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22nd October 2019
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17th December 2019
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14th January 2020
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28th January 2020
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11th February 2020
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25th February 2020
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10th March 2020
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Welcome to The York Bridge Club
Welcome to The York Bridge Club

We are a friendly and active club running 9 pairs sessions per week, visitors and new members are always welcome whatever their experience level. 

Classes are available for those new to club bridge or returning to it. 

For more information please contact Gill Rickard either via email, telephone 01904 264166 or mobile 07748155648 

Thursday Evening Assisted Play - Important Announcement

The following Thursday Evening Assisted Play Sessions have had to be cancelled 

October 17,  November 14 and November 21

Successful MacMillan Coffee Morning
Successful MacMillan Coffee Morning

Members enjoyed the Club's annual Macmillan Coffee Morning on Monday 23rd September. Thanks to member's generosity we can confirm that over £800 was raised for Macmillan. Overall a brilliant outcome. There are still quite a few unclaimed raffle prizes so please check your tickets and claim your allocated prize if you are a lucky winner. The picture shows all the unclaimed prizes at 1pm before the afternoon bridge session. Thanks again to the generosity of members who contributed raffle prizes, and provided food that was sold on the day. It is much appreciated.

Member Letter to EBU

Bryan Boulter, a Club member, has had the following letter published in the October EBU magazine.

'I read Neil Rosen's article on the Helvic wriggle with interest (June 2019/p19), but noted it did not address what happens if the double comes from the 4th position:-

1NT  Pass   Pass   Double

Pass Pass   ?

Here, a 'Forcing Pass' by responder ends the auction.

I've looked at many options on the market and they nearly all assume the double comes from the left hand opponent to the 1NT opener. However, I did come across the Elvington Wriggle: regardless of which side the double comes from, responder bids a five card suit, if he had one, as an old-fashioned weakness take-out. This has the disadvantage that the hand is played by responder, but no option is perfect. If responder does not have a five card suit, he re-doubles. This is alertable and asks opener to bid his lowest four-card suit. With tolerance (three or more cards) he passes. If not, he bids his lowest four card suit looking for at least a 4:3 fit. If responder has a decent hand and is confident that 1NT will make, he can pass.

Bryan would be interested to hear from Club members on the issue raised in his letter. Any written feedback can be provided by email to


New Bridge Classes !

Bridge for Absolute Beginners

A new course to teach Bridge to absolute beginners will commence at 10am on Tuesday the 24th of September with teacher Ray Lyall at York Bridge Club. The cost will be £5 per session. Ray con be contacted on 01904 709447 or by email to

Intermediate / Advanced Teaching Class

Whether your NGS is 2 or 10, there is only one way to improve your game. Want to find out how? Come along to the intermediate/advanced classes starting at 10am on Monday 16th September with Iain Crockatt.  The cost will be £5 per session. Contact: Iain on for more information.

On-going Classes

Go to the Bridge Class section to see restart dates for those sessions that have paused over the summer.  


Saturday Evening Social Bridge
Saturday Evening Social Bridge


Saturday night social bridge is now part of the Club’s ongoing session calendar.  Social bridge is offered on the second Saturday of each month, starting at 6.45pm. You can attend without a partner and be guaranteed to get a game. The cost is just £4 for members and non-members. All are welcome - beginners, improvers and experts. We can learn from each other. It is a social evening so you are encouraged to bring drinks and nibbles.

The next dates for social bridge evenings are:-

9th November and 14th December.

Why not come along and give it a try.


Launch of Mentorís Email Service

At a Club session have you:-

• missed out on a slam when others have bid it?

• missed out on game and had to settle for a part-score?

• failed to win overtricks when others have?

In short, have you got a poor score on a board and you’re not quite sure what went wrong? Help is now at hand.

A group of the Club’s top players have agreed to participate in a Mentor’s Email service and are ready to answer your questions. The only pre-condition is that your question must refer to a board played at a Club session, so the hands are recorded and can be referenced on our website. This enables the mentor to review the hand and provide the appropriate advice on how it should have been bid and played.

You should send your question by email to In the email title provide the date/ session and board number on which your question is based. Then ask your question and await a response. The aim is to provide a timely response so you can digest the advice when the board is still in mind. 

This service is available to all Club members. Advice will be based on simple systems and will use simple language. If you don’t understand or would like further clarification on the response, just ask a follow up question. 

We hope you find the service useful and will recommend it to other members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the website, you may like to have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's). If all else fails or you have a question to add send us a message (About Us/Contact Us) and we will get back to you

Club Tel No:

01904 622178

Hands Computer Dealt and Scored
Hands Computer Dealt and Scored

Computer dealt boards (Duplimate) and online scoring (Bridgemates & EBU Score) are used for all Duplicate sessions. 

Printed hand copies and final results are available after each session. Results, Hands & Travellers are posted on this website after each session.