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Bridge Library

Roger Bowles Library for Worcester Bridge Club

After the sad loss of Roger Bowles in December 2015 his widow donated Roger's extensive library of bridge books to Worcester Bridge Club. It was agreed that they should be made available for everyone in the County to borrow and that the County would manage this. As a result the books are now being stored by Martin Gill and if you want to borrow one of these books you need to contact him either by phone on 01527 821709 or email at He can then arrange for the book to be collected on a County Night or taken to one of the other local Clubs for collection.

Author Date Title Type
Bird 1999 The Abbot and the Sensational Squeeze Humour
Bird 2000 Having Nun Partner Humour
Bird 2000 All Hands on Deck Humour
Bird 2001 Beaten by the Masters Humour
Bird 2002 Bridge over Troubled Waters Humour
Bird 2003 The Abbot's Great Sacrifice Humour
Bird 2012 The Abbott, the Witchdoctor and the disastrous double Humour
Bird 2013 The Headmaster, the Matron & the Scissors Coup Humour
Bird & Anthias 2011 Winning Notrump Leads Card-play
Bird & Anthias 2012 Winning Suit Contract Leads Card-play
Bird & Bourke 2000 Saints & Sinners Humour
Bird & Helgemo 2000 Bridge with Imagination General
Bird & Klinger 1994 Kosher Bridge 2 Humour
Bird & Klinger 1998 The Rabbi's Magic Trick Humour
Blackwood 1951 The Human Element in Bridge General
Brock & Brock 2002 Great Hands I Wish I Had Played Card-play
Brogeland & Bird 2011 Bridge at the Edge Technique
Brown 1947 Winning Tricks Card-play
Coffin 1954 Bridge Play from A to Z Card-play
Coffin 1957 Endplays Card-play
Cohen 1963 Acol Quiz Quiz
Cohen 1992 The Law of Total Tricks System
Cohen & Barrow 1969 Your lead, Partner Card-play
Corn 1973 Play bridge with the Aces General
Cotter & Rimington 1972 Bridge Quiz from a New Angle Quiz
Darvas & de V Hart 1947 Right through the Pack Card-play
Ewen 1993 Opening Leads Card-play
Flint 1974 Bridge in the Sunday Express General
Flint & North 1971 Bridge in the Looking Glass Quiz
Forquet 1987 Bridge with the Blue Team Card-play
Francis & Senior 1999 All time best Bermuda Bowl Deals History
Frey & Truscott 1967 The Bridge Players' Encyclopedia General
Goren 1972 The Precision System of Bidding System
Hayden 1969 Winning Declarer Play Card-play
Horton & v Cleeff 2010 The Mysterious Multi System
Jannersten & Kelsey 1980 The Only Chance Card-play
Jayaram 2003 Moments of Truth at the Bridge Table General
Jeronimidis 1996 More Bedside Bridge General
Kaplan 1965 Competitive Bidding System
Karpin 1962 How to Play Slam Contracts Card-play
Karpin 1964 Bridge Strategy at Trick One Card-play
Karpin 1968 Winning Play in Tournament and Duplicate Bridge Card-play
Kelsey 1976 Logical Bridge Play Card-play
Kelsey 1991 Bridge for the Connoisseur General
Kelsey 1968 Advanced Play at Bridge Humour
Kelsey 1966 Killing Defence at Bridge Quiz
Kelsey 1977 Test your Match Play Quiz
Kelsey 1973 Slam Bidding System
Kelsey 1970 Matchpoint Bridge Technique
Kelsey 1971 How to improve your bridge Technique
Kelsey & Glauert 1980 Bridge Odds for Practical Players Technique
Kempson 1965 Bridge Magazine General
Kempson 1966 Bridge Magazine General
Kempson 1961 First Pocket Book of Bridge Problems Quiz
King & King 2000 The Kings' Tales Humour
King & King 2002 The new Kings' Tales Humour
Klinger 2003 Play with the Champions Quiz
Klinger 2003 Play with the Champions Quiz
Klinger 1987 The Modern Losing Trick Count System
Landy 1968 Introduction to Defender's Play Card-play
Le Dentu 1978 Bridge Analysis Quiz
Love 1959 Bridge Squeezes Complete Technique
MacLeod 1952 Bridge is an Easy Game Technique
Mahmood 1991 Bridge my Way General
Markus 1984 More Deadly than the Male Card-play
Martens 2009 Tiger & Fly Card-play
McNeil & Reese 1993 Bid against the Masters System
Milnes 1972 Bridge Magazine General
Milnes 1976 Bridge Magazine General
Milnes 1977 Bridge Magazine General
Milnes & Lukacs 1974 Bridge Hands for Connoisseur Technique
Mollo 1967 The Bridge Immortals General
Mollo 2001 Destiny at Bay Humour
Mollo 2001 Bridge in the Fourth Dimension Humour
Mollo 2002 Murder in the Menagerie Humour
Mollo 1968 Victor Mollo's Winning Double Quiz
Mollo 1947 Streamlined Bridge System
Mollo & Gardener 1971 Card Play Technique Card-play
Mollo & Jannersten 1973 The Best of Bridge Quiz
Mollo & King 2002 Bridge in the Fifth Dimension Humour
Morehead 1964 Bridge Writers Choice 1964 Technique
North 1984 Aunt Agatha plays Tournament Bridge Technique
Osborn 1949 How's Your Bridge? Quiz
Ottlik & Kelsey 1979 Adventures in Card Play Card-play
Phillips 1960 Bridge with Mr Goren Technique
Phillips & Reese 1952 Bridge with Mr Playbetter Technique
Pottage 2004 Win the Big Match Quiz
Reese 1948 Reese on Play Card-play
Reese 1962 Develop your Bidding Judgment Card-play
Reese 1960 Play bridge with Reese General
Reese 1976 Bridge by Question and Answer General
Reese 1976 Bridge by Question and Answer General
Reese 1972 Precision Bidding & Precision Play System
Reese 1958 The Expert Game Technique
Reese 1973 Practical Bidding and Practical Play Technique
Reese 1973 Practical Bidding and Practical Play Technique
Reese & Trezel 1976 Safety Plays in Bridge Card-play
Reese & Trezel 1977 Snares and Swindles in Bridge Card-play
Reese & Trezel 1977 Snares and Swindles in Bridge Card-play
Reese & Bird 1991 Famous Hands from Famous Matches Quiz
Reese & Bird 1990 Acol in the 90s System
Reese & Bird 2001 Famous Bidding Decisions History
Reese & Dormer 1967 The play of the cards Card-play
Reese & Dormer 1968 Bridge for Tournament Players General
Reese & Trezel 1977 Elimination play in Bridge Humour
Robson 2007 Bridge Secrets General
Robson & Segal 1988 Partnership Bidding at Bridge System
Rodwell 2011 The Rodwell Files Technique
Rosenberg 1999 Bridge Zia and Me Quiz
Saunders 1976 Bridge with a Perfect Partner Humour
Schapiro 1976 Boris Schapiro on Bridge Technique
Senior 2000 It's your call Quiz
Sharif 1990 Play Bridge with Omar Sharif Technique
Sheinwold 1970 The Pocket Book of Bridge Puzzles Number 2 Quiz
Sheinwold 1970 The Pocket Book of Bridge Puzzles Number 3 Quiz
Sheinwold 1970 The Pocket Book of Bridge Puzzles Number 4 Quiz
Sheinwold 1970 The Pocket Book of Bridge Puzzles Number 5 Quiz
Sheinwold 1970 The Pocket Book of Bridge Puzzles Number 6 Quiz
Simon 1945 Why you lose at Bridge Humour
Sowter 1992 World Bridge Championships 1991 History
Squire 1974 Contract Bridge - How to Become a Champion Technique
Tait 1974 Bridge Challenge Quiz
Tait 1976 Bridge Match Quiz
Truscott 1973 Master Bridge by Question and Answer Quiz
Truscott 1979 Master Bridge by Question and Answer Quiz