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Welcome to Wymondham & District Bridge Club

Welcome to the website of the Wymondham & District Bridge Club.  We play duplicate on Tuesday evenings at the Abbey Hall, Wymondham starting promptly at 7.15pm.  Please be seated at 7.05 pm.

Tea, coffee and squash is provided and visitors, guests and new members are always welcome. We are affiliated to the EBU.   Electronic scoring with Bridgetabs.

Visitors are not eligible for Trophies.

Commentary on hand

How are you going to bid this one?


At a recent pairs evening, with E/W vunerable, these cards arrived in my hand   AQJ8, KQ83, A, AKJ6.  Count points, then check - yes 24 so I'm gearing up to bid 2C with three players to pass in front of me.  But what's this?  LHO has opened 3D  and Partner - he's bid 3S!  Interesting.  I am thinking slam but there are two cards partner needs to have.   4NT seems a good idea and partner replies 5H - meaning he has two of the five "Aces" in Spades - must be the SK and HA.     Count tricks - say 7 spades, 3 hearts, 1 diamond and 2 clubs.  That's 13 and on a good day he might have the HJ and CQ giving 16 tricks!       I've only got one bid, so what's it to be?    7NT must be right so that became the contract.  The DK was lead and I claimed.  The hands:


♠ K765432


♣ 94



♠ -



♣ T83


♠ T9



♣ Q752


♠ AQJ8



♣ AKJ6


Did you get there?  On the evening, all declarers made 13 tricks, two were in 7NT, two in 7S and four in 6S.  North's bid of 3S made it easy for us as he must be showing a weak hand (well I guessed that!) and spade length so with all the controls in place and an accurate count of the tricks available. there was no choice but 7NT - except fot the 6 pairs who decded otherwise.


Peter Cotes

Hands for 22/10

Curtain cards for boards 19/20 &21 were missing, all others transcribed.

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