Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Overcalling Part 2
Overcalling Part 2
Overcalling Part 2

North opened 1 and rebid 2 showing quite a good hand with length in both bid suits after South's initial 1 response and West's ill advised bid of 2.

East had seen his partner's overcalls before and chose not to bid, althought this time 4 is only -1 for a good score.  South closed proceedings with a 3NT bid.

West lead the expected Club to the King and Ace.  After a moments thought South played a small Heart towards the King in dummy, trying to look like a mad who had 1 Club trick, 6 Diamond tricks, the A and was trying to "sneak" a quick 9th trick.

East took A first time and played back a club expecting his partner to take many Club tricks. WRONG!

South now played Q and another Heart to dummy finally making 2 Clubs, 4 Hearts and 6 Diamonds for +690 and 57.9/58 MP again.  Another top.

It takes very precise defence of a a small Spade lead from either side of the table (ducked by West) and continuation when in with the A to hold 3NT to 9 tricks.  At 18 of 28 tables, either 4 or 5 game contracts were let throught!

Can you see how to beat 4 by North?  East must lead the J to prevent North getting to the South hand and throwing a Spade away on the Ace of Clubs.

These two back-to-back boards gave N/S two tops on their way to a 20-0 VP win in the match.