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Bridge Lessons with Fred are continuing on Wednesday evenings and are being well attended.



Welcome to Stockton Bridge Club at Yarm
Director's Cut - 30th January 2020

Calls Out of Rotation (Bids out of turn):  What we normally refer to as ‘bids’ The Law Book refers to all as ‘calls’, the logic being that not every call is a bid e.g. Pass, X and XX; but all bids are calls! (The Law Book is extremely logical, often to the point of being unintelligible!)

At Table1 on Tuesday 28th January, Nth opened 1NT when South was dealer.  There were two Directors playing at the table but a third was required to adjudicate.  It transpired that all three Directors held different opinions regarding how the call out of rotation should be resolved!

Firstly, Law 29A states that player to the left of the offender may accept the erroneous call, and if accepted, play continues normally from that point with no further action taken.  NB. The erroneous call is automatically accepted if the left hand opponent over-calls without realising the original error.    

If the call out of rotation is not accepted, Law 31 is invoked, the relevant part of which dictates that:

  1. The erroneous call is withdrawn and play reverts to, in this case Sth. 
  2. Information gleaned by Sth (from Nth’s erroneous bid) is unauthorised and must not influence his / her bid in any way.   This same information is authorised to the non-offending side.
  3. At his/her correct turn to call the offender (Sth) may make any legal bid but with the proviso that if it is not a comparable call, then partner (Nth) must pass when it is next his/her turn to call (for one round only). 
  4. Furthermore, if the offending player becomes a defender, lead restrictions may be imposed whenever it is his /her first turn to lead (which may be the opening lead). So, Declarer may prohibit the offender’s partner from leading any (one) suit which has not been specified during the legal part of the auction.  This prohibition continues for as long as the offender’s partner holds the lead. . . . Law 26B

Item (iv) above is frequently forgotten and is a very useful tool in making opponents pay dearly for bidding out of turn!  . . although I am not very clear on the logic of “prohibiting the offender’s partner from leading a suit which has not been specified during the legal part of the auction” . . . . answers on a post card please.


Welcome to Peter Li-ping's twelfth hand of the week. Links to previous hands can be found on the News Page.

PeterHow Week 12: ... 4.2.20. 4.2.20 Hand 12 ... A Diet of Blackwood.pdff     ... You're not going to get fat on a diet of black  ...   


Please email queries directly to the query will be answered by one of the experienced players and the answer posted on the site. There will be no reference to who the query is from. Please try to make your queries clear and not extremely specific. We’re not going to learn much if you ask, ‘how do I play this hand?’ Asking, ‘how do I bid this hand?’ is better as there are likely to be general points to make about that type of hand. Questions about play such as, ’when should I not take out trumps?’ or ‘what discard system is best?’ would be useful.

Answers to queries made so far are below:

1. (answered by PL) Leading Trumps and Leading Singletons.pdf 

2. (answered by PL) When to lead from unsupported or broken honours.pdf

18th February 2020
Darnborough 5
Director: Fred
25th February 2020
Stockton 5
Director: Steve
3rd March 2020
Director: Tony
Metcalfe 2
Director: Steve
Scorer: Steve
Director: Tony
Scorer: John
Director: Steve
Scorer: Steve