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Overcalling Part1
Overcalling Part1
Overcalling Part1

This hand occured in a Swiss Pairs event where N/S were playing a 14-16 No Trump in 3rd seat.  North chose to open 1 and East with his 14 hcp felt "obliged" to do something and bid 2.

N/S had an agreement that all 2NT bids in competition after a Major suit opening guaranteed at least an Ace and a King with 4 trumps (and at least a raise to the 3 level).  Without the Ace and a King, South chose to bid 3 and West quickly jumped to 5 trying to stop N/S's game.  North knew what to do. Unlucky !

E/W had already won the auction (and should have had a plus score) when South bid 3H , which should be -1 because of East's good Heart suit.  However, the 5X contract went for -300 and NS gained a top with 57.9/58 MPs.

Who was the Culprit?  East bidding at the TWO level with :

  1. Length and strength in N/S's suit ()
  2. AQ542 only in his very poor suit

East is best advised to pass and wait and see if N/S get too high or his partner can either "protect" in some way.