Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Your Bid ?
What would you bid ?

The hand is taken from the final round of the Northern Counties Bridge League.

What would you bid with the EAST hand after you have opened 1♠ and your partner has shown at least a "Good Raise" to the three level with a 2NT "system" bid that contains at least an Ace and a King and four+ cards trump support ?

Do not tell me you would have opened a WEAK 2♠ !


Your choices probably include :
3♠ - I'm weak and only have 10 points! I dont want to go on really.
4♠ - I'm weak and only have 10 points but I want to play in game.
A cue bid of some kind showing some mild slam interest.

I made the idle bid of 4♠ and the board was flat when opponents also made the same bid and 12 tricks.

By far the best bid is 3 - a cue bid showing either an Ace, a King, a singleton or a void.

If you make this bid, the next bid you will hear is 4♣, also a cue bid.  You can now bid 4, a further cue confirming your VOID.  Note, between you, you have so far made three slam tries below the game level.

Partner now comes to life and bids 6♠.  He knows you have ALL your points in Spades, Diamonds and Clubs where he has the Aces!

Click "Show All Hands" to view the full deal.

6♠ is an easy make losing just to K♠.  A rock soild, 24hcps slam.

NOTE TO BARRY : Just think a little before you make a lazy bid next time...