Spade Yateley & Hawley BC Club

Yateley & Hawley BC Improvers Section

Due to lack of attendance, we have decided to suspend the group.  If we get enough interest, we will of course re-start this group.

If you are looking to attend, please, get some friends together and let us know and we will re-start the group

email Vee HERE


An Improvers section runs on a Wednesday evening along side the main group.

This has proved to be an extremely sucessful section and allows members who are new to bridge, new to playing in a competitive club or just lack confidence to play in a friendly environment.

The members have their own events, ECATS sim pairs (for students) and a league is run for each season with a Cup for the top Pair

Members also help each other learn by having open discussion about the hands and the group works very well.

Once the players are confident, the option is open to move into the main group