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WBU Swiss Teams 2012 (HAND 1)
The Unusual No Trump
The Unusual No Trump

After a slow start, East came to light with a very aggressive "Unusual No Trump" bid which showed both minors.  West jumped to the slam by bidding 6 Clubs with only minimum values between both hands. Nothing to the play, just hope trumps are 1-1 and take the Diamond finesse !  You can get back and too as many times as you like in trumps.  The score was soon agreed, +920 to East-West.

The Unusual No Trump, normally bid at the 2 level after a one level opening is very much over used and usually helps Declarer play the hand.  This hand shows how it should be used, with great distribution and very little defence. 

When played at the other table, South opened the bidding with a "South African Texas" bid of 4 Diamonds which showed a good 4 Spades opening hand.  North bid 4S and there the matter rested.  East led the Ace of Diamonds and switched to Jack of Clubs. West won, cashed the Ace of Hearts and gave East a ruff to take 4 Spades one off for +50.  Very poor reward when they are cold for 6 Clubs.  Best defence against 4 Spades could only hold North to the tricks actually taken.  If South had opened 4 Spades he would have gone 2 off for +100.

Tip - 4 USE THE UNUSUAL NT BID WITH GREAT SHAPE not just to show 5-5 shape and not just at the TWO level.