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League 2015/16
Worcestershire Leagues 2015/16
  OPEN DIVISION 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 TOTAL
1 Noble Rot (Richard Jephcott, John Sansom,
Ross Garratt & Brian Stanley)
X 11 9 14 15 14 63
2 The Nice Old Men (Jimmy Ledger, David Thomas,
Simon Harrison, Ian Thompson & Mike Willoughby)
9 X 3 9 15 15* 51
3 Striped Tailed Apes (Brett Welch, Clive Finney,
Steve Allerston & Nick Forward)
11 17 X 2 17 15* 62
4 Back up to Five (Sue Lane, Paul Hammond,
Joyce Skelton, Stewart Fishburne & Pam Pearce)
6 11 18 X 14 16 65
5 Dingle Duos (Tim Keates, Bill Everley,
Mark Askwith, Dick & Jane Rutter)
5 5 3 6 X 15* 34
6 A Bit of Ruff (Mel Downing, Roger Bowles,
Chris Philp & Martin Gill)
6 0 0 4 0 X 10


* Match conceeded.


Link to table in League Management System


  OPEN DIVISION 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 TOTAL
1 Biritch (John Turner, Paul Tapster,
Jane Morton & Marian Wilcox)
X 11 16 16 19 17 79
2 Bridge at the Ridge (Sue Evans, Dennis Loynes,
Eddy & Jette Blackburn)
9 X 19 6 2 15 51
3 Split Menaces (Veronica Enticknap, Ronnie Moore,
Mark Stretch, Barry Sayers & John Cotton)
4 1 X 3 14 8 30
4 Hugo O'Barry (Mike Vetch, Robert Chilimonczyk,
Maureen Ledger, David & Yvette Waide)
4 14 17 X 8 18 61
5 Four No Chumps (Paul Slater, James Dow,
Conrad Knewstubb & Keith Wheatley)
1 18 6 12 X 14 51
6 Bromsgrove (Barbara Griffiths, Gillian Ford,
Keith Collins & David Motley)
3 5 12 2 6 X 28


Link to table in League Management System


1 Double Faults (Angela Cowdry, Linda Wright,
Peter Adams, David Horton & James Taylor)
X 12* 4 11 18 45
2 Magpies (Heather Westcott, Jennifer Romer,
Fred Rochelle, Barclay Stewart & Glynis Coy)
0 X 15 0 12 27
3 Pedmore Pretenders (Brian & Anne Nightingale,
Gavin & Manel Tringham)
16 5 X 0 5 26
4 The Losing Finesses (Jonathan Morton, Brian
Yates, Lorna Fellows & Terry Collins)
9 20 20 X 4 53
5 The Unconventionals (Paul Bryant, Edward
Sage, Sophia & David Foreman)
2 8 15 16 X 41


* Match claimed by default.


Link to table in League Management System


  NO-FEAR DIVISION 1 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 TOTAL
1 Stourport Slammers (Petrena & Skene Walley, Peter
Dutton, Jennifer Grey, Linda Tidmarsh & Brian Vaughan)
X 18 19 0 X 7 10 18 72
2 Crowle (Marie Eastwood, Anne Preece,
Lee Turner & Christine Povey)
2 X 14 6 13 X 2 4 41
3 Arnhem (Andy & Roy Wright, Sandra Dowty,
Sue Lovatt, Helene & Stuart Beardsall)
1 6 X 0 10 18 X 2 37
4 Broome Bridgers (Charles & Jacqui Chodkowski,
John Salt & Pat Pearce)
20 14 20 X 2 16 18 X 90



  NO-FEAR DIVISION 2 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 TOTAL
1 Wordsley (Tony Shotton, Geoff Brettell, John Curtis,
Dave Baker & Trevor Mansell)
X 7 9 3 X 18 11 1 49
2 The Slam Dunkers (David Malcomson, Stephen Brown, John
Hellens, Tim Wadsworth, Richard Litchfield & Derek Moses)
13 X 7 3 2 X 13 3 41
3 Ruff Diamonds (Tony Chapman, Clive Lloyd, Lolly Turner,
Elaine Bell, Dorothy Robinson & Carol Cooke)
11 13 X 7 9 7 X 2 49
4 The Monday Night Gang (Tony Oliver, Chris Flood,
Phil Harper & Mike Sansom, )
17 17 13 X 19 17 18 X 101



Victory Point Scale


0 - 1 10 - 10
2 - 4 11 - 9
5 - 8 12 - 8
9 – 13 13 – 7
14 - 19 14 - 6
20 - 25 15 - 5
26 - 32 16 - 4
33 - 40 17 - 3
41 - 49 18 - 2
50 - 59 19 - 1
60+ 20 - 0




Fixtures for 5 or 6 team divisions

By end of Oct 2 v 5 4 v 3 6 v 1
By end of Dec 5 v 1 3 v 2 4 v 6
By end of Feb 1 v 4 3 v 5 2 v 6
By end of Mar 1 v 3 4 v 2 6 v 5
By end of Apr 2 v 1 5 v 4 6 v 3

(Teams in divisions with 5 teams get a bye when they are scheduled to play team 6.)


