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WBU Swiss Teams 2012 (HAND 2)
Bidding with a Misfit hand
Bidding with a Misfit hand

One of my favourite hands from the weekend, bid very well by two top Welsh players John Salisbury and Mike Tedd was this featured hand.

John opened the bidding as South and after a fourth suit bid of 2 Diamonds and natural rebids of 3 and 4 Diamonds by Mike, who did not like either of John's suits, he finally bid the best game contract of 4 Spades.  3NT was the only other, lucky, making game.

East found the good lead of a spade and Declarer eventually ending up losing 2 Diamonds and 1 Spade trick.  If a Spade is not led, Declarer will eventually lose the opposite, 2 Spades and only 1 Diamond.

This good bidding shows how to STOP bidding when you have an absolute misfitting hand.

TIP - 5 DONT JUMP THE BIDDING WHEN YOU HAVE A STRONG TWO SUITED HAND and you dont know where your going to.  Keep partner in the auction.