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Play 3NT or 4 Spades ?
Would you like to play 3NT or 4 Spades ?

A hand from the recent, very successful Swiss Teams held in Wrexham at the Ramada Inn.

This hand from the first round was difficult and both declarers went off. One in 3NT (my team mates !) and the other in 4 spades where my partner and I were defending.

Declarer in 3NT won the club lead and was soon FOUR OFF when he lost to the K. Ooops!

I lead a heart against 4 spades which declarer let run to the Q.  She attacked trumps. I won the Ace and exited with another heart declarer discarding a club.  After cashing dummys trumps a club was ruffed to hand and the J led for a finesse.  Partner played another club back which was ruffed with the last trump.  The diamonds were now blocked.  Just a little planning was needed earlier...

Declarer should have counted her tricks. 4 trumps, 2 hearts, 1 club, so only 3 diamonds were needed.  The diamond finesse was a distraction.  If either she had led a small diamond to the Queen or played the A then the contract would have made. Dummy's 3 providing and entry back to hand for those lovely winning diamonds.

Various results on the hand from 3NT-4, 3NT, 2NT+1, 4♠+1, 4♠-3, 3-3, 1-1.

"It's a funny old game..."