The York Bridge Club
FACE TO FACE at Holgate Road

We are currently running two face-to-face sessions

Tuesday 1pm and Thursday 7-15pm

Please support these when you feel able to

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Just started click here for a schedule of courses and details of syllabuses.

For more information or to register for a course , Please contact Azizah (

All Club Sessions
All Club Sessions

Wednesday Evening (Simple Systems) on BBO has been cancelled with immediate effect. We are looking for a suitable alternative day/time when this can be scheduled.

Face to Face at Holgate Road:

Tuesday 1pm

Thursday 7.15 pm



Monday                               1.30         (Std) and           7-15 (Improvers)

Tuesday eve                       7.15          (Wks 1&3 Ximps, other wks MP handicap and scratch)

Wednesday aft                     1-30         (Std)

Thursday aft                      1.30           (Std)

Friday eve                          7.15           (Std)

Please register for all BBO events AT LEAST 15mins before the start time.


Real Bridge Play & Learn:

Contact Azizah if you wish to play                            

Friday            1-30

Saturday                        10.00 (must self-arrange a foursome)


Real Bridge Practice - Beginners Term 3 Courses only:

Wednesday            10.00am repeated at 7-0pm



Refresher training (all Holgate Road) 

Dual online/face to face trial  – the trial for this has been delayed due to the delay in the club move.  Further details to follow later.



The YCBA teams of 4 autumn competition has just finished with great success for York. York A&B retained their places in league 1 and will be joined next year by York C who came top in league 2 and are promoted. York D also had great success, topping their league and are promoted to league 4. Congratulations to all.

Full results and team members are available from the YCBA website: Online YL Teams of 4 - Autumn 2021 - Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association (

New Premises - Progress Report
New Premises - Progress Report

On 24th December 2020 the Trustees completed on a contract for the sale and leaseback of Holgate Road, a 199 year lease on our new clubhouse with Acomb Sports Club, and a contract with EK Build Ltd to build our new purpose-built premises. Building working commenced in early January,

Delays in the supply chain for building materials means that we are still unable to complete the installation of windows and doors. As a result, we do not currently have a date for the completion of the build. Whilst we wait, online and face to face sessions continue. Whilst we understand that some members may still be cautious playing face to face and have been waiting for the new premises to open, we would like to encourage more of you to come back to play bridge at Holgate Road until the new premises open. .

For further details on progress - click here

Welcome to The York Bridge Club
Welcome to The York Bridge Club

We are a friendly and active club running 9 pairs sessions per week, visitors and new members are always welcome whatever their experience level. 

Classes are available for those new to club bridge or returning to it. 

For more information contact Gill Rickard either via email, telephone 01904 264166 or mobile 07748155648 


To receive an Email of your balance and statement of activity, please enter your EBU number and press Order statement 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

If you have issues or questions, email

For the bank details click here

Tips to Improve your bridge

This month the topic is 'Rule of 11'

Click Here to view this month's 'Tip'


Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the website, you may like to have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's). If all else fails or you have a question to add send us a message (About Us/Contact Us) and we will get back to you

Beginners / Returners

With so many different lesson and play sessions available for those early in their bridge development, the club has recently pulled together a document that shows what is available. The document outlines how the different lessons and play sessions work together and provides brief information about each allowing you to choose the path most suited to you. Click Here to view the document. 


Club Tel No:

01904 622178

Hands Computer Dealt and Scored
Hands Computer Dealt and Scored

Computer dealt boards (Duplimate) and online scoring (Bridgemates & EBU Score) are used for all Duplicate sessions. 

Printed hand copies and final results are available after each session. Results, Hands & Travellers are posted on this website after each session.