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Think - if you need a "Top"
Think before you bid
Think before you bid

Experts say you should always strive to compete when your opponents open a weak No Trump in front of you.  There are plenty of well known two suited defences published on the internet if you wish to look for them and pick your favourite.  Asptro, Astro, Landy, Cansino etc.

Generally, when holding a long single suited Major, people just bid without thinking over the NT, as on this hand from a Pairs event where it was played 11 times.  Nine tables played in Hearts at some level or other.   There is usually one foolish result on every hand and on this it was 3-3 by West!

At the one remaining table, South thought before making the "obvious" bid.  He would need TWO tricks from partner to make 8 tricks in 2.  If his partner had two tricks though then in 1NT the defense would get six tricks in hearts along with the other two and go 2 off.  The "Magic +200" at Pairs!  It would be very unlikely someone held 5 Hearts to the 10.  Reasoning this, South  took a chance that East-West would not get together in Spades, and passed!  +200 when North signaled heavily for a Spade switch scored 90% of the match points.

Think before you CALL, not BID!  Sometimes Pass works out a lot better.