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Bridge Lessons are on Wednesday evenings 6 to 8 pm for info

Welcome to Stockton Bridge Club at Yarm
Tuesday Evenings

 Tuesday evening bridge sessions are postponed until further notice. Updated 27th March.  



Welcome to Peter Li-ping's thirteenth hand of the week. Links to previous hands can be found on the News Page.

PeterHow Week 13: ... Proverb of the Week.pdf     ... Proverb of the Week  ...   


Please email queries directly to the query will be answered by one of the experienced players and the answer posted on the site. There will be no reference to who the query is from. Please try to make your queries clear and not extremely specific. We’re not going to learn much if you ask, ‘how do I play this hand?’ Asking, ‘how do I bid this hand?’ is better as there are likely to be general points to make about that type of hand. Questions about play such as, ’when should I not take out trumps?’ or ‘what discard system is best?’ would be useful.

Answers to queries made so far are below:

1. (answered by PL) Leading Trumps and Leading Singletons.pdf 

2. (answered by PL) When to lead from unsupported or broken honours.pdf

Hughes (Teams) 5
Director: Steve
Scorer: steve woodward
Director: Fred
Scorer: Steve
Stockton 5
Director: Fred
Scorer: Steve