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Lead of the Year ?
Lead of the Year ?
Lead of the Year ?

This hand from the club Monday duplicate produced some results that should never have occured. Two delarers (over) bid to 7NT, while five bid to 6.  Neither contract should have made.

What would you lead from the East hand shown after North has opened the equivalent of an Acol game force and blasted to 6  or 7NT after South has shown values in Spades?


The 7NT people had no chance after any lead, 10 tricks the limit although one declarer did make 11 after a mis-defence.

6  made four  times out of five but was held to the correct number of tricks by one pair only.  Spencer Williams was the only person to find what I think is the best lead made in our club this year !

Not wishing to give anything away from any suit where he held values, he led his singleton heart (partner could not have very much in the suit after North had shown his Acol two bid equivalent). His partner covered the 7 of Hearts from Dummy, which was now dead.  No there was no way to get to those lovely Spades and 10 tricks were the limit.

Unfortunately this did not give Spencer a "top" because of the foolhardy people who tried 7NT.  He did achieve a 75% score though because one declarer went 3 off in 7NT and the other two off, matching his score.

Well done Spencer !