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Club Closure

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and with the safety of our members in mind, The York Bridge Club is now closed until further notice.

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Congratulations to all who fought hard to win our various competitions ending March 31st, in particular to Blair Wallace & Philip Ashton for their outstanding performance in winning the Monday afternoon Best Improver trophy by a massive +13.1% and +12.6% respectively. For further details that include Championship MP pairs, X IMP pairs and many others Click Here

Nora Pennís 100th Birthday


York Bridge Club celebrated the 100th birthday of one of its members on 4th April. Although a formal celebration will be held back until the Bridge Club reopens and social distancing measures can be relaxed, Nora Penn has received a significant number of birthday cards from her many friends.

Nora credits the game of bridge with keeping her alert and socially active in her later years. She was made an honorary member of York Bridge Club in 2011 in recognition of her dedicated work as TD for many years at the popular afternoon sessions. She was a TD at the Club for 37 years until giving up the role in 2016. With Nora directing the sessions they would inevitably run smoothly. Before bridgemates were introduced the role of the TD included manually calculating scores on travellers which were published the following day.

Although unable to play online during the pandemic, Nora has continued to play regularly at York Bridge Club up until March 2020. Her remarkable mental agility enables her to remain competitive as a regular Club player. She enjoys playing with different bridge partners. When most of us find mastering ACOL sufficiently challenging, depending on which partner she is playing with, she can play bridge using either the ACOL or Precision system.

In August 2018 York Bridge Club entertained a group of travelling American bridge players. Nora was part of the York team. The Club invited That’s York TV to report on the American evening and other activities within the Bridge Club. Nora is seen here being interviewed and a bulletin went out on local TV that same evening. As you would expect, another confident and assured performance by a remarkable lady.

Online Duplicate Sessions

Club sessions on BBO – unrestricted unless stated:

Monday aft                         1.30

Monday eve                       7.15        NGS <9 – 18 boards played 

Tuesday eve                       7.15        Championship X IMPs 1st & 3st

  Championship MP pairs 2nd, 4th, 5th Open (non weighted) Handicapped competition. To see your handicap click here

Wednesday aft                 1.30

Wednesday eve                7.15        simple systems – 12 boards only 

Thursday aft                      1.30

Friday eve                          7.15

Please register for all BBO events AT LEAST 15mins before the start time.

‘Play & Learn’ Sessions on Real Bridge - No NGS or MPs.

(open to all, please contact Azizah if you wish to play)                             

Tuesday pm                    1.30

Friday pm                        1.30 (+ 30” basic acol revision on zoom at 10am)

Saturday am                   10.00 (must self-arrange a foursome)

‘Practice Play’ on Real Bridge

(for beginners on YCBA free course only)

Wednesday am            10.00

Wednesday pm              7.00

Thursday am                 10.00


  For further information and guidance click here

Learn and Play sessions
Learn and Play sessions
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After completing beginner classes, the recommended progression is to play in a bridge session with teachers present who can advise you on bidding when you are uncertain what to do   We are currently running weekly online “Learn and Play” sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays 1.30pm, and Wednesdays from 10am

The sessions use the Realbridge platform This allows the students to not only play the game but interact with each other as it also utilises the computer's camera and microphone. This has been very successful and brought several new players into the club   We currently manage around four tables a session, but numbers are growing    It helps inexperienced players gain in confidence as they play more bridge in a relaxed and supportive environment. ..........

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New Premises - Progress Report
New Premises - Progress Report

On 24th December 2020 the Trustees completed on a contract for the sale and leaseback of Holgate Road, a 199 year lease on our new clubhouse with Acomb Sports Club, and a contract with EK Build Ltd to build our new purpose-built premises. Building working commenced in early January,


For further details on progress - click here

75 Years History of York Bridge Club
75 Years History of York Bridge Club
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Club secretary, Mark Dunkley, has been spending time over the last two years researching the history of York Bridge Club. The outcome is a book of 68 pages including over 60 pictures 

The book has been printed and is now available for sale. All proceeds are to be paid to the bridge club and will assist with funding our new premises

The Club’s 75th Anniversary year is 2021 - The book covers all 75 years in quite some detail, it names and describes the contribution of many of the key personalities who helped shape the Club and provides a history of the Club’s premises, including when and why the Club decided to move. ..........

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Welcome to The York Bridge Club
Welcome to The York Bridge Club

We are a friendly and active club running 9 pairs sessions per week, visitors and new members are always welcome whatever their experience level. 

Classes are available for those new to club bridge or returning to it. 

For more information contact Gill Rickard either via email, telephone 01904 264166 or mobile 07748155648 

Click Here to view the latest squeeze teaser We will post a new teaser each month

YCBA Event you may be interested in
  1. Stepping Stones event is taking place on 18th April which is a charity event in aid of  MInd & Zone1 (childrens mental Health Charities) It is a 24 board event for those graded 5 and below on the NGS. Entrance fee £10 per partnership pair

         Charity Stepping Stones Event - Click here for more information

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the website, you may like to have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's). If all else fails or you have a question to add send us a message (About Us/Contact Us) and we will get back to you

Beginners / Returners

With so many different lesson and play sessions available for those early in their bridge development, the club has recently pulled together a document that shows what is available. The document outlines how the different lessons and play sessions work together and provides brief information about each allowing you to choose the path most suited to you. Click Here to view the document and look out for a copy on the club wall. We hope you find it useful and a bridge (sorry no pun intended) to playing at the club.


Club Tel No:

01904 622178

Hands Computer Dealt and Scored
Hands Computer Dealt and Scored

Computer dealt boards (Duplimate) and online scoring (Bridgemates & EBU Score) are used for all Duplicate sessions. 

Printed hand copies and final results are available after each session. Results, Hands & Travellers are posted on this website after each session.