Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Operation a Success...
but the patient died...
but the patient died...

Everyone knows to pre-empt to the 3 level with a seven card suit and a weak hand. Similarly, to the 4 level with an eight card suit. However, that rarety a NINE card suit?

This hand from whe WBU Premier League weekend had a variety of results.  What would you bid with the hand shown against two of the best players in Wales?

During the trials, we were using screens and I decided that this was worth a super pre-empt and opened 6♣. My screen partner, Pat Shields' eyes nearly popped out !  Of course when we passed the tray showing the bidding under the cloth to the other side of the table I have no idea what comments were made.  I thought to myself that if I had bid only 5♣ then my opponent would have available a 6♣ bid to pick a Major suit slam.

My 6♣ bid left Filip Kurbalija with very little option only to Double with his 23 point hand.  Pat left this in and 6♣X was only 2 off for -300 when both Major suit slams were making from the North hand.

6♠ is one off from the South hand on a Heart lead and ruff when they have a slow Diamond loser as well.

I was very pleased to lose only -300 but...  at the other table the auction took a different turn.

(5♣) - 6♣ - (7♣!) - 7♠ - (Pass) -  Pass - (Pass) one off.  So we were -300 and - 50 for -8 IMPS.

Other results on this board included :

5♣ x-1 -100 twice

6♣ x-2 -300 (me)

7♣ x-1 -500

7  -1 -50 (on the 9 lead)

7♠ -1 -50 

6 made 12 +980 (on the K lead)

4♠ +2 +480  (on the K lead) NO JUSTICE FOR THE UNDER BIDDERS ! ! !

Ah well, my operation was a success but the patient died in the end. crying