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From the 2013 WBU Open Pairs final
From the 2013 WBU Open Pairs final

How would you play this 6 slam after the 4 of Diamonds lead following the bidding as shown above ?

On seeing dummy and capturing South's singleton K, West thought "Oh well, one off.  Two Aces to lose..." and was soon one down.  A little more thought and he would have seen that the contract is unbeatable!

Q: Why did North not lead a Spade?  Ans : He has not got any!

Q: Would South open a weak 2 with A,K and A?  Ans: Maybe, but unlikely.

It looks very likely therefore that the Aces are split.  A with North and A with South. West should lead a  to the Jack in dummy.  If North wins, win the return in hand and throw 8 and K on the K and Q  You can then throw two Spades on the Ace an King of Hearts and cross ruff for 12 easy tricks.

If North ducks and the J wins, cross back to hand and lead K throwing 8 from dummy and play similarly to above.  You lose only the A and chalk up your slam for +1370.  You were the only pair to bid this "cold" slam as WEST.  It would be minus 2 played by East when South Plays Ace and another spade for North to ruff and then play the Ace of clubs for -200.

It's a simple game.