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Healey Cup

Until 2007 the Healey Cup was Worcestershire's Inter-County event and subsequently become an Inter-Club competition for Worcestershire and Herefordshire Clubs.

2018/19 Keith Collins, Clive Finney, David Motley & Martin Gill (Bromsgrove Bridge Club) - (Full results)
2017/18 Mike Vetch, John Dowbiggin, Dick & Jane Rutter (Worcester Bridge Club) - (Full results)
2016/17 Dennis Loynes, Stephanie Forward, Paul Greaves & Terry Collins (Droitwich Bridge Club) - (Full results)
2015/16 Geoffrey Herbert, Nigel Laville, Heather Westcott & Jennifer Romer (Malvern Bridge Club) - (Full results)
2014/15 Alan Boyes, Peter Kershaw, Ted Phillipps & Mary Portman (Pershore Bridge Club) - (Full results)
2013/14 Susan Sharp, Pam Pearce, Jane Morton & Marian Wilcox (Marcle Bridge Club) - (Full results)
2012/13 Jimmy Ledger, David Thomas, Ross Garratt & Mel Downing (Worcester Bridge Club) - (Full results)
2011/12 Steve Booth, Chris Thomas, John Griffiths, George Barrett (Wyeside Bridge Club) - (Full results)
2010/11 Marian Wilcox, Sue Evans, Ray Foulds & Dennis Loynes (Worcester Bridge Club)
2009/10 Steve Booth, Chris Chowney, Robin Lewis & Paul Smith (Hereford Bridge Club)
2008/9 David Banks, Brian Nightingale, Ian & Georgina Lineker (Stourbridge Bridge Club)
2007/8 David Banks, Brian Nightingale, Ian & Georgina Lineker (Stourbridge Bridge Club)
2006/7 John Turner, Nigel Laville, Ian & Georgina Lineker (Worcestershire)
2005/6 L Harrison, C Moore, K Rahim & M Wignall (Gloucestershire)
2004/5 C Rowland, M-A Sheehy, D Flower & D Stead (Oxfordshire)
2003/4 Simon Harrison, Pete Edwards, Steve Allerston & Nick Forward (Worcestershire)
2002/3 Alex Hogg, Peter Kelly, Don Smedley & John Griffin (Derbyshire)
2001/2 Marian Day, Steve Noble, Keith Bennett & N B Perceval-Price (Oxfordshire)
2000/1 Mike Orriel, Ross Garratt, Jean & Jessie Newton (Worcestershire)
1999/00 Dodo Georgevic, Peter Chapman, Peter Oldbury & Brent Wormald (Warwickshire)
1998/9 Jimmy Ledger, John Squibb, Grahame Weir & Nick Forward (Worcestershire)
1997/8 Stuart McPhee, Simon Harrison, Jean & Jessie Newton (Worcestershire)
1996/7 G Davies, E Turner, A & M Letts
1995/6 V Allinson, E Maxwell, H Parker & R Wissenden
1994/5 Mike Orriel, Ross Garratt, Richard Jephcott & John Sansom (Worcestershire)
1993/4 John Squibb, Simon Harrison, Jean & Jessie Newton (Worcestershire)
1992/3 John Squibb, Hayden Dando, Simon Harrison & Kevin Jones (Worcestershire)
1991/2 E King, A Knight, P Oldbury & G Clark (Warwickshire)
1990/1 Mike Orriel, Ross Garratt, Nigel Laville & Geoff Rosser (Worcestershire)
1989/90 T E Girdlestone, J Waters, J M Gibbs & G J Heal
1984/5 A R Gardiner, M Green, C C Harrison & P Sherry
1983/4 Mike Orriel, Christine Timms, Nigel Laville & Maureen Vanner (Worcestershire)
1982/3 J Ansell, P Phair, J Angseesing & A Kambites (Gloucestershire)
1981/2 P Peacher, E F Marchant, P B Coleman & R J Hole
1980/1 D Beavon, R G Beech, R G Keane & J S Morgan
1979/80 M J Staples, P McLaren, I N Bruce & R S Bird
1978/9 G S Moffat, D Valley, R Bowles & R N Flood
1977/8 T W Mansworth, W Crooke, C J Morley & C Ward
1976/7 Mrs N Thomas, M D J Huggins, J L Spielman & S W Thomas
1975/6 Dr & Mrs A P Sowter, G Senior & C Kaye
1974/5 Mrs B H O'Connor, L Levey, M A Porter & R J Baker
1973/4 Mr & Mrs B P Topley, C E Robinson & P F L Tottenham
1972/3 Mr & Mrs B P Topley, C E Robinson & P F L Tottenham
1971/2 Mr D V Booker's Team
1969/70 Mr N Alton's Team
1967/8 Mr W W Brown's Team
1966/7 Mr M A Porters's Team
1965/6 Mr E H Barnby's Team
1964/5 Mr D V Booker's Team
1963/4 Mr M A Porter's Team
1962/3 Mr B P Topley's Team
1961/2 Mr H E Healey's Team
1959/60 Mr G R Dawes Team
1958/9 Mr G R Dawes Team
1956/7 Mr G R Dawes Team
1954/5 Mr G R Dawe's Team
1953/4 Mrs B M Littleford's Team
1952/3 Mrs B M Littleford's Team
1951/2 Mr T O Penn's Team
1950/1 Mr T O Penn's Team
1949/50 Mr T O Penn's Team