrainian Staff
Young Chelsea Appeal 2022—Ukrainian Staff

We are delighted to announce that we have raised the grand total of £5,521.21 for the Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal. The club organised a special fundraising duplicate on 6 March and our Ukrainian staff rallied round baking cakes and donating Ukrainian goods for sale. The event attracted a great mix of club members and others, all of whom gave very generously and the funds rolled in. We are very grateful to all, and every penny will go to the Ukrainian people. [See more…]

Item posted 9 March, updated 19 March 2022

Thursday Daytime Duplicate
Director: David
Scorer: David
YC Super League Div1
Goldhawks Pairs
Director: Chris
Scorer: Chris
Monday Evening Duplicate
Friday Evening Cross‑IMP Duplicate
Director: Jonathan Jacobs
Scorer: Jonathan Jacobs
Thursday Daytime Duplicate
Director: David
Scorer: David
Young Chelsea BC
Young Chelsea BC

♠  ♠ 

The Young Chelsea Bridge Club prides itself on its warm and friendly atmosphere, where beginners, intermediates and advanced players have opportunities to learn and compete. It is truly the club with a heart and especially encourages and mentors its newer members.

Founded 1968, YCBC is one the oldest and probably the best bridge club in the UK. We are a member‑owned club, whose board of directors is committed to enhancing the learning and playing experience of all its members.

Our club features:

  • Comfortable, well equipped facilities with free Wifi

  • Duplicate - Teams - Chicago Bridge most days of the week

  • EBU affiliated

  • Experienced EBU directors

  • Master points and NGS points awarded

  • Hosts—please call/email the CM ahead if possible

  • Licenced bar and refreshments available

  • Lessons for all levels: from Newbies to World‑Class players

  • Mentoring program

  • Special tournaments

  • Registered charity

Don’t be misled by the name. Although the Young Chelsea is particularly welcoming to young players, we have many older members, some of whom have belonged since the start of the club back in 1968. There is no upper age limit—you are never too late to learn and play at YCBC (or YC as it is popularly known). Our original home was in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea; now we can be found in Hammersmith.

The London MindSports Centre
The London MindSports Centre

The London MindSports Centre, here in Hammersmith, is one of the best venues in the country to host your events.

To book or for more information contact the manager@ycbc.co.uk.

26th Jan 2023
Beginners Course
MindSports Centre
26th Jan 2023
Thursday Evening Supervised Duplicate
MindSports Centre
26th Jan 2023
Improvers Course
MindSports Centre
27th Jan 2023
Director: Gitte
27th Jan 2023
Friday Evening Cross‑IMP Duplicate
MindSports Centre
Director: Jonathan Jacobs
29th Jan 2023
Next Step Course
MindSports Centre