Fixtures for 4 team divisions

By end of Oct 1 v 2 3 v 4
By end of Dec 2 v 3 4 v 1
By end of Jan 3 v 1 4 v 2
By end of Feb 3 v 2 1 v 4
By end of Mar 2 v 1 4 v 3
By end of Apr 1 v 3 2 v 4
WCBA League Rules
  1. A Committee appointed by, and reporting to, the Committee of the WCBA shall manage the leagues.
  2. The leagues shall consist of multiple divisions. The Committee will determine the number of divisions and the number of teams per division.
  3. Open League team members must be members of the E.B.U. and must also have Worcestershire as their county of first, or second, allegiance.
  4. Teams may consist of a maximum of 6 players players but extra players may be allowed if there are problems in arranging matches. Each player must be registered with the League Secretary prior to representing his or her team. A player may represent no more than one team per league, but may play in both leagues. The League Committee may approve the registration of alternative or additional members of a team in special circumstances. If an unregistered player plays in a match the team will only be awarded 50% of the victory points gained in the match rounded down to the nearest VP. If an ineligible player plays in a match then the match is forfeit and their opponents are awarded the better of their actual score and that determined by applying rule 19.
  5. The League Secretary will prepare a fixture list. As far as is practicable each team will play half of their matches at home. 1. Matches must be played within the County of Worcestershire as it was defined prior to the local government re-organisation in 1974.
  6. The first team named in the fixture list will be considered the home team and is responsible for arranging the fixture at a suitable venue with the necessary equipment and for providing light refreshment, normally at the end of play.
  7. (a) The home team must offer three dates to the away team. The dates must include at least two alternative days of the week and at least two different weeks within the period specified in the fixture list. These dates must be offered at least two weeks before the start of the fixture period.
    (b) If the home team fails to offer dates by the stipulated time, the away team has the right to offer three dates on the same basis as in 7(a), these to be offered within one week of the date the home team were due to offer dates, i.e. one week before the start of the fixture period.
    (c) If the away team fail to accept an offered date within two weeks of the dates being offered, or in the case of 7(b) applying, if the home team fail to accept an offered date within two weeks of the dates being offered, this will result in forfeiture of the match, provided that the League Committee are satisfied that the non-offending team has made reasonable efforts to arrange the match.
    (d) When a match is forfeited, VPs will be awarded to the non-offending side in accordance with rule 19.
    (e) When the League Committee determine that both teams are partly at fault for a match not being played then VPs will be awarded in accordance with rule 20.
  8. Matches will be of 24 boards to be played in two stanzas, each of 12 boards. The visiting team should select their polarity and the home team changes their position after 12 boards. In the No Fear League matches can be reduced to 20 boards by agreement between both teams.
  9. In the Open League partnerships may employ bidding methods defined under 'Level 4' in the Handbook of EBU Permitted Understandings (Blue Book 2013, updated August 2015). In the No Fear League partnerships may only employ bidding methods defined under 'Level 2' in the Blue Book and it is recommended that systems are based on one of the Standard English Convention Cards available on the EBU website. Any area of doubt may be clarified with the League Secretary or one of the directors shown in the fixture list.
  10. Matches will be scored in I.M.P.’s concerted to V.P.’s in accordance with the scale published each season with the fixture list.
  11. The captain of the winning team will advise the League Secretary of the match result, giving the names of the players of both teams, and the I.M.P. and V.P. scores. In the event of a tie the captain of the home side will be responsible for this.
  12. The Open League is now managed using the EBU League Management System and if team captains prefer they can enter match results directly into this rather than sending them to the League Secretary. To do this you need to log into your personal account on the EBU website and then click the League Teams button. Then click on your team name and a player roster & list of matches will be displayed. Click on the match you have a result for and enter the match data. Enter the date, please note that the format is year-month-day, then input the IMPs scored by each team and then the VPs scored by each team. Then you need to select the 4 players from your team who played in the match. Finally click the Submit button. Please note that if this method is being used that both the winning and the losing captains need to log into their accounts to report who played in the match.
    We are not using the League Management System for the No Fear League and so results must be submitted as described in rule 11.
  13. The normal promotion and demotion pattern will be 2 teams up and 2 teams down. In the event of a V.P. tie between candidates for promotion or relegation, the result of the match between the teams will be the first consideration to break the tie and if this was a draw then the difference in I.M.P.’s over the season will be considered.
  14. The Committee who will consider the known abilities of the players and the balance of the various divisions may place newcomers to the league in any division.
  15. Where, at the end of a season, a team disbands or 2 or more teams are formed from their original members, the right to retain the position of the original team shall belong to the new team that contains the greatest number of players from the original team, as long as this is at least 2 players. Where new teams contain equal numbers of the original team, the team containing the captain of the original team shall have precedence.
  16. E.B.U. local points will be awarded at the appropriate scale.
  17. Teams are required to pay a registration fee. The Worcestershire C.B.A. will determine the fee on the recommendation of the League Committee.
  18. Appeals on any matter arising from these rules must be referred to the League Secretary. Any other disputes that may arise may be referred to the Worcestershire C.B.A. Committee.
  19. When a team forfeits a match or withdraws from the league having played at least one match, then that team receives no VPs and the non-offending team are awarded VPs as follows:
  • The average of the teams who played the offending team or
  • the average of the non-offending team, or
  • 12, whichever is the highest.
  1. When a team is partly at fault for a match not being played they are awarded VPs as follows:
  • The average of the teams their opponents have played, or
  • their average, or
  • 8, whichever is the lowest.