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It's a funny old game
It's a funny old game
It's a funny old game

So, teammates turn up and announce "-200", you say "And -600, thats 13 out".  "But we were not vulnerable" they say, "surely only -400 out."  "No", you say "-600!".

On this strange hand from the Llangollen Swiss Teams event, East /West at one table bid via a Precision sequence to 3NT and went 4 off non-vulnerable when North cashed his EIGHT card  suit. 

At the other table West passed and North opened the bidding with 3NT which shows a "solid" suit somewhere and no more that a Queen outside.  All passed.  East led A  to get a signal from his partner and followed with A when North showed out. Oooops !   Defence now cashed their TEN tricks for +600, which should have been 11 tricks for +700.

South mentioned the fact that the suit was NOT solid and he could not know which suit North had for sure but guessed it was Diamonds!

East could not double because North would "run" to 4s, only one off Doubled for -200.

It's a funny old game...