Spade Heart  Diamond Club
What is YOUR largest Penalty?
-800, -1100, -1400.? Is it as large as mine !
-800, -1100, -1400.?   Is it as large as mine !

A hand that went against me...  Only 2 of the six other pairs bid game on this quiet little hand so a score of +620 would do very nicely.  The event was scored by "Butler" where you play like teams bridge for I.M.P.s. and do not have to worry about overtricks.

West overcalled a quiet 2 after my (non-regular) partner had opened the bidding with 1.  We had agreed to play the Jacoby 2NT which showed a Game Forcing raise in Hearts.  Continuations after this bid are important and can differ quite a lot.  Partner bid 3 naturally which I took to be a control bid and thus a slam try.  I cue bid 4 which was doubled by East to say that he did not mind a Club lead.  Partner passed with nothing more to say and I Redoubled to say (or so I thought... Ha!) "don't worry, I have really do have first round control of Clubs. Carry on trying for a slam". Ooops.  Partner took this as to play. Nooooooooooooooooo !

I now know how much it costs to go down each trick when redoubled vulnerable.  The first trick costs just -400 then each subsequent trick is another -600. Lets just say -7 redoubled was not a success.  -400 + (6x-600) = -4000.  But do not forget this is a kind of TEAMS bridge - scored as I.M.P.s this is -24 I.M.P.s, the absolute maximum on the scale.

No matter how big your penalty, it will not be as big as mine.  Oh, and don't forget to tell me if you have a bigger one !