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4th June 2020
Thursday X-Imps
9th June 2020
MP Championship Pairs Rd 6
23rd June 2020
-IMPs Championships Pairs Rd 6
2nd July 2020
Thursday X-Imps
14th July 2020
MP Championship Pairs Rd 7
28th July 2020
-IMPs Championships Pairs Rd 7
6th August 2020
Thursday X-Imps
11th August 2020
MP Championship Pairs Rd 8
25th August 2020
-IMPs Championships Pairs Rd 8
3rd September 2020
Thursday X-Imps
8th September 2020
MP Championship Pairs Rd 9
22nd September 2020
-IMPs Championships Pairs Rd 9
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Finding a Partner

Apart from Friday evening when a 'host' system is in place you will need to pre-arrange a partner.

There are two ways of finding a partner:

1)In Pianola you can  use the 'Partner Finder' section  which will allow you to send an email to those members who have opted in to receiving them. The suggested way to use the Pianola Partner Finder is to set the default Preference to 'Neutral' and then for the players you want to partner, set their entries to 'Notify'. This will mean that you will get an email when they are looking for a partner.For them to get an email when you're looking for a partner, they have to do the above and put 'Notify' against your name. For details on how to do this and advertise for a partner go to Pianola FInd a Partner Instructions


2) In Bridgewebs (a) Firstly, look to see if a 'Request for a Partner' has been posted on the RESULTS Calendar Month page - if so get in touch with Designated Contact (see below) and they will give you the contact details of the person looking for a partner. Please note you will not know who is looking for a partner until you get in touch with the designated contact. 

                       OR (b) If no one is advertising  for a partner in the RESULTS Calendar Month page you can telephone/email one of the contacts below and they will Post a Request for a partner. 

You can ask any committee member to give you a quick demo of either system or in the case of Pianola they will even set it up for you. The Bridgewebs system does not require any setup


Monday Afternoon 1-00pm

Gill Rickard 01904 264166 or Mobile 07748 155648,

Monday Evening (no fear) 7-00pm

John Guest 01904 795595,

Tuesday Evening 7-15pm

Gill Rickard 01904 264166 or Mobile 07748 155648, (volunteer required)

Wednesday Afternoon 1-00pm

Sally Roberts 01904 678895

Thursday Afternoon 1-00pm

Mary Norman 01904 765366  or Mobile 07481 852635,

Thursday Evening 7-15pm               

Barry OConnor 01904 766024

Friday Morning 10-00am

Piers Percival  01904 481841,

Friday Evening 7-15pm  

There is a host system so that you may just arrive, preferably before 7pm. If you intend to play regularly on Fridays please ask to be added to the host list, as this will be a good way of getting to play with a variety of players.

No one minds being asked to play so please ask. Fiday Night Host to find the host   Do not be shy.