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Roman Key Card Blackwood
Roman Key Card Blackwood
Roman Key Card Blackwood

The use of 4NT to ask for the FIVE Aces and Queen of trumps (counting the K of trumps as an Ace).

Two versions are available commonly known as 3041 and 1430.

3041 shows club response as 3 or 0 and diamond response as 1 or 4.

1430 shows club response as 1 or 4 and diamond response as 3 or 0.

3041 (most common) responses are:

5♣        shows Three or Zero Ace values                  (3/0)

5        shows Four or One Ace values                     (4/1)

5        shows Two Ace values but no Q of trumps   (2 minus Q of trumps)

5        shows Two Ace values and the Q of trumps (2 plus Q of trumps)

Asking for the Queen of trumps

If the response to the 4NT bid is 5♣ or 5, the person asking can still ask for the Q of trumps by bidding the next suit up the line.

  • Without the Q, the response should be the lowest level of the trump suit available.
  • With the Queen, rebid 5NT.
  • With the Queen and a King outside of the trump suit, bid the suit of the King.