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Welcome to Wotton-under-Edge Bridge Club
Online Bridge

To go to our Club page on BCL, click on:

          Virtual F2F Club

This provides access to the Duplicate Pairs events.


Alternatively, if you want access to Social Bridge, Teams Events and various other Tourneys, click on:

           BCL Home Page

Detailed User Guides are available – click on Bridge Club Live in the LH Menu.

Playing in a Duplicate Pairs Event on BCL

On our Club page on BCL, scroll down (if necessary) and

click on  Play Bridge   then

click on  Enter your F2F Club Rooms 

You will initially be in the “Lobby”. You will also see 2/3 Club rooms; our Club room is identified by a 6-letter code - WOTTON. We will be playing 20 boards in the 7pm to 9:45pm time slot.

Our Club room will show at 6:55pm; it will open at 7pm.

The lead player in each partnership enters the Club Room and clicks on:

           Enter the Tournament 

The BCL server will sit him/her in a North seat. The following player then sits opposite in the South seat. Agree your Simple System Disclosure card (SSD), and the Server will combine you with another pair when they are ready.

Play starts at 7:10pm PROMPT. Only those players who are sat at a Table with their partner, and with SSD agreed, by this time will be included in the event.

Refer to the full User Guide for the recommended procedure.


Please refer to the September update on playing online bridge.



Some members are also registered with BridgeBaseOnline (BBO), an American based website. There is, however, no formal Club presence on BBO.

Watch the videos and read the User Guides on How to use BBO - see the menu item on the left.


Finding a Partner

Whilst we are playing only online bridge, Ian is acting as co-ordinator for pairing up players on BCL.

Bridge Lessons

Learn how to play, or to improve at, the most stimulating and social of card games.

Contact Ian Cooke if  you are interested:

  • 01666 890261


Wednesday BCL pairs
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
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Scorer: Bridge Club Live
Wednesday BCL pairs
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
Monday BCL pairs
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
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Monday BCL pairs
BCL F2F 7:10
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Wednesday BCL pairs
BCL F2F 7:10
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Monday BCL pairs
BCL F2F 7:10
7th Oct 2020
Wednesday BCL pairs
BCL F2F 7:10