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Welcome to Wotton-under-Edge Bridge Club
On-line Bridge
On-line Bridge

Duplicate Pairs on RealBridge

We will be playing on RealBridge on Mondays AND Wednesdays every week from now on.

Click on the appropriate day for the link to the session.




Click here for more information



 Covid-19 Update 

Questions are increasingly being asked about when we will be able to meet again round a bridge table.

When will the Club re-open?

Please click on latest update to see a report on the current status.


Until further notice we are no longer playing Duplicate Pairs events on BCL.

All Pairs events are now played on RealBridge.


If you want access to Social Bridge, Teams Events and various other Tourneys, click on:

           BCL Home Page

Detailed User Guides are available – click on Bridge Club Live in the LH Menu.

 The Welch Cup 

Many congratulations to Gilly Weaver and Barry Shepherd - this year's winners, holding off a close challenge from Esme Clothier and Ian Cooke, with Brenda Cary and Geoff Nattrass in third place.

For those of you who don't know, the Wotton-under-Edge BC was founded by Gill and Brian Welch in 1995. Last year we played for the Welch Cup for the first time, on the 25th Anniversary of the Club being founded. It was decided to make this an Annual event, held in the 3rd week of February. We didn't quite manage that this year, thanks to Covid, and BCL being an unsuitable platform. Now that we are playing on RealBridge it was possible to hold it.



Di & I are moving away to south Somerset and unfortunately will not be able to return when the Face to Face bridge starts up again.

I would just like to thank you all for your friendship and understanding during my early years.

I really enjoyed my bridge nights at Wotton and will miss it and you all tremendously. Stay safe all and enjoy your bridge, Farewell and thanks again.

Regards David Lester.

Playing in a Duplicate Pairs Event on BCL

On our Club page on BCL, scroll down (if necessary) and

click on  Play Bridge   then

click on  Enter your F2F Club Rooms 

You will initially be in the “Lobby”. You will also see 2/3 Club rooms; our Club room is identified by a 6-letter code - WOTTON. We will be playing 22 boards in the 7pm to 10pm time slot.

Our Club room will show at 6:45pm; the room will open at 6:50pm.

The lead player in each partnership enters the Club Room and clicks on:

           Enter the Tournament 

The BCL server will sit him/her in a North seat. The following player then sits opposite in the South seat. Agree your Simple System Disclosure card (SSD), and the Server will combine you with another pair when they are ready.

Play starts at 7:00pm PROMPT. Only those players who are sat at a Table with their partner, and with SSD agreed, by this time will be included in the event.

Refer to the full User Guide for the recommended procedure.


Some members are also registered with BridgeBaseOnline (BBO), an American based website. There is, however, no formal Club presence on BBO.

Watch the videos and read the User Guides on How to use BBO - see the menu item on the left.


Finding a Partner

Whilst we are playing only online bridge, Ian is acting as co-ordinator for pairing up players on BCL.

Bridge Lessons

Summer Series

Learn how to play, or to improve at, the most stimulating and social of card games.

Contact Ian Cooke if  you are interested:

  • 01666 890261


Monday Pairs
Director: Ian
Wednesday Pairs
Director: George
Monday Pairs
Director: Bob
Wednesday Pairs
Director: Ian
23rd Jun 2021
Wednesday Pairs
RealBridge 7:00
Director: Ian
28th Jun 2021
Monday Pairs
RealBridge 7:00
Director: TBD
30th Jun 2021
Wednesday Pairs
RealBridge 7:00
Director: TBD
5th Jul 2021
Monday Pairs
RealBridge 7:00
Director: TBD