The York Bridge Club
25th February 2020
X-IMPs Championships Pairs Rd 2
9th March 2020
EBU stratified Sims
10th March 2020
MP Championship Pairs Rd 3
24th March 2020
X-IMPs Championships Pairs Rd 3
26th March 2020
Equinox handicapped pairs
14th April 2020
MP Championship Pairs Rd 4
28th April 2020
-IMPs Championships Pairs Rd 4
12th May 2020
MP Championship Pairs Rd 5
26th May 2020
-IMPs Championships Pairs Rd 5
9th June 2020
MP Championship Pairs Rd 6
23rd June 2020
-IMPs Championships Pairs Rd 6
14th July 2020
MP Championship Pairs Rd 7
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Welcome to The York Bridge Club
Welcome to The York Bridge Club

We are a friendly and active club running 9 pairs sessions per week, visitors and new members are always welcome whatever their experience level. 

Classes are available for those new to club bridge or returning to it. 

For more information please contact Gill Rickard either via email, telephone 01904 264166 or mobile 07748155648 

New Format for Thursday Evenings Sessions

The Club committee has decided to take a new approach with a view to attracting more players on Thursday evenings. From 5th March all Thursday evenings will be handicapped. Updated handicaps will be issued from 1st March.

Normal results will be published and sent to the EBU for masterpoints but from 5th March we will produce handicapped results for sessions on Thursday evenings. The current Thursday evening ladder will be replaced by a ladder for handicapped results, produced on the same basis as the afternoon ladders.

Eligibility for the overall competition will be cut to 12 sessions to be played by the end of December 2020. Members will be competing for the Katherine Gill trophy.

Thursday evenings will still be used for holding one-off EBU and YCBA, and internal one-off competitions. For the remaining sessions the Club will offer Cross-IMPS on the first Thursday of each month. Match Pointed Pairs will be offered on the other Thursdays not reserved for one-off competitions.  The ladder will take account of handicapped results from all the Cross-IMPS and pairs sessions played on Thursday evenings.

Cross-IMPS scoring is teams scoring for pairs. The strategy is exactly the same as for teams. Bid your games aggressively, beat the opponent’s contracts, overtricks are not that important.

Some members will not be familiar with Cross-IMPS scoring. Your scores are converted to IMPS which are compared with every other result achieved on the deal. We then take an average of those IMPS scores. Your overall score for the session will be either positive or negative; a zero score is equivalent to 50% in pairs.

For your information more detailed notes on Cross-IMPS scoring and the differing tactics between teams and pairs bridge can be found on the Club website by clicking “Competitions 2020” on the left-hand side of the homepage.

We do hope the new format for Thursday evenings will encourage more people of varying abilities to attend these sessions.

Schools Initiative - Continued
Schools Initiative - Continued

Supporting the Maths Curriculum at Lord Deramore’s Primary School. In our second week with Year 5, the children were introduced to High Card Points (HCPs) and made to count their own HCPs in readiness for 13 card No Trump play next week, when we will also give them the Target Trick Table. One child said “This is better than our normal class”. Long may it last. Read More.............

Click Here to view the latest teaser We will post a new teaser each month

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the website, you may like to have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's). If all else fails or you have a question to add send us a message (About Us/Contact Us) and we will get back to you

Beginners / Returners

With so many different lesson and play sessions available for those early in their bridge development, the club has recently pulled together a document that shows what is available. The document outlines how the different lessons and play sessions work together and provides brief information about each allowing you to choose the path most suited to you. Click Here to view the document and look out for a copy on the club wall. We hope you find it useful and a bridge (sorry no pun intended) to playing at the club.


Club Tel No:

01904 622178

Hands Computer Dealt and Scored
Hands Computer Dealt and Scored

Computer dealt boards (Duplimate) and online scoring (Bridgemates & EBU Score) are used for all Duplicate sessions. 

Printed hand copies and final results are available after each session. Results, Hands & Travellers are posted on this website after each session.

Mentorís Email Service

At a Club session have you:-

• missed out on a slam when others have bid it?

• missed out on game and had to settle for a part-score?

• failed to win overtricks when others have?

In short, have you got a poor score on a board and you’re not quite sure what went wrong? Help is now at hand. ...........Read